High-Tech Mech Blueprint

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High-Tech Mech Blueprint
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A blueprint for a high-tech mech part.

High-Tech Mech Blueprint is a blueprint which will teach players one of a number of mech component schematics. These are all assembled at a Mech Part Crafting Table.

Consuming this blueprint has a chance to teach Hero Mech Body, Nightwinder Mech Body, Lilotron Mech Body, Gallant Mech Boosters, Zero Mech Boosters, Hammer Mech Boosters, Ronin Mech Legs, Intrepid Mech Legs, Hermes Mech Legs, Energy Rifle Mech Arm, Dual Rifle Mech Arm, Energy Blade Mech Arm, Guided Missile Mech Arm, Shield Drone Mech Arm, Spikefist Mech Arm, or Beam Drill Mech Arm.

High-Tech Mech Blueprints have a chance to drop from enemies or breakables or may appear in containers in Tier 5 space encounters.

Chance to Teach Schematic


  • Version 1.3.0: Added a sentence that describes what tier of space encounter this blueprint can be found in.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem mechblueprint5
File Name mechblueprint5.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\randomblueprint