Disphotic Set

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Disphotic Set
Hylotl Armor
Disphotic set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     300%
Protection Stat.png     80
Max Energy Stat.png     60
Max Health Stat.png     120
Pixels-Sell.png 0

Disphotic Set is a Hylotl tier 6 armor set crafted using a Separator's Table. It requires Solarium Star and each piece of an Ocean Set to craft.

Set Pieces

Disphotic Helm Icon.png
Disphotic Helm
Head Armour
Disphotic Helm.png
Power Multiplier    90%
Armor Boost    24
Max Energy Boost    18
Max Health Boost    36
A helmet designed for the elite warrior, the crest implies nobility of purpose.
Legendary Pixels-Sell.png 3840
Disphotic Breastplate Icon.png
Disphotic Breastplate
Chest Armour
Disphotic Breastplate.png
Power Multiplier    150%
Armor Boost    40
Max Energy Boost    30
Max Health Boost    60
Designed for the warrior who is a guardian of peace - stalwart and unflinching.
Legendary Pixels-Sell.png 6400
Disphotic Greaves Icon.png
Disphotic Greaves
Leg Armour
Disphotic Greaves.png
Power Multiplier    60%
Armor Boost    16
Max Energy Boost    12
Max Health Boost    24
Greaves reinforced with pure solarium, as strong as the spirit of their wearer.
Legendary Pixels-Sell.png 2560