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Tar is an object tag associated with objects unique to Tar or Tarpit mini biomes. These objects are used for spawning hunter-gatherer villager tenants.


Name Type Race Biome Required Object Types (Boxes) Cosmetic Armor Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Tar Tenant.png
Hunter-Gatherer Villager Apex or Human Tar or Tarpit Tar (18) Prehistoric Set Tar Villager* 10 to 30 minutes

*Tar Villagers have a custom rent pool: 14.8% Hunting Spear, 14.8% Iron Hunting Spear, 7.4% Basic Treasure**, 7.4% Fish Stew, 7.4% Javelin, 7.4% Meat Dumplings, 7.4% Meat Pie, 7.4% Meat Stew, 7.4% Tarball, 7.4% Throwing Dagger, 7.4% Throwing Dart, 3.7% Coconut

**Basic Treasure has these chances: 30% Weapon, 25% Pixels, 10% Healing Item, 10% Ore, 10% Produce, 5% Seeds, 4.5% Shields, 4% Tool, 1% Instrument, 0.5% Cosmetic Armor


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Tar Bed Icon.png Tar Bed Furniture 12 A simple tar bed. tarodd
Tar Chair Icon.png Tar Chair Furniture 6 A sticky tar chair. tarodd
Tar Console Icon.png Tar Console Wire 6 A computer console made of tar. taroddwired
Tar Door Icon.png Tar Door Door 5 A tar door. tarodddoor
Tar Lantern Icon.png Tar Lantern Light Source 2 A lantern made of tar. taroddlight
Tarman Icon.png Tarman Decorative 10 Like a snowman, but sticky. tarodd
Tarpit Chest Icon.png Tarpit Chest Storage 4 Tar fashioned into a chest. taroddstorage