Salvaged Proton Limiter

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Salvaged Proton Limiter Icon.png
Salvaged Proton Limiter
Salvage Component
Salvaged Proton Limiter.png

This component could be useful for crafting advanced mech parts.

Salvaged Proton Limiter is a component used for constructing mech parts. It can be found as treasure, or as an item drop in Moderate Threat Level space encounters. It's used to craft the tier 5 mech components.

It can be used in combination with other ingredients at a Mech Part Crafting Table.

Ingredient for

Cannon Mech Arm Icon.png Cannon Mech Arm 10
Neo Chainsaw Mech Arm Icon.png Neo Chainsaw Mech Arm 10
Cluster Mine Mech Arm Icon.png Cluster Mine Mech Arm 10
Gatling Gun Mech Arm Icon.png Gatling Gun Mech Arm 10
Homing Missile Mech Arm Icon.png Homing Missile Mech Arm 10
Plasma Drone Mech Arm Icon.png Plasma Drone Mech Arm 10
Wobbleshot Mech Arm Icon.png Wobbleshot Mech Arm 10
Dominion Mech Body Icon.png Dominion Mech Body 10
Champion Mech Body Icon.png Champion Mech Body 10
Golem Mech Body Icon.png Golem Mech Body 10
Arthuria Mech Body Icon.png Arthuria Mech Body 10
Venturer Mech Body Icon.png Venturer Mech Body 10
Kabuto Mech Body Icon.png Kabuto Mech Body 10
Marshal Mech Body Icon.png Marshal Mech Body 10
Sleek Mech Boosters Icon.png Sleek Mech Boosters 20
Sleek Mech Legs Icon.png Sleek Mech Legs 20


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem salvagetier5
File Name salvagetier5.item
File Path assets\items\generic\salvage