Neo Chainsaw Mech Arm

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Neo Chainsaw Mech Arm Icon.png
Neo Chainsaw Mech Arm
Mech Component
Neo Chainsaw Mech Arm.png
An energized chainsaw originally developed for cutting through ice.
Power Mech Stat 3.png
Energy Usage 0.25 MJ/s
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 4800

Neo Chainsaw Mech Arm is a arm part mech component which can be crafted using salvaged materials found in space encounters. The crafting recipe has a chance to be learned after finding an Advanced Mech Blueprint.

This arm component can be equipped on either or both mech arm slots.

Once learned it can be assembled using a Mech Part Crafting Table and equipped using a Mech Assembly Station.

While equipped, the player can use the Neo Chainsaw Mech Arm while piloting their mech to, after a 0.4-second windup, swing the chainsaw downward and produce an energy swoosh. Using the arm again after the first slash swings the chainsaw in the opposite direction, producing a second energy swoosh. Both energy swooshes take 0.3 seconds to launch, pierce through all enemies, and deal 220 damage and 25 knockback. After the second slash, the arm goes on cooldown for 0.6 seconds, producing a total use time of 1.6 seconds, a fire rate of 0.625 two-swoosh combos per second, and a DPS of 275.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem mecharmchainsaw
File Name mecharmchainsaw.item
File Path assets\items\generic\mechparts\arm