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Opulent is an object tag associated with the Opulent themed furniture set pieces rewarded from completing procedural tenant quests. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Opulent Bed Icon.png Opulent Bed Furniture 12 A remarkably comfortable opulent bed. miscopulent
Opulent Chair Icon.png Opulent Chair Furniture 6 An incredibly comfortable opulent chair. miscopulent
Opulent Console Icon.png Opulent Console Wire 7 A opulent console mounted on a suspended crystal. wiredopulent
Opulent Door Icon.png Opulent Door Door 5 A super-strong opulent door. dooropulent
Opulent Light Icon.png Opulent Light Light Source 2 A glowing opulent light made from crystal. lightopulent
Opulent Table Icon.png Opulent Table Furniture 6 An incredibly stylish opulent table. commerceopulent