Flamingo Set

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Flamingo Set
Avian Armor
Flamingo Set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     300%
Protection Stat.png     75
Max Energy Stat.png     50
Max Health Stat.png     50
Pixels-Sell.png 0

Flamingo Set is an Avian tier 5 armor set crafted at an Manipulator's Table using Refined Ferozium.

It's craftable immediately for any Avian characters using a Manipulator's Table.

Set Pieces

Flamingo Headdress Icon.png
Flamingo Headdress
Head Armour
Flamingo Headdress.png
Power Multiplier    90%
Armor Boost    22.5
Max Energy Boost    15
Max Health Boost    15
Each feather in this elaborate headdress is carved from pure ferozium.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 2880
Flamingo Chainmail Icon.png
Flamingo Chainmail
Chest Armour
Flamingo Chainmail.png
Power Multiplier    150%
Armor Boost    37.5
Max Energy Boost    25
Max Health Boost    25
A ferozium chainmail suit that guards the torso but lets the feathers breathe.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 4800
Flamingo Skirt Icon.png
Flamingo Skirt
Leg Armour
Flamingo Skirt.png
Power Multiplier    60%
Armor Boost    15
Max Energy Boost    10
Max Health Boost    10
A lightweight ferozium-laced skirt. Additonal bird-foot booties not optional.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 1920