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A square of high-quality canvas.


Canvas is a crafting material primarily used to make armor.

It is refined from cotton wool using a sewing machine. It can also be bought from the Infinity Express at the outpost.

Ingredient for

Insurgent's Mask Icon.png Insurgent's Mask 1
Insurgent's Pants Icon.png Insurgent's Pants 1
Assassin's Chestguard Icon.png Assassin's Chestguard 1
Assassin's Mask Icon.png Assassin's Mask 1
Assassin's Pants Icon.png Assassin's Pants 1
Quail Crest Icon.png Quail Crest 1
Quail Greaves Icon.png Quail Greaves 1
Phoenix Breastplate Icon.png Phoenix Breastplate 1
Phoenix Helm Icon.png Phoenix Helm 1
Phoenix Greaves Icon.png Phoenix Greaves 1
Nomad's Crown Icon.png Nomad's Crown 1
Nomad's Pants Icon.png Nomad's Pants 1
Gatherer's Chestpiece Icon.png Gatherer's Chestpiece 1
Gatherer's Helm Icon.png Gatherer's Helm 1
Gatherer's Skirt Icon.png Gatherer's Skirt 1
Knight's Helm Icon.png Knight's Helm 1
Knight's Greaves Icon.png Knight's Greaves 1
Paladin's Breastplate Icon.png Paladin's Breastplate 1
Paladin's Helm Icon.png Paladin's Helm 1
Paladin's Greaves Icon.png Paladin's Greaves 1
Pioneer's Helm Icon.png Pioneer's Helm 1
Pioneer's Pants Icon.png Pioneer's Pants 1
Adventurer's Chestguard Icon.png Adventurer's Chestguard 1
Adventurer's Helm Icon.png Adventurer's Helm 1
Adventurer's Trousers Icon.png Adventurer's Trousers 1
River Helm Icon.png River Helm 1
River Leggings Icon.png River Leggings 1
Ocean Chestguard Icon.png Ocean Chestguard 1
Ocean Helm Icon.png Ocean Helm 1
Ocean Greaves Icon.png Ocean Greaves 1
Outlaw Hat Icon.png Outlaw Hat 1
Outlaw Pants Icon.png Outlaw Pants 1
Varmint's Plate Icon.png Varmint's Plate 1
Varmint's Hat Icon.png Varmint's Hat 1
Varmint's Pants Icon.png Varmint's Pants 1
Durasteel Table Icon.png Durasteel Table 2


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem canvas
File Name canvas.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting