Cluster Mine Mech Arm

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Cluster Mine Mech Arm Icon.png
Cluster Mine Mech Arm
Mech Component
Cluster Mine Mech Arm.png
A mech arm that fires a cluster of small remote mines.
Power Mech Stat 3.png
Energy Usage 0.25 MJ/s
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 4800

Cluster Mine Mech Arm is an arm part mech component that can be crafted using salvaged materials found in space encounters. The crafting recipe has a chance to be learned after finding an Advanced Mech Blueprint.

This arm component can be equipped on either or both mech arm slots.

Once learned it can be assembled using a Mech Part Crafting Table and equipped using a Mech Assembly Station.

While equipped, the player can use the Cluster Mine Mech Arm, while piloting their mech, to shoot a burst of 10 mines at once. If the arm is triggered again, the mines are detonated, dealing 50 damage each to enemies caught in the blasts. Mine clusters can only be launched once per second, producing a theoretical maximum DPS of 500; however, practical DPS is expected to be around 200-250.

Like other mine-type mech weapons, the cluster mine mech arm is designed for use primarily in zero-gravity. Under gravitational conditions, mines fired will travel only a short distance from the weapon's muzzle before falling to the ground.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem mecharmclustermine
File Name mecharmclustermine.item
File Path assets\items\generic\mechparts\arm