Compound Bow

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Compound Bow
Compound Bow.png
Damage Per Shot:
Rate of Fire:
Energy Per Shot:
Base Max Damage: 20.3
Energy Per Shot: 30
Harvests meat and other goods from monsters.
Pixels-Sell.png 1600

Compound Bow, a Unique Weapon, is the crafted Tier 4 upgrade to the Tungsten Hunting Bow. It is crafted using the Agricultural Station with 4 Durasteel Bars and some other ingredients.

Monsters killed with the Compound Bow have a greater chance to drop meat, including Raw Steak, Raw Poultry, Raw Ribs, and monster parts, such as Hardened Carapaces and Sharpened Claws.

Like all other bows, the Compound Bow's left-hand ability is Bow Shot. For maximum damage, release the left-hand button while the shot is fully charged, indicated by the bow flashing white for a split-second. Fully charged arrows are represented by a blue tip and trailing particles, among the usual benefits of a fully charged shot.

Like all other hunting bows, pressing and holding the secondary fire button will charge up a three-arrow barrage which, when the secondary fire button is released, will be launched in a high arc and pass through the cursor's location at the time of release.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem compoundbow
File Name compoundbow.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\bow\compoundbow
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