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Armor is an item type in Starbound. Their main function is to provide protection and passive bonuses to multiple stats, such as health, defense, energy and attack power. Health is the primary stat for melee armor while Energy is favored for firearms and raw Attack Power is favourable to staff and wand users. Assuming the armor is the same tier, all armor has the same defense stat, suggesting defense is used purely to offset the increased creature damage on more dangerous planets. Armor sets have 3 slots: head, chest and legs, with an optional back piece.

Inventory Head.png Head: Can provide extra health, defense, energy and attack power.
Inventory Chest.png Chest: Can provide extra health, defense, energy and attack power.
Inventory Legs.png Pants: Can provide extra health, defense, energy and attack power.
Inventory Back.png Back: Can provide a passive ability or be simply aesthetic.

Armor is equipped by dragging it from storage in the Inventory screen to the appropriate slot. Each slot has its own cosmetic option that lets the player receive the stat bonuses from one armor and visually wear another. Armor in cosmetic slots is visible but do not boost stats or give special effects.

Available sources of armor are crafting, trading and looting. Armor is not procedurally generated.


Craftsmen Set.png Commander Set.png Monk Set.png

Main article: Clothing

Clothing is a type of cosmetic armor. All new characters start with clothing. Clothing can also be crafted at a Spinning Wheel using woven fabric, cotton wool and leather.

Cosmetic Armor

Chef Set.png Cowboy Set.png Fairy Set.png

Main article: Cosmetic Armor

Many armor pieces provide little to no stat bonuses and are designed mainly for cosmetic use.

Cosmetic armor also includes costume hats, capes, and groupings of similarly named items in cosmetic sets.


Each point of defense reduce the damage taken (by most damage sources) by 1%. This means that the best set of armor ingame reduces damage from most damage sources by 4/5 (80%). Note that some damage types (e.g., fall damage) ignore defense, and therefore armor cannot protect against them.

Racial Armor

Wanderer Set.png Adventurer Set.png Universalist Set.png

Each race has a three-piece set, made out of headgear, chestpiece, and pants, for all 6 tiers, or 10 armor sets. Based on the character's race, they will initially unlock race-specific armor patterns.

Anvil.png Forge.gif Replicator.png

Early Tier Armor

Early tiered armor is made using an anvil, followed by a forge and replicator. Each tier provides incrementally better stats.

Set NameRacePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Hatchling's SetAvian50251010Hatchling's CircletHatchling's BreastplateHatchling's LoinclothTier01
Sprout's SetFloran50251010Sprout's CircletSprout's ChestguardSprout's AnkletsTier01
Knave's SetGlitch50251010Knave's HelmKnave's BreastplateKnave's TrousersTier01
Scouter's SetHuman50251010Scouter's VisorScouter's ChestguardScouter's GreavesTier01
Puddle SetHylotl50251010Puddle HatPuddle ChestguardPuddle TrousersTier01
Deputy's SetNovakid50251010Deputy's HatDeputy's VestDeputy's SlacksTier01
Rebel's SetApex100452020Rebel's HoodRebel's ChestguardRebel's TrousersTier02
Sparrow SetAvian100452020Sparrow HelmSparrow BreastplateSparrow LoinclothTier02
Bonesmith's SetFloran100452020Bonesmith's SkullhatBonesmith's ChestguardBonesmith's LoinclothTier02
Pond SetHylotl100452020Pond HelmPond BreastplatePond GreavesTier02
Bandit SetNovakid100452020Bandit HatBandit VestBandit ChapsTier02
Insurgent's SetApex150603030Insurgent's MaskInsurgent's JacketInsurgent's TrousersTier03
Quail SetAvian150603030Quail CrestQuail BreastplateQuail TrousersTier03
Nomad's SetFloran150603030Nomad's CrownNomad's ChestguardNomad's TrousersTier03
Knight's SetGlitch150603030Knight's HelmKnight's BreastplateKnight's TassetsTier03
Pioneer's SetHuman150603030Pioneer's HelmPioneer's ChestguardPioneer's TrousersTier03
River SetHylotl150603030River HelmRiver BreastplateRiver LeggingsTier03
Outlaw SetNovakid150603030Outlaw HatOutlaw ChestOutlaw PantsTier03
Revolutionary's SetApex200704040Revolutionary's BandanaRevolutionary's JacketRevolutionary's TrousersTier04
Owl SetAvian200704040Owl HelmOwl BreastplateOwl SkirtTier04
Hunter's SetFloran200704040Hunter's HoodHunter's ChestguardHunter's SkirtTier04
Dark Knight's SetGlitch200704040Dark Knight's HelmDark Knight's BreastplateDark Knight's TassetsTier04
Outrider's SetHuman200704040Outrider's HelmOutrider's ChestpieceOutrider's TrousersTier04
Lake SetHylotl200704040Lake HelmLake BreastplateLake GreavesTier04
Sheriff's SetNovakid200704040Sheriff's HatSheriff's VestSheriff's SlacksTier04

High Tier Armor

Accelerator's Table.gif

Accelerator Armor

The Accelerator's Table is used to craft ranged combat armor with increased energy generation. It's specialized for firearms. Whilst it can also help staff and wand users, these weapons quickly restore energy after the initial tech casting so the benefit is reduced. Additionally, the energy bonus is enough to allow some melee weapons to use their special secondary attack more than once before triggering an energy wipeout and cooldown. Certain techs that use Energy, such as Sprint, can be used for longer with this armor type. The materials needed for these sets is Refined Aegisalt and Solarium Star.

Set NameRacePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Rogue's SetApex2507512550Rogue's HoodRogue's ChestguardRogue's TrousersTier05
Peacock SetAvian2507512550Peacock HeaddressPeacock ChestplatePeacock SkirtTier05
Wiseman's SetFloran2507512550Wiseman's Thinking HatWiseman's ChestguardWiseman's LoinclothTier05
Crusader's SetGlitch2507512550Crusader's HelmCrusader's BreastplateCrusader's GreavesTier05
Vanguard's SetHuman2507512550Vanguard's HelmVanguard's Flak JacketVanguard's TrousersTier05
Bandito's SetNovakid2507512550Bandito's SombreroBandito's PonchoBandito's PantsTier05
Infiltrator's SetApex3008015060Infiltrator's HelmInfiltrator's BreastplateInfiltrator's GreavesTier06
Macaw SetAvian3008015060Macaw HeaddressMacaw ShirtMacaw LeggingsTier06
Sentinel's SetFloran3008015060Sentinel's HelmSentinel's BreastplateSentinel's ShortsTier06
Legionnaire's SetGlitch3008015060Legionnaire's HelmLegionnaire's BreastplateLegionnaire's GreavesTier06
Seeker's SetHuman3008015060Seeker's HelmetSeeker's ChestguardSeeker's TrousersTier06
Gambler's SetNovakid3008015060Gambler's HatGambler's VestGambler's PantsTier06
Manipulator's Table.gif

Manipulator Armor

The Manipulator's Table is used to craft offensive combat armor with a high attack power bonus. Naturally, boosting raw damage benefits all weapon types, but staves and wands benefit the most and this armor is designed with them in mind. Firearms are more powerful but short-lived with this armor type and melee users will be more vulnerable than they are used to and forced to play offensively. If you prefer to use a wide variety of weapon types this armor type is the best choice. The materials required for these sets is Refined Ferozium and Solarium Star.

Set NameRacePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Spy's SetApex300755050Spy's HoodSpy's JacketSpy's TrousersTier05
Flamingo SetAvian300755050Flamingo HeaddressFlamingo ChainmailFlamingo SkirtTier05
Cannibal's SetFloran300755050Cannibal's MaskCannibal's ChestguardCannibal's TrousersTier05
Lancer's SetGlitch300755050Lancer's HelmLancer's BreastplateLancer's GreavesTier05
Trailblazer's SetHuman300755050Trailblazer's HelmTrailblazer's ChestpieceTrailblazer's GreavesTier05
Bonesaw's SetNovakid300755050Bonesaw's HatBonesaw's CoatBonesaw's SlacksTier05
Usurper's SetApex360806060Usurper's HoodUsurper's CoatUsurper's TrousersTier06
Raven's SetAvian360806060Raven's BeakRaven's BreastRaven's ClawsTier06
Shaman's SetFloran360806060Shaman's MaskShaman's ChestguardShaman's SkirtTier06
Templar's SetGlitch360806060Templar's HelmTemplar's BreastplateTemplar's GreavesTier06
Wanderer's SetHuman360806060Wanderer's HelmetWanderer's ChestguardWanderer's TrousersTier06
Clockwork SetNovakid360806060Clockwork HatClockwork JacketClockwork TrousersTier06
Separator's Table.gif

Separator Armor

The Separator's Table is used to craft survival focused armor with an improved health bonus. This offsets the higher damage received when using melee weapons. Firearms, staves and wands remain effective with this armor but receive no specific advantages, allowing melee weapons to edge ahead in performance. The materials required for these sets is Refined Violium and Solarium Star.

Set NameRacePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Assassin's SetApex2507550100Assassin's MaskAssassin's ChestguardAssassin's TrousersTier05
Phoenix SetAvian2507550100Phoenix HelmPhoenix BreastplatePhoenix GreavesTier05
Gatherer's SetFloran2507550100Gatherer's HelmGatherer's ChestpieceGatherer's SkirtTier05
Paladin's SetGlitch2507550100Paladin's HelmPaladin's BreastplatePaladin's GreavesTier05
Ocean SetHylotl2507550100Ocean HelmOcean ChestguardOcean GreavesTier05
Varmint's SetNovakid2507550100Varmint's HatVarmint's PlateVarmint's PantsTier05
Frontliner's SetApex3008060120Frontliner's HelmFrontliner's BreastplateFrontliner's GreavesTier06
Toucan SetAvian3008060120Toucan HelmToucan BreastplateToucan LoinclothTier06
Synthesizer's SetFloran3008060120Synthesizer's HelmSynthesizer's ChestguardSynthesizer's TrousersTier06
Doom Lord's SetGlitch3008060120Doom Lord's HelmDoom Lord's BreastplateDoom Lord's GreavesTier06
Universalist's SetHuman3008060120Universalist's HelmUniversalist's TechjacketUniversalist's TrousersTier06
Wrangler's SetNovakid3008060120Wrangler's HatWrangler's PlateWrangler's PantsTier06

Non-Racial Protective Armor

A variety of protective armor can also be found or bought, most is sold by merchants. This armor mirrors stats of tiered racial armor, but has alternative appearances. Due to wiki template bugs, the table does not show all non-racial protective armor sets like the Explorer's Set, a tier 4 two-piece set, and the Mysterious Set, a tier 6 set.

Set NamePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Mercenary's Set50251010Mercenary's HelmMercenary's BreastplateMercenary's GreavesTier01
Combat Medic Set100452020Combat Medic HelmetCombat Medic ChestCombat Medic TrousersTier02
Silver Set100452020Silver HelmetSilver ChestpieceSilver GreavesTier02
Tracker's Set100452020Tracker's HelmTracker's ChestguardTracker's TrousersTier02
Gold Set150603030Gold HelmetGold ChestpieceGold GreavesTier03
Voyager's Set150603930Voyager's HelmVoyager's ChestguardVoyager's TrousersTier03
Pathfinder's Set200705240Pathfinder's HelmPathfinder's ChestpiecePathfinder's TrousersTier04
Camo Set250755050Camo HelmetCamo JacketCamo TrousersTier05
Perfect Set300806060Perfect HelmPerfect BreastplatePerfect TrousersTier06


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