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Clothing is a type of common cosmetic armor. All new characters start with clothing. Each race has four sets of clothing (aside from the Floran, which has five), with each set consisting of a shirt and pants. New characters have a chest piece and leg piece randomly selected from their racial pool, with each piece dyed a random color, meaning that new characters do not necessarily need to start with a matching set of clothes.

Apart from character creation, clothing can be obtained from crafting, trading with merchants, or found in various containers as loot.


Most clothing can be crafted at a spinning wheel using fabric and cotton or leather.

All characters automatically know the recipes for their race's clothing when initially using a spinning wheel. To unlock recipes for other race's clothes the blueprints must be purchased from either racial merchants or tenants.

Starter Clothing Sets

Apex Clothing

Avian Clothing

Floran Clothing

Glitch Clothing

Human Clothing

Hylotl Clothing

Novakid Clothing

Other Clothing

There are several pieces of clothing that do not adhere to a specific set. Currently, none of these can be crafted.

All Races

Some clothing is always available for selection during character creation, regardless of the race (excluding Novakid). These can be only be obtained through character creation.

Protectorate T-Shirt Icon.png Protectorate T-Shirt
Protectorate Vest Icon.png Protectorate Vest


Casual Hoodie Icon.png Casual Hoodie
Sleeveless Hoodie Icon.png Sleeveless Hoodie
Baggy Jeans Icon.png Baggy Jeans
Ripped Jeans Icon.png Ripped Jeans
Skinny Jeans Icon.png Skinny Jeans

Removed Clothing

The following articles of clothing were removed from the game assets.

Base Protectorate Jacket Icon.png Base Protectorate Jacket
Base Protectorate Slacks Icon.png Base Protectorate Slacks