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Pastel is an object tag associated with pastel themed furniture sold at the Frögg Furnishing merchant in the outpost. These objects are used for spawning pastel fan tenants.


Name Type Race Required Object Types (Boxes) Cosmetic Armor Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Pastel Tenant.png
Pastel Fan Villager Human Pastel (24) Fairy Set Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Pastel Bed Icon.png Pastel Bed Furniture 17 A charming, pastel coloured bed. pastel
Pastel Bunny Plushie Icon.png Pastel Bunny Plushie Decorative 4 A scented pink bunny plush toy. pastel
Pastel Cabinet Icon.png Pastel Cabinet Storage 6 A small cabinet, painted in bright pastel colours. pastelstorage
Pastel Chair Icon.png Pastel Chair Furniture 5 A pastel coloured chair with a heart-shaped backrest. pastel
Pastel Light Icon.png Pastel Light Light Source 2 A wall mounted pink fluorescent light. pastellight
Pastel Stool Icon.png Pastel Stool Furniture 2 A small pastel coloured stool. pastel
Pastel Table Icon.png Pastel Table Furniture 8 A brightly coloured table with a flowery tablecloth. pastelcommerce
Pastel Wall Clock Icon.png Pastel Wall Clock Decorative 4 A colourful square wall clock. pastel
Pastel Wardrobe Icon.png Pastel Wardrobe Storage 20 A marvellous pastel coloured wardrobe. pastelstorage