Spikefist Mech Arm

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Spikefist Mech Arm Icon.png
Spikefist Mech Arm
Mech Component
Spikefist Mech Arm.png
A mech weapon that fires a self-returning fist tipped with durasteel spikes.
Power Mech Stat 4.png
Energy Usage 0.30 MJ/s
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 5600

Spikefist Mech Arm is a arm part mech component which can be crafted using salvaged materials found in space encounters. The crafting recipe has a chance to be learned after finding a High-Tech Mech Blueprint.

This arm component can be equipped on either or both mech arm slots.

Once learned it can be assembled using a Mech Part Crafting Table and equipped using a Mech Assembly Station.

While equipped, the player can use the Spikefist Mech Arm while piloting their mech to launch the frontal part of the arm over the next 0.6 seconds after a 0.2-second windup. This part of the arm, the spikefist, behaves like a boomerang, dealing 285 damage and somewhat-strong directional knockback to enemies it hits on its trajectory.


  • The Spikefist Mech Arm appears to be inspired by the Death Egg Robot from the Sonic series, matching the Beat Mech Body.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem mecharmspikefist
File Name mecharmspikefist.item
File Path assets\items\generic\mechparts\arm