Cotton Wool

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Cotton Wool.png

A roll of processed cotton.


Cotton Wool is a crafting material primarily used for crafting armor and clothing. It is also an ingredient in making canvas.

Ingredient for

Commander Jacket Icon.png Commander Jacket 2
Commander Trousers Icon.png Commander Trousers 1
Navy Jacket Icon.png Navy Jacket 2
Navy Trousers Icon.png Navy Trousers 1
Officer Jacket Icon.png Officer Jacket 2
Officer Trousers Icon.png Officer Trousers 1
Specialist Jacket Icon.png Specialist Jacket 2
Specialist Trousers Icon.png Specialist Trousers 1
Rebel's Chestguard Icon.png Rebel's Chestguard 1
Rebel's Hood Icon.png Rebel's Hood 1
Rebel's Pants Icon.png Rebel's Trousers 1
Hide Skirt Icon.png Hide Skirt 1
Hide Shirt Icon.png Hide Shirt 2
Ornate Shirt Icon.png Ornate Shirt 2
Ornate Loincloth Icon.png Ornate Loincloth 1
Sparrow Breastplate Icon.png Sparrow Breastplate 1
Sparrow Helm Icon.png Sparrow Helm 1
Sparrow Loincloth Icon.png Sparrow Loincloth 1
Worker Skirt Icon.png Worker Skirt 1
Worker Shirt Icon.png Worker Shirt 2
Canvas Icon.png Canvas 3
Casual Cardigan Icon.png Casual Cardigan 2
Casual Shorts Icon.png Casual Shorts 1
Stylish Jacket Icon.png Stylish Jacket 2
Stylish Bottoms Icon.png Stylish Bottoms 1
Craftsmen Shirt Icon.png Craftsmen Shirt 2
Craftsmen Trousers Icon.png Craftsmen Trousers 1
Furnivour Chest Icon.png Furnivour Chest 2
Furnivour Legs Icon.png Furnivour Legs 1
Savage Chest Icon.png Savage Chest 2
Savage Legs Icon.png Savage Legs 1
Leaf Chest Icon.png Leaf Chest 2
Leaf Legs Icon.png Leaf Legs 1
Pelt Chest Icon.png Pelt Chest 2
Pelt Legs Icon.png Pelt Legs 1
Survivalist Chest Icon.png Survivalist Chest 2
Survivalist Legs Icon.png Survivalist Legs 1
Bonesmith's Chestguard Icon.png Bonesmith's Chestguard 1
Bonesmith's Skullhat Icon.png Bonesmith's Skullhat 1
Bonesmith's Loincloth Icon.png Bonesmith's Loincloth 1
Soldier's Breastplate Icon.png Soldier's Breastplate 1
Soldier's Helm Icon.png Soldier's Helm 1
File:Soldier's Trousers Icon.png Soldier's Trousers 1
Scavenger's Breastplate Icon.png Scavenger's Breastplate 1
Scavenger's Helmet Icon.png Scavenger's Helmet 1
Scavenger's Pants Icon.png Scavenger's Pants 1
Pond Breastplate Icon.png Pond Breastplate 1
Pond Helm Icon.png Pond Helm 1
Pond Greaves Icon.png Pond Greaves 1
Kimono Shirt Icon.png Kimono Shirt 2
Kimono Skirt Icon.png Kimono Skirt 1
Merchant Shirt Icon.png Merchant Shirt 2
Merchant Trousers Icon.png Merchant Trousers 1
Monk Shirt Icon.png Monk Shirt 2
Monk Skirt Icon.png Monk Skirt 1
Noble Shirt Icon.png Noble Shirt 2
Noble Trousers Icon.png Noble Trousers 1
Formal Pants Icon.png Formal Pants 1
Gunslinger Jacket Icon.png Gunslinger Jacket 2
Gunslinger Pants Icon.png Gunslinger Pants 1
Rustler Jacket Icon.png Rustler Jacket 2
Rustler Cut-offs Icon.png Rustler Cut-offs 1
Suspender Shirt Icon.png Suspender Shirt 2
Suspender Pants Icon.png Suspender Pants 1
Formal Waistcoat Icon.png Formal Waistcoat 2
Bandit Vest Icon.png Bandit Vest 1
Bandit Hat Icon.png Bandit Hat 1
Bandit Chaps Icon.png Bandit Chaps 1
Peasant Shirt Icon.png Peasant Shirt 2
Peasant Trousers Icon.png Peasant Trousers 1
Short Cape Icon.png Short Cape 2
Simple Cape Icon.png Simple Cape 4
Sweater Vest Icon.png Sweater Vest 2
Shorts Icon.png Shorts 1
Tar Bed Icon.png Tar Bed 1
Teddy Bear Icon.png Teddy Bear 4
Traditional Shirt Icon.png Traditional Shirt 2
Traditional Trousers Icon.png Traditional Trousers 1
Trainee Shirt Icon.png Trainee Shirt 2
Trainee Trousers Icon.png Trainee Trousers 1
Plain T-Shirt Icon.png Plain T-Shirt 2
Sleeveless Top Icon.png Sleeveless Top 2
Sweatpants Icon.png Sweatpants 1


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem cottonwool
File Name cottonwool.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting