Durasteel Bar

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Durasteel Bar
Crafting Material
Durasteel Bar.png

Ore for durasteel bars is primarily found on planets orbiting radioactive stars.


Durasteel Bar is a crafting material refined from durasteel ore at an Industrial Furnace or Atomic Furnace. It is the primary component in tier 4 weapons and armor. It is also used to craft a variety of secondary crafting stations and tools, among other recipes.

Each bar can be refined into 50 pixels using a Refinery.

There is a low chance to obtain Durasteel Bars at the end of the Ceremonial Hunting Caverns.

Ingredient for

Pixel Printer Icon.png Pixel Printer 20
Apex Storage Locker Icon.png Apex Storage Locker 1
Revolutionary's Jacket Icon.png Revolutionary's Jacket 10
Revolutionary's Bandana Icon.png Revolutionary's Bandana 6
Revolutionary's Trousers Icon.png Revolutionary's Trousers 4
Avian Storage Locker Icon.png Avian Storage Locker 1
Owl Breastplate Icon.png Owl Breastplate 10
Owl Helm Icon.png Owl Helm 6
Owl Skirt Icon.png Owl Skirt 4
Capture Pod Icon.png Capture Pod 3
Pet Station Icon.png Pet Station 20
Cave Detector Icon.png Cave Detector 10
Heating EPP Upgrade Icon.png Heating EPP Upgrade 6
Composite Rail Icon.png Composite Rail (20) 1
Composite Rail Platform Icon.png Composite Rail Platform 3
Compound Bow Icon.png Compound Bow 4
Durable Fishing Rod Icon.png Durable Fishing Rod 6
Durasteel Assault Rifle Icon.png Durasteel Assault Rifle 6
Durasteel Broadsword Icon.png Durasteel Broadsword 6
Durasteel Revolver Icon.png Durasteel Revolver 3
Durasteel Shortsword Icon.png Durasteel Shortsword 3
Floran Storage Locker Icon.png Floran Storage Locker 1
Hunter's Chestguard Icon.png Hunter's Chestguard 10
Hunter's Hood Icon.png Hunter's Hood 6
File:Hunter's Skirt Icon.png Hunter's Skirt 4
Glitch Storage Locker Icon.png Glitch Storage Locker 1
Dark Knight's Breastplate Icon.png Dark Knight's Breastplate 10
Dark Knight's Helm Icon.png Dark Knight's Helm 6
Dark Knight's Tassets Icon.png Dark Knight's Tassets 4
Grappling Hook Icon.png Grappling Hook 20
Halogen Pack Icon.png Halogen Pack 5
Human Storage Locker Icon.png Human Storage Locker 1
Outrider's Chestguard Icon.png Outrider's Chestguard 10
Outrider's Helm Icon.png Outrider's Helm 6
Outrider's Pants Icon.png Outrider's Pants 4
Hylotl Storage Locker Icon.png Hylotl Storage Locker 1
Lake Breastplate Icon.png Lake Breastplate 10
Lake Helm Icon.png Lake Helm 6
Lake Greaves Icon.png Lake Greaves 4
Industrial Bed Icon.png Industrial Bed 1
Industrial Chair Icon.png Industrial Chair 1
Industrial Computer Icon.png Industrial Computer 2
Industrial Crate Icon.png Industrial Crate 2
Industrial Display Icon.png Industrial Display 1
Industrial Door Icon.png Industrial Door 1
Industrial Light Icon.png Industrial Light 1
Industrial Storage Locker Icon.png Industrial Storage Locker 1
Industrial Table Icon.png Industrial Table 1
Cannon Mech Arm Icon.png Cannon Mech Arm 20
Neo Chainsaw Mech Arm Icon.png Neo Chainsaw Mech Arm 20
Cluster Mine Mech Arm Icon.png Cluster Mine Mech Arm 20
Gatling Gun Mech Arm Icon.png Gatling Gun Mech Arm 20
Homing Missile Mech Arm Icon.png Homing Missile Mech Arm 20
Missile Rack Mech Arm Icon.png Missile Rack Mech Arm 10
Plasma Drone Mech Arm Icon.png Plasma Drone Mech Arm 20
Wobbleshot Mech Arm Icon.png Wobbleshot Mech Arm 20
Dominion Mech Body Icon.png Dominion Mech Body 30
Champion Mech Body Icon.png Champion Mech Body 30
Occasus Mech Body Icon.png Occasus Mech Body 20
Golem Mech Body Icon.png Golem Mech Body 30
Arthuria Mech Body Icon.png Arthuria Mech Body 30
Venturer Mech Body Icon.png Venturer Mech Body 30
Kabuto Mech Body Icon.png Kabuto Mech Body 30
Marshal Mech Body Icon.png Marshal Mech Body 30
Shockhopper Mech Body Icon.png Shockhopper Mech Body 20
Sleek Mech Boosters Icon.png Sleek Mech Boosters 20
Sleek Mech Legs Icon.png Sleek Mech Legs 20
Novakid Storage Locker Icon.png Novakid Storage Locker 1
Sheriff's Vest Icon.png Sheriff's Vest 10
Sheriff's Hat Icon.png Sheriff's Hat 6
Sheriff's Slacks Icon.png Sheriff's Slacks 4
Outpost Platform Icon.png Outpost Platform (10) 1
Pet Healing Station Icon.png Pet Healing Station 6
Pet Tether Icon.png Pet Tether 1
Pixel Compressor Icon.png Pixel Compressor 15
Pressurised Beam Icon.png Pressurised Beam (20) 1
Pressurised Durasteel Icon.png Pressurised Durasteel (40) 1
Pressurised Girder Icon.png Pressurised Girder (20) 1
Pressurised Platform Icon.png Pressurised Platform (10) 1
Rail Crafting Table Icon.png Rail Crafting Table 10
Rail Hook Icon.png Rail Hook 5
Relocator Icon.png Relocator 10
Secret Door Icon.png Secret Door 2
Secret Trapdoor Icon.png Secret Trapdoor 2
Sprinkler Icon.png Sprinkler 5
Defense Turret Icon.png Defense Turret 5
Rail Tram Icon.png Rail Tram 10
Durasteel Bed Icon.png Durasteel Bed 1
Durasteel Chair Icon.png Durasteel Chair 1
Durasteel Door Icon.png Durasteel Door 1
Durasteel Light Icon.png Durasteel Light 1
Durasteel Console Icon.png Durasteel Console 1
Durasteel Table Icon.png Durasteel Table 1
Wiring Station Icon.png Wiring Station 10



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem durasteelbar
File Name durasteelbar.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting