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Novakid Icon.png
playable race
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Cultural Style Wild West
Appearance Starlike

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The Novakid are one of the seven playable races in Starbound, and the only one not given an Ancient artifact.

Easily one of the most enigmatic known races, the Novakid are sapient energy beings in a humanoid shape, with metallic "brands" where their faces would be. A generally carefree and capricious people with notoriously short memories and attention spans, they live in the moment, wandering the stars in search of adventure or whatever, with little reflection on the past. So unconcerned are they with what happened before now, they have forgotten their own origins, having never bothered to catalog their history. Thus where they came from and how they were formed may forever be a mystery.

Compounding the oddity of their existence is their culture, which greatly resembles that of the "Wild West" era of Earth. Their technology is heavily steam-based, with great linked-train starships, and they favor slug-throwing pistols over melee weapons. Whether this is how they've always been or if it's a recent thing is, of course, unknown, as the Novakid sure don't remember.

As they have largely kept themselves out of interstellar affairs, Novakid are something of a rare sight in the universe.

Character Creator

The novakid character creator allows you to change visual things such as Gas colour, Hair style, Brand, Clothes and Personality.

Each hairstyle for the Novakid is based on bangs and pointed hair, and the brand is a symbol on the face which can be customised to many different logo-like shapes, like an omega or a diamond.

Novakid as the player character

As with the other player races, Novakid characters are given a set of uniquely-styled Armors, their own Ship type (with included Pet), and two unique Mech bodies. The Novakid equipment is very Old West, with hide-leather clothes and wide-brimmed hats. Their stats are the same for all other race's equipment at the same Tier.

The Novakid are the only playable race to have a unique set of crafted Weapons, focusing on guns rather than melee weapons.

While race-specific crafted items can be traded between characters of different races and used freely, there is currently no mechanism to allow a character to craft other races' unique items, or obtain a different Ship (and Ship Pet) in any capacity, without modding the game.

Starter Clothing

A Novakid player has four sets of race-specific Starter Clothing to choose from in the Character Creator, plus the standard-issue Protectorate T-Shirt and Protectorate Vest. These items have no defensive capabilities whatsoever. These four sets are also used to clothe randomly-generated Novakid NPC villagers.

All four sets can also be crafted at the Spinning Wheel and Sewing Machine.

Novakid Racial Armor

Scouter's Set.png
Scavenger's Set.png
Pioneer Set.png
Outrider Set.png
Vanguard Armor.png
Seeker Set.png
Wanderer Set.png
Adventurer Set.png
Trailbrazer Armor.png
Universalist Set.png
Scouter Scavenger Pioneer Outrider Vanguard Seeker Wanderer Adventurer Trailblazer Universalist
Defector Set.png
Rebel Set.png
Insurgent Set.png
Revolutionary Set.png
Rogue Set.png
Spy Set.png
Assassin Set.png
Frontliner Set.png
Infiltrator Set.png
Usurper Set.png
Defector Rebel Insurgent Revolutionary Rogue Spy Assassin Frontliner Infiltrator Usurper
Hatchling's Set.png
Sparrow Set.png
Quail Set.png
Owl Set.png
Toucan Set.png
Macaw Set.png
Peacock Set.png
Flamingo Set.png
Phoenix Set.png
Raven's Set.png
Hatchling Sparrow Quail Owl Toucan Macaw Peacock Flamingo Phoenix Raven
Sprout's Set.png
Bonesmith's Set.png
Nomad's Set.png
Hunter's Set.png
Cannibals Set.png
Wiseman's Set.png
Gatherer's Set.png
Sentinel's Set.png
Shaman's Set.png
Synthesizer's Set.png
Sprout Bonesmith Nomad Hunter Cannibal Wiseman Gatherer Sentinel Shaman Synthesizer
Knave's Set.png
Soldier's Set.png
Knight's Armor.png
Dark Knight's Set.png
Lancer's Set.png
Crusader's Set.png
Paladin's Set.png
Glitch Templar Armor.png
Legionnaire's Set.png
Doom Lord's Set.png
Knave Soldier Knight Dark Knight Lancer Crusader Paladin Templar Legionnaire Doom Lord
Puddle Set.png
Pond Set.png
River set.png
Lake Set.png
Reef Set.png
Sea set.png
Ocean Set.png
Euphotic set.png
Disphotic set.png
Aphotic set.png
Puddle Pond River Lake Reef Sea Ocean Euphotic Disphotic Aphotic
Deputy's Set.png
Bandit Set.png
Outlaw Set.png
Sheriff's Set.png
Bonesaw's Set.png
Clockwork Set.png
Bandito's Set.png
Gambler's Set.png
Varmint's Set.png
Wrangler's Set.png
Deputy Bandit Outlaw Sheriff Bonesaw Clockwork Bandito Gambler Varmint Wrangler
Set NamePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Deputy's Set50251010Deputy's HatDeputy's VestDeputy's SlacksTier01
Bandit Set100452020Bandit HatBandit VestBandit ChapsTier02
Outlaw Set150603030Outlaw HatOutlaw ChestOutlaw PantsTier03
Sheriff's Set200704040Sheriff's HatSheriff's VestSheriff's SlacksTier04
Bonesaw's Set300755050Bonesaw's HatBonesaw's CoatBonesaw's SlacksTier05
Bandito's Set2507512550Bandito's SombreroBandito's PonchoBandito's PantsTier05
Varmint's Set2507550100Varmint's HatVarmint's PlateVarmint's PantsTier05
Clockwork Set360806060Clockwork HatClockwork JacketClockwork TrousersTier06
Wrangler's Set3008060120Wrangler's HatWrangler's PlateWrangler's PantsTier06
Gambler's Set3008015060Gambler's HatGambler's VestGambler's PantsTier06

Cosmetic Armors

There are a few pieces of Novakid-related Cosmetic Armors to be found scattered across the universe. While these pieces can be found in random chests in any given Biome, they have a slightly higher chance of appearing within Novakid Villages. Like the Starter Clothing, these have no defensive capabilities, but let the player customize their character's appearance.


While the other six playable races all share the same pool of craftable weapons at the Anvil / Forge / Replicator crafting stations , the Novakid have a unique set of craftable weapons available to them. They are able to craft a number of guns rather than melee weapons, fitting their race's 'wild west' aesthetic.

Iron Revolver Icon.png Iron Revolver Pistol 3.8 1.7 18.75 N/A Anvil Tier1
Iron Assault Rifle Icon.png Iron Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 1.2 9.1 31.5 Spray n' Pray Anvil Tier1
Tungsten Shotgun Icon.png Tungsten Shotgun Shotgun 18.9 0.8 31.5 Burst Shot Anvil Tier2
Tungsten Magnum Icon.png Tungsten Magnum Pistol 7.5 1.3 18.75 N/A Anvil Tier2
Titanium Sniper Rifle Icon.png Titanium Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle 22.1 0.8 25.5 Piercing Shot Forge Tier3
Titanium Machine Pistol Icon.png Titanium Machine Pistol Machine Pistol 1.5 9.1 21 N/A Forge Tier3
Durasteel Revolver Icon.png Durasteel Revolver Pistol 9.4 1.7 18.75 N/A Replicator Tier4
Durasteel Assault Rifle Icon.png Durasteel Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 2.9 9.1 31.5 Grenade Launcher Replicator Tier4

Player Ship

The (fixed) starter-level Novakid Ship.

The Novakid Ship resembles a steam locomotive engine. Its size can be expanded by obtaining more Crew members, which allows the player to buy a higher-class Ship Licence from Penguin Pete for every two more Crew members. Alternately, the player can buy counterfeit licenses from Penguin Bay: these licenses are expensive, but do not have crew requirements attached to them.

When upgraded to the Condor Class (the largest Ship class), the Novakid ship has added four large "boxcars" in a row behind the main engine. This makes the Novakid ship the longest of the player ships, but not the largest in number of usable tiles.

Novakid ship pets are Snuggets, coming in one of ten different colors chosen at random.


The "Marshal-00" Mech Body.

Novakid player-characters have the ability to craft two unique Mech body types.

The Marshal-00 Mech Body is the first Mech body the player will obtain, by completing Dr. Akaggy's "Test Drive" quest at the Outpost and unlocking the ability to use Mechs. Its advanced version, the Marshal Mech Body, is obtained by completing Akaggy's later "Advanced Test Drive" quest.

These two bodies have the same stats as other races' "default" Mech Bodies earned from the same quests.

Novakid as NPCs

Novakid are easily the rarest of NPCs, having been the last playable race put into the game, and their village not even implemented until the 1.1.0 update. Outside of their villages, they currently only appear in space encounters and in space stations.

Villages & Dungeons

Novakid Village.

Novakid villages can be found on all planet types that can have surface-level full-sized dungeons except for Lush (aka "starter") planets. Unlike other races' dungeons, there are no specific planet types they're more likely to occur on.

Their Villages live up to their "Wild West" theme, with wooden buildings full of frontier-style decor.

Currently, there are no hostile Novakid-themed dungeons, although their villages can sometimes contain a hostile Novakid bandit being held behind bars.

  • None


The Novakid currently have no story-based Quests.


Colony Deed.gif A variety of Novakid Tenants can be summoned by placing a Colony Deed in a suitably-furnished room.
Basic Tenants

These types of Tenant can be any race, dependent on the furniture in the room. If there is not enough race-tagged furniture in the room, the Tenant's race will be chosen at random.

Name Type Race Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Merchant Novakid Tenant.png
Merchant Merchant Novakid Novakid (8), Storage (8), Commerce (8) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes
Random Storage (8), Commerce (8) 20 to 30 minutes
Chef Novakid Tenant.png
Chef Merchant Novakid Novakid (6), Cooking (8) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes
Random Cooking (8) 20 to 30 minutes
Villager Novakid Tenant.png
Villager Villager Novakid Novakid (6) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Random 15 to 30 minutes
Tiered Guard Tenants

Like the Basic Tenants, these Guards can be any race, dependent on what furniture is placed in their room. Their Armor and combat stats are based on the type of crafted tiered furniture placed in the room.

Lvl Armor Race Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Tier 4 Novakid Tenant.png
4 Tier 4 Novakid Durasteel (12), Combat (8), Avian (8) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Random Durasteel (12), Combat (8) 20 to 30 minutes
Tier 3 Novakid Tenant.png
3 Tier 3 Novakid Titanium (12), Combat (8), Apex (8) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Random Titanium (12), Combat (8) 20 to 30 minutes
Tier 2 Novakid Tenant.png
2 Tier 2 Novakid Tungsten (12), Combat (8), Avian (8) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Random Tungsten (12), Combat (8) 20 to 30 minutes
Tier 1 Novakid Tenant.png
1 Tier 1 Novakid Combat (8), Avian (8) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Random Combat (8) 20 to 30 minutes
Novakid Themed Tenants

These Tenants will always be Novakid regardless of whatever racial furniture is placed in the room.

Name Type Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Saloon Tenant.png
Barman Villager Saloon (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Random-race Themed Tenants

These Tenants can be any of the seven playable races, but that race will always be chosen at random, regardless of the racial tags of the room's furniture.

Name Type Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Astro Tenant.png
Astro Villager Astro (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Electrician Tenant.png
Electrician Villager Wired (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Industrial Tenant.png
Industrial Villager Industrial (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Philanthropist Tenant.png
Philanthropist Villager Valuable (76) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Socialite Tenant.png
Socialite Villager Pretty (28), Valuable (42) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Space Guard Tenant.png
Space Guard Guard Station (12), Combat (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Station Tenant.png
Station Villager Station (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes

Notable Novakids


Currently, the Novakid only feature in a single fan submitted Codex, written from the perspective of a Hylotl no less.


Novakid currently have no Fossils, largely because they have no bones to fossilize.


  • The Novakids were introduced as a stretch goal reward for pre-order sales reaching $500,000. They were the last player-race to be implemented.
Novakids Badge.png
  • The race was the winning race contest entry by Bietol. His original proposal for the race can be found here. He credits user Suika Ibuki with inspiring the race with his suggestion and art for the Anodynes race here. Both Bietol and Suika were awarded a custom forum badge for their work.
  • Novakid names are often derived from organic nomenclature in chemistry, especially if it pertains to nonpolar molecules; such molecules are often flammable and used for fuel.
  • Contrary to what's often assumed by players (thanks in part to the misleading nickname of "gas-bag" in game) Novakids appear to in fact be comprised of a hardlight/solid energy shell according to their description of Ancient Light Platforms, presumably encasing gaseous content as the Novakid description of the Steampunk Lamp additionally suggests.


The information below contains spoilers for the ending of Starbound's storyline.

Novakids appear to be fragments of the the Cultivator, seeing as it was split into countless pieces (heavily implied in the Cultivator's end-game appearance in the Ruin mission's closing cinematic.). This fact is foreshadowed by Novakid npc dialogue, their scan descriptions, and even seemingly insane Novakid bounty targets.


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