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Merchant NPCs buy and sell items. They usually carry 10 items at a time; a mix of racial ingredients, weapons, and furniture. The race of the merchant and the difficulty of the planet determines what items the merchant carries.

They can be spawned as tenants with 8 Storage and 8 Commerce colony tagged boxes. 8 Racial tagged boxes can be added to specify the race of the tenant.

Several observations have been made where it appears that merchants of any race and on any planet buy items off the player only for a value 5 (five) times less than the inventory indicates (e. g. if a Legendary item is worth 5000 Pixels a merchant would accept it for 1000). The same thing applies to shops and markets, such as ones in The Outpost. In other words, selling items might be fully profitable only in "equal" trading with other players.


Possible Items


Torch Icon.png Torch
Flare Icon.png Flare
Paper Plane Icon.png Paper Plane
Beachball Icon.png Beachball
Novelty Banana Icon.png Novelty Banana
Bowling Ball Icon.png Bowling Ball
Bowling Pin Icon.png Bowling Pin
Green Firework Icon.png Green Firework
Blue Firework Icon.png Blue Firework
Red Firework Icon.png Red Firework
Rope Icon.png Climbing Rope
Bandage Icon.png Bandage
Medical Kit Icon.png Medical Kit
Red Stim Pack Icon.png Red Stim Pack
Blue Stim Pack Icon.png Blue Stim Pack
Yellow Stim Pack Icon.png Yellow Stim Pack


Assault Rifle Icon.png Assault Rifle
Pistol Icon.png Pistol
Machine Pistol Icon.png Machine Pistol
Shotgun Icon.png Shotgun
Sniper Rifle Icon.png Sniper Rifle


Common: Axe • Dagger • Shortsword • Broadsword • Hammer • Spear

Racial Armor Blueprints

Each racial merchant can sell the blueprints to that race's armor. The armor tiers available depends on the threat level of the planet that the merchant is on.

  • Harmless and Mostly Harmless = Tier 1 Armor
  • Moderate and Risky = Tier 1 and 3 Armor
  • Dangerous and Extreme = Tier 1, 3, and 5 Armor




Standard Issue Bed Icon.png Standard Issue Bed
Standard Issue Seat Icon.png Standard Issue Seat
Office Chair Icon.png Office Chair
Classic Chair Icon.png Classic Chair
Classic Table Icon.png Classic Table
Standard Issue Painting Icon.png Standard Issue Painting
Paper Lantern Icon.png Paper Lantern
Standard Issue Fridge Icon.png Standard Issue Fridge
Standard Issue Cabinet Icon.png Standard Issue Cabinet
Standard Issue Oven Icon.png Standard Issue Oven




Avian Bed Icon.png Avian Bed
Guardian's Nest Icon.png Guardian's Nest
Rustic Bench Icon.png Rustic Bench
Village Bench Icon.png Village Bench
Small Colourful Tapestry Icon.png Small Colourful Tapestry
Weathervane Icon.png Weathervane
Owl Wall Clock Icon.png Owl Wall Clock
Torch Stand Icon.png Torch Stand
Small Carved Cabinet Icon.png Small Carved Cabinet
Avian Closet Icon.png Avian Closet




Primitive Toilet Icon.png Primitive Toilet
Primitive Chair Icon.png Primitive Chair
Crude Bench Icon.png Crude Bench
Small Primitive Table Icon.png Small Primitive Table
Primitive Abstract Art Icon.png Primitive Abstract Art
Primitive Fire Art Icon.png Primitive Fire Art
Medium Bongo Icon.png Medium Bongo
Organic Desk Lamp Icon.png Organic Desk Lamp
Primitive Desk Icon.png Primitive Desk
Small Primitive Cabinet Icon.png Small Primitive Cabinet




Medieval Chair Icon.png Medieval Chair
Simple Wooden Stool Icon.png Simple Wooden Stool
Medieval Toilet Icon.png Medieval Toilet
Medieval Counter Icon.png Medieval Counter
Workshop Tools Icon.png Workshop Tools
Kitchen Tools Icon.png Kitchen Tools
Glitch Shield Display Icon.png Glitch Shield Display
Medieval Bucket Icon.png Medieval Bucket
Medieval Desk Icon.png Medieval Desk
Small Barrel Icon.png Small Barrel




Basic Toilet Icon.png Old Toilet
Metal Table Icon.png Metal Table
Large Metal Table Icon.png Large Metal Table
Basic Bath Icon.png Basic Bath
Water Cooler Icon.png Water Cooler
Stepladder Icon.png Stepladder
Old Television Icon.png Old Television
Old Radiator Icon.png Old Radiator
Decorative Support Beam Icon.png Decorative Support Beam
Short Chain-link Fence Icon.png Short Chain-link Fence
Barrel Fire Icon.png Barrel Fire
Basic Oven Icon.png Basic Oven




Comfy Traditional Bed Icon.png Comfy Traditional Bed
Blue Chair Icon.png Blue Chair
Traditional Fancy Chair Icon.png Traditional Fancy Chair
Small Traditional Table Icon.png Small Traditional Table
Blue Wall Shelf Icon.png Blue Wall Shelf
Lily Pad Clock Icon.png Lily Pad Clock
Traditional Sword Rack Icon.png Traditional Sword Rack
Bio-Lamp Icon.png Bio-Lamp
Ornate Lantern Icon.png Ornate Lantern
Traditional Wardrobe Icon.png Traditional Wardrobe