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Starbound: Winter Update Trailer

Rampaging Koala, referred to as the Winter Update, was a massive content update which was under development from late April 2014 until December 2014.

During the development of this update, Chucklefish introduced the 'Nightly' branch. This opt-in branch on Steam was updated automatically from the internal development build each day. These daily build updates began in June 2014 and continued to deploy until shortly after full release in late 2016.

Rampaging Koala was the last "Koala" version. Following beta builds had the suffix "Giraffe". This version was never pushed to stable, and the changes in it became part of version Upbeat Giraffe when fully released.


Never pushed to stable or unstable. Nightly updates Daily June 16, 2014-December 8th, 2014.

New Content

Leaf Flurry, Monkey Nut Staff, Petal Storm Staff, Plasma Pulse Staff, Quetzalcoatl's Quartz, Red Giant Orb, Sacred Splash Staff,Cryo Staff, Supergiant Orb






Monsters and Combat

  • Monster Combat Changed:
    • Knockback removed
    • Touching most monsters no longer hurts the player
    • Added stun state to monsters
    • New Monster Parts
    • Massive amount of unique attacks added for each monster body part, both ranged and special[6]
    • Attack behavior changed for ground monsters and birds
    • Monster vocalization toned down
  • Monster spawning changes:
    • The set of monster families which spawn in an area is now biome specific
    • Color palette of monsters can now be configured to match biomes
    • Density of each monster type can be individually adjusted
    • Size matters - Smaller monster variants are now weaker and more common, while larger monsters are stronger with more deadly special attacks (e.g. only large types use projectile attacks)
    • Large Flying Monster type added[7]
    • Aquatic Monster type added [8]
    • Monsters no longer cluster around planet beam down points
    • Monster difficulty curve smoothed for early game, also difficulty now scales upward with depth underground.
  • Poptops added
  • New boss which digs through the ground and attacks with a drill[9]
  • Shockhopper Mk. 1, a penguin mech boss
  • Dreadwing boss fight quest
  • Removed Fatal Circuit
  • Removed Bone Dragon
  • Shields completely overhauled[10], added 'guard crush' mechanic
  • Ability to parry attacks added
  • Swords are now aimable

Other Changes

  • Temperature removed, extreme planets now require protective tech suits
  • Matter Manipulator is now upgradeable - Upgrades increase speed, mining radius and allow liquid harvesting
  • Crops changes[11]
  • Large performance improvement from tile rendering changes
  • Startup Screen changes
    • Chuckle sound sped up
    • Logo updated to new Chucklefish Logo
    • Penguin waddle cycle added to loading bar
  • Admin logins enabled[12]
  • MASSIVE Status Effect System overhaul - system rewrite and optimization of of all status effects (effects on objects, beds, liquid effects, tech, light sources, heat, armor stats and more)[13]
  • Character deletion option added to character selection screen.
  • Added race specific appearance for Ship objects
  • Doubled energy increase for racial helms of all tiers
  • Removed the ability to repair pickaxes and drills
  • Removed: Diamond Ore, Stone Axe, Stone Hoe, Stone Pickaxe
  • Reduced durability for all pickaxes
  • Obtaining many throwable weapons now teaches their respective crafting schematic[14]
  • Associated mining tool ore collection with tool level (lower level tools can no longer mine high level ore)
  • Terrain Generation changes, improved terrain variety and cave generation
  • Wiring System Changes
  • Weather Changes - Made easier to configure and to add new weathers, is now client controlled
  • Essential items, such as the Matter Manipulator, have new slots below the action bar and act more as permanent upgrades than items[19]
  • Interactable objects now pulse glow when cursored over, added keyboard hotkey indicators for interaction in early game
  • Redesigned appearance of human armor for a more "militarized" look[20]
  • Rebalanced most racial armor - Adjusted stats, crafting stations required and default coloring for many sets.
  • Messages alerting players 'Ores Dropped' and '30% Pixel Loss' upon death
  • Removed developer costume armor sets
  • Mining tools are now unable to mine ore more than one tier above them; descriptions of mining tools modified to reflect this change
  • Added back to game: High-Pitch Microphone
  • Items can now suppress movement whilst being used
  • Loss of ores in inventory when player dies in normal difficulty
  • Difficulty Modes changed.
    • Casual loses 30% pixels only.
    • Normal loses 30% pixels and player drops ores that can be retrieved.
    • Hardcore mode has been removed.
    • Permadeath unchanged.
  • Dungeon shield generators prevent mining blocks in large dungeons
  • Added support for floating dungeons

Programming Changes

  • Added a way to access the stage of a farmable via lua
  • Added new function to lua API to get item descriptor (not just name)
  • Added case insensitive option to regexMatch, case sensitive by default
  • Items are now scriptable (weapons, tools, materials, etc)
  • Player, NPC, and monster stats and status effects are now scriptable, removal of the old 'augment system' for armor effects
  • Status effects are now driven by Lua scripts and have access to a wide variety of API functions.[21] Opens them up for modding, gives them all the abilities of tech
  • Added ability to fine tune where and when biomes appear
  • Introduced an alternate way to specify a Rect variant
  • Fixed Human Dagger graphics
  • Fixed edge case array assignment in c++ lua api
  • Fixed damage poly rotation in rotated projectiles
  • Fixed issue where Grappling hook sometimes causes a crash


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