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A good assortment of Tenants can reap big rewards.

Tenants are a type of NPC spawned by placing a Colony Deed in a suitable room. Tenants have a wide variety of appearances and roles, and can be a valuable source of income and rare items, as a satisfied Tenant will pay various types of rent to the player over time.

Most (but not all) Tenants also offer a variety of generated Quests, which can lead to Tenants requesting to join the player's Crew aboard their Ship. There are also unique Quest types to Tenants, generally focused on building new homes for even more Tenants, which have a higher chance of offering rare and exclusive objects as prizes.

While wandering around, Tenants will interact with each other and just about any object the player can interact with (furniture, wired items, gongs, music players, teleporters, trash bins, etc), and many things the player can't (sinks, hand dryers, arcade games, tombstones, etc). A good spread of interactive objects can keep them from bunching up.

Tenants can be killed by hostile Monsters and NPCs, as well as environmental hazards. However, they will respawn back at the Colony Deed within a few seconds, good as new.

The Basics of Landlording

The bare minimum for a viable Tenant "house".

Colony Deeds cannot just be placed willy-nilly, and will not summon a Tenant unless a bare minimum set of requirements are met.

  • The area must be a fully-enclosed space with floor, walls, ceiling and background wall. Walls, ceilings and floors can only have "holes" if they are filled with a Door of some type. Background walls must have no open-air gaps. On player ships, uncovered ship windows are acceptable background walls.
  • Platforms do not count as floors or ceilings.
  • There must be at least 1 Light and 1 Door.
  • There can only be one Colony Deed per room.

After those requirements are met, the Tenant type summoned depends on the Tags of the objects placed within the room. If a Tenant has multiple Tag requirements, both tags do not have to be present on the same object: you can have a "Combat"-tagged object and a separate "Titanium"-tagged object. "Themed" Tenants (see below) will always appear instead of "generics" if those conditions are met. If the room meets the conditions for more than one "themed" Tenant type, the Tenant will be chosen randomly between the potential options.

If you are not getting the Tenant type you like, remove the Deed and try redecorating the room with only the bare requirements for that Tenant, then add more objects once they are summoned. Adding or removing any objects beyond the minimum requirements of a current Tenant will not affect their disposition.

Over time, rent will become available (see "Rent Chances" below), indicated by a present on the Colony Deed screen. Interacting with the Deed summons the Tenant back to pay up. Unpaid rent can be lost if the Tenant is made unhappy or killed, resetting the rent timer.

Removing the Colony Deed from the wall evicts the Tenant with no penalty (unless Rent is waiting to be collected, in which case it is lost). A Tenant will also move out in a huff if conditions change to drop below their minimum living conditions and the problem is not solved shortly. Removing the Deed from a Tenant's room when they have offered to join the player as Crew will not evict the Tenant; the only way to remove them then is to hire them on then dismiss them through the Ship's S.A.I.L. interface.

NPCs created by Tenant-given "rescue" quests will stick around indefinitely, and may themselves offer Quests. However, they pay no rent on their own, and removing the Colony Deed of the Tenant who brought them in will not evict them. They can be killed by hostiles or environmental hazards, but unlike Tenants will not respawn.

Available Tenants

Tenants fall under three general categories: Villagers, Guards and Merchants.


Villagers are very common Tenants who basically wander around and mess with stuff. When threatened by Monsters or enemy NPCs, they can do little more than run away.

"Generic" Villagers as found in any NPC village are the lowest-priority type of Tenant, meaning if the requirements for any other Tenants are filled, those will spawn instead.

Villager Race Required Object Tags (Boxes) Rent Table Rent Timeframe Quests?
Villager Apex Tenant.png
Villager Avian Tenant.png
Villager Floran Tenant.png
Villager Glitch Tenant.png
Villager Human Tenant.png
Villager Hylotl Tenant.png
Villager Novakid Tenant.png
Specific Racial (6) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Random None 15~30 minutes

There is also a large number of "themed" Tenants that can be summoned by filling their rooms with objects with specific Tags.

Name Race Required Object Tags (Boxes) Rent Table Rent Timeframe Quests?
Astro Tenant.png
Astro Random Astro (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Astronaut Tenant.png
Astronaut Human Astronaut (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Avian Tomb Tenant.png
Avian Priest Avian Aviantomb (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Saloon Tenant.png
Barman Novakid Saloon (24) Villager 15~30 minutes ??
Bunker Tenant.png
Bunker Supervisor Human Humanbunker (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Cabin Tenant.png
Cabin Owner Human Cabin (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Prisoner Tenant.png
Convict Human Humanprison (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Creepling Tenant.png
Creepling Human Odd (40) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Sea Tenant.png
Diver Hylotl Sea (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Electrician Tenant.png
Electrician Random Wired (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Flesh Tenant.png
Fleshy Collector Human Flesh (18) Fleshy Collector 10~30 minutes ??
Friendly Cultist Tenant.png
Friendly Cultist Human Evil (24) Villager 15~30 minutes ??
Farm Tenant.png
Gatherer Avian Farm (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Grounded Avian Tenant.png
Grounded Avian Avianairship (18) Villager 15~30 minutes ??
Hazmat Tenant.png
Hazmat Scientist Apex / Human Odd (14), Science (14) Villager 15~30 minutes ??
Island Tenant.png
Hula Dancer Human Island (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Tar Tenant.png
Hunter-Gatherer Apex / Human Tar (18) Hunter-
10~30 minutes ??
Industrial Tenant.png
Industrial Random Industrial (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Maggot Man Tenant.png
Maggot Man Human Hive (18) Villager 15~30 minutes No
Lab Researcher Tenant.png
Miniknog Researcher Apex Apexresearchlab (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Neon Tenant.png
Neon Apex / Human Electronic (32) Villager 15~30 minutes ??
Pastel Tenant.png
Pastel Fan Human Pastel (28) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Philanthropist Tenant.png
Philanthropist Random Valuable (76) Villager 15~30 minutes ??
Gothic Tenant.png
Plague Doctor Glitch Gothic (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Glitch Castle Tenant.png
Royal Glitch Glitch Glitchcastle (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Scientist Tenant.png
Scientist Apex / Human / Hylotl Science (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Glitch Sewer Tenant.png
Sewer Worker Glitch Glitchsewer (24) Villager 15~30 minutes ??
Socialite Tenant.png
Socialite Random Pretty (28), Valuable (42) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Space Hero Tenant.png
Space Hero Human Industrial (12), Astro (12),
Station (12), Space (12),
Combat (12)
Villager 15~30 minutes ??
Retroscifi Tenant.png
Space Pioneer Human Retro Scifi (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Spooky Tenant.png
Spooksman Floran Spooky (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Station Tenant.png
Station Random Station (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Steampunk Tenant.png
Steampunk Fan Glitch Steampunk (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Traveller Tenant.png
Traveller Human Traveller (1) Villager 15~30 minutes ??


Guards are armed Tenants who attack hostile monsters and NPCs.

"Generic" Guard Tenants are summoned by placing crafted tiered furniture in their room. These Tenants are equipped with racial armor sets have increasingly powerful stats, but max out at Tier 4 equipment.

Tier Race Required Object Tags (Boxes) Rent Table Rent Timeframe Quests?
Tier 4 Apex Tenant.png
Tier 4 Avian Tenant.png
Tier 4 Floran Tenant.png
Tier 4 Glitch Tenant.png
Tier 4 Human Tenant.png
Tier 4 Hylotl Tenant.png
Tier 4 Novakid Tenant.png
4 Specific Durasteel (12), Combat (8), Racial (8) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Random Durasteel (12), Combat (8) 20~30 minutes
Tier 3 Apex Tenant.png
Tier 3 Avian Tenant.png
Tier 3 Floran Tenant.png
Tier 3 Glitch Tenant.png
Tier 3 Human Tenant.png
Tier 3 Hylotl Tenant.png
Tier 3 Novakid Tenant.png
3 Specific Titanium (12), Combat (8), Racial (8), Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Random Titanium (12), Combat (8) 20~30 minutes
Tier 2 Apex Tenant.png
Tier 2 Avian Tenant.png
Tier 2 Floran Tenant.png
Tier 2 Glitch Tenant.png
Tier 2 Human Tenant.png
Tier 2 Hylotl Tenant.png
Tier 2 Novakid Tenant.png
2 Specific Tungsten (12), Combat (8), Racial (8) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Random Tungsten (12), Combat (8) 20~30 minutes
Tier 1 Apex Tenant.png
Tier 1 Avian Tenant.png
Tier 1 Floran Tenant.png
Tier 1 Glitch Tenant.png
Tier 1 Human Tenant.png
Tier 1 Hylotl Tenant.png
Tier 1 Novakid Tenant.png
1 Specific Combat (8), Racial (8) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Random Combat (8) 20~30 minutes

There are also several "themed" Guard Tenants summoned with specific Tags. These Guards have a pre-set Tier, regardless of whatever other objects are placed in the room.

Name Tier Race Required Object Tags (Boxes) Rent Table Rent Timeframe Quests?
Eyepatch Tenant.png
All-Seeing Knight 4 Glitch Eyepatch (18) Villager 15~30 minutes ??
Alpine Tenant.png
Alpaca Guard 3 Alpaca Alpine (24) Villager 15~30 minutes No
Evil Glitch Tenant.png
Evil Glitch ?? Glitch Glitchcastle (24), Evil (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes ??
Fenerox Tenant.png
Fenerox Guard 3 Fenerox Fenerox (30) Villager 15 to 30 minutes No
Floran Hunter Tenant.png
Floran Sniper 1 Floran Floranhuntinggrounds (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Miner Tenant.png
Lunar Miner 2 Human Lunarbase (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes ??
Colourful Tenant.png
Rainbow Rogue 3 Glitch Colourful (18) Villager 15~30 minutes ??
Space Guard Tenant.png
Space Guard ?? Random Station (12), Combat (24) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes


Merchants offer a variety of goods, as well as buy items from the player. While Merchants can offer Quests, they will never offer to join the player's Crew. As with Villagers, they cannot defend themselves from hostile forces and will run away when attacked.

"Generic" Merchant Tenants sell a random assortment of procedurally generated Weapons, racial and generic Armor, decor objects, Seeds, and more, set to the Tier of the planet they inhabit.

Race Required Object Tags (Boxes) Rent Table Rent Timeframe Quests?
Merchant Apex Tenant.png
Merchant Avian Tenant.png
Merchant Floran Tenant.png
Merchant Glitch Tenant.png
Merchant Human Tenant.png
Merchant Hylotl Tenant.png
Merchant Novakid Tenant.png
Specific Racial (8), Storage (8), Commerce (8) Merchant 15~30 minutes Yes
Random Storage (8), Commerce (8) 20~30 minutes

Chef Merchants sell a random selection of prepared Food items. Buying these does not add them to the player's Cooking Collection checklist.

Race Required Object Tags (Boxes) Rent Table Rent Timeframe Quests?
Chef Apex Tenant.png
Chef Avian Tenant.png
Chef Floran Tenant.png
Chef Glitch Tenant.png
Chef Tenant.png
Chef Hylotl Tenant.png
Chef Novakid Tenant.png
Specific Racial (6), Cooking (8) Merchant 15~30 minutes ??
Random Cooking (8) 20~30 minutes

There are also a large number of themed Merchants who sell specialized sets of wares, determined by their room's object Tags. See their individual pages for their inventories.

Name Race Required Object Tags (Boxes) Rent Table Rent Timeframe Quests
Bonesmith Tenant.png
Bonesmith Floran Bone (24) Merchant 15~30 minutes Yes
Scorched Tenant.png
Deadbeat Merchant Human Scorched (18) Merchant 15~30 minutes Yes
Flowerpot Salesman Tenant.png
Flowerpot Salesman Avian Spring (18) Merchant 15~30 minutes Yes
Foundry Tenant.png
Foundry Merchant Human Foundry (18) Merchant 15~30 minutes Yes
Swamp Tenant.png
Frogg Merchant Frogg Swamp (18) Villager 15~30 minutes No
Geode Tenant.png
Geological Merchant Glitch Geode (18) Merchant 15~30 minutes Yes
Glow Tenant.png
Glow Merchant Human Bioluminescence (18) Merchant 15~30 minutes Yes
Steamspring Tenant.png
Inventor Glitch Steamspring (18) Merchant 15~30 minutes Yes
Mushroom Tenant.png
Mushroom Merchant Agaran Mushroompatch (18) Merchant 15~30 minutes No
Naturalist Tenant.png
Naturalist Merchant Floran / Hylotl Giantflower (18) Merchant 15~30 minutes Yes
Oasis Tenant.png
Oasis Merchant Avian / Floran Oasis (18) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes
Prism Tenant.png
Window Salesman Hylotl Prism (18) Villager 15~30 minutes Yes

Rent Tables


Once a Colony Deed indicates a Tenant's rent is ready, it remains there until the player interacts with the Deed, calling the Tenant back to pay up. The rent timer does not start again until it is collected, so "back rent" will not stack up.

Pixels Healing
Seeds Tool Thrown
Weapon Shield Instrument Costume Valuable
40% 20% 15% 10% 10% 2.5% 1.5% 0.5% 0.4% 0.1%
Pixels Healing
Seeds Tool Thrown
Weapon Shield Instrument Costume Valuable
55% 10% 10% 10% 10% 2.5% 1.5% 0.5% 0.4% 0.1%
Fleshy Collector
Chest Money Treasure Basic Treasure Weapon Produce
37.5% 25% 25% 12.5%
Hunting Spear x3 Iron Hunting Spear x3 Basic Treasure Fish Stew Javelin x3 Meat Dumplings Meat Pie Meat Stew Tarball x3 Throwing Dagger x3 Throwing Dart x3 Coconut x3
14.8% 14.8% 7.4% 7.4% 7.4% 7.4% 7.4% 7.4% 7.4% 7.4% 7.4% 3.7%
Pixel Rent amounts

When the rent is paid in Pixels, the Tier of the planet the Tenant inhabits dictates the potential payouts, with more Pixels at higher Tiers.

Tier Threat 40% 25% 20% 10% 5%
1 Low Pixels-Sell.png 100 Pixels-Sell.png 150 Pixels-Sell.png 200 Pixels-Sell.png 250 Pixels-Sell.png 300
2 Moderate Pixels-Sell.png 150 Pixels-Sell.png 200 Pixels-Sell.png 250 Pixels-Sell.png 300 Pixels-Sell.png 350
3 Risky Pixels-Sell.png 200 Pixels-Sell.png 250 Pixels-Sell.png 300 Pixels-Sell.png 350 Pixels-Sell.png 400
4 Dangerous Pixels-Sell.png 250 Pixels-Sell.png 300 Pixels-Sell.png 350 Pixels-Sell.png 400 Pixels-Sell.png 450
5 Extreme Pixels-Sell.png 300 Pixels-Sell.png 350 Pixels-Sell.png 400 Pixels-Sell.png 450 Pixels-Sell.png 500
6 Inconceivable Pixels-Sell.png 350 Pixels-Sell.png 400 Pixels-Sell.png 450 Pixels-Sell.png 500 Pixels-Sell.png 550
7 [not yet possible] Pixels-Sell.png 400 Pixels-Sell.png 450 Pixels-Sell.png 500 Pixels-Sell.png 550 Pixels-Sell.png 600