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Commerce is an object tag associated with objects and furniture. These objects are used for spawning Merchant Tenants in combination with storage tagged objects.


Name Type Race Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Merchant Apex Tenant.png
Merchant Avian Tenant.png
Merchant Floran Tenant.png
Merchant Glitch Tenant.png
Merchant Human Tenant.png
Merchant Hylotl Tenant.png
Merchant Novakid Tenant.png
Merchant Merchant Specific* Racial (8), Storage (8), Commerce (8) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes
Random Storage (8), Commerce (8) 20 to 30 minutes

* "Specific" under Race means that you can specify one of these races: Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch, Human, Hylotl, Novakid. So "Racial (8)" means "Apex (8)" if you want an Apex tenant.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Arcade Prize Counter Icon.png Arcade Prize Counter Decorative 16 A glass case full of plushies and toys. hylotlhylotloceancitycommercestorage
Armour Shop Sign Icon.png Armour Shop Sign Decorative 6 Armour! Get yer armour here! glitchglitchvillagecommercecombat
Astro Crate Icon.png Astro Crate Storage 24 A large container specialized for space transport. astrostoragecommerce
Astro Table Icon.png Astro Table Furniture 8 A solid, floor mounted working surface. astrocommerce
Basic Metal Desk Icon.png Basic Metal Desk Storage 10 A basic desk. outpoststoragecommerce
Basic Metal Table Icon.png Basic Metal Table Decorative A table. Perfect for tabletop gaming. Or eating. outpostcommerce
Biggy's Reputable Weaponry Icon.png Biggy's Reputable Weaponry Other Offers upgrades to rare weapons. outpostcommerce
Blue Vending Machine Icon.png Blue Vending Machine Decorative A vending machine filled with popular beverages. hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Blue Wall Shelf Icon.png Blue Wall Shelf Decorative 4 A blue shelf used for displaying items. hylotlhylotloceancitycommercestorage
Cabin Stool Table Icon.png Cabin Stool Table Furniture 4 A small, three legged wooden table. cabincommerce
Cabin Table Icon.png Cabin Table Furniture 8 A classic wooden table, suitable for any environment. cabincommerce
Carved Table Icon.png Carved Table Furniture An interestingly carved table. avianavianvillagecommerce
Cash Register Icon.png Cash Register Storage A mechanical cash register. Ka-ching! glitchglitchvillagecommerce
Checkout Sign Icon.png Checkout Sign Decorative A sign marking where a checkout line begins. hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Classic Desk Icon.png Classic Desk Furniture 10 The sort of desk that's used exclusively for making important decisions. apexapexmansionprettyvaluablecommercestorage
Classic Desk (Hylotl) Icon.png Classic Desk (Hylotl) Storage 12 A classic style desk. hylotlhylotlvillagestoragecommerce
Classic Dining Table Icon.png Classic Dining Table Furniture For when you want to make a table-based statement. apexapexmansioncommerce
Classic Table Icon.png Classic Table Furniture Good for hosting small dinner parties. apexapexmansioncommerce
Cool Desk Icon.png Cool Desk Furniture 10 This desk is sleek, looks solid. apexapexresearchlabstoragecommerce
Cool Table Icon.png Cool Table Furniture That sure is a cool table. apexapexresearchlabcommerce
Copper Crate Icon.png Copper Crate Storage 6 A strong storage crate made from copper. copperstoragecommerce
Crystal Table Icon.png Crystal Table Furniture 9 A table made of crystal. Perfect for rich foods. crystallinecommerce
Doom Table Icon.png Doom Table Furniture 6 A terrifying doom table. It watches you eat. evilcommercedoom
Durasteel Table Icon.png Durasteel Table Furniture 8 A solid Durasteel table. commercetier4
Dusty Wooden Table Icon.png Dusty Wooden Table Furniture 8 A dusty wooden table. commercefenerox
EASEL Icon.png EASEL Decorative The Elegantly Automatic Sign Engineering Lithographer. outpostcommerce
Egyptian Table Icon.png Egyptian Table Furniture A heavy table made from wood and gold. commerceegyptian
Executive Table Icon.png Executive Table Furniture 8 A beautiful executive table. commerceexecutive
Forge Sign Icon.png Forge Sign Decorative A clear indicator of a forge. glitchglitchvillagecommercecrafting
Friendly Hylotl Sign Icon.png Friendly Hylotl Sign Decorative A cheery welcome sign meant for Hylotl-owned shops. hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Frögg Furnishing Icon.png Frögg Furnishing Other The finest furnishings from around the universe. outpostcommerce
Geometric Table Icon.png Geometric Table Furniture 10 A very well-made geometric table. geometriccommerce
Hylotl Counter Icon.png Hylotl Counter Decorative A counter that oddly resembles a Hylotl. hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Hylotl Fashion Hologram Icon.png Hylotl Fashion Hologram Decorative A hologram displaying the latest trends in Hylotl fashion. hylotlhylotloceancityelectroniccommerce
Hylotl Store Shelf Icon.png Hylotl Store Shelf Decorative 20 The shelf is packed with all kinds of Hylotl goods. hylotlhylotloceancitycommercestorage
Hylotl Table Icon.png Hylotl Table Decorative A table with a studded gem motif resembling the three eyes of the Hylotl. hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Ice Table Icon.png Ice Table Furniture 10 A table made of carved ice. icecommerce
Industrial Crate Icon.png Industrial Crate Storage 20 A pressurised cargo crate, designed to withstand the conditions of space travel. industrialstoragecommerce
Industrial Table Icon.png Industrial Table Furniture 8 A cold metal table, built to survive turbulent trips. commerceindustrial
Infinity Express Icon.png Infinity Express Other An intergalactic convenience store. It seems an ideal place to stock up. outpostcommerce
Inn Sign Icon.png Inn Sign Decorative A sign advertising a place to rest your head. glitchglitchvillagecommerce
Iron Table Icon.png Iron Table Furniture 10 A simple iron table. commercetier1
Island Table Icon.png Island Table Furniture 6 There's a rather grim face carved into the base of this table. islandcommerce
Kitchen Table Icon.png Kitchen Table Furniture 8 A rustic kitchen table. farmcommerce
Large Barrel Icon.png Large Barrel Storage 9 A barrel. Sadly not full party hats. storagecommerce
Large Empty Market Stall Icon.png Large Empty Market Stall Decorative A large empty stall. I bet business is slow. avianavianvillagecommerce
Large Primitive Table Icon.png Large Primitive Table Furniture This entire table appears to have been carved from a single, enormous bone. floranfloranvillagecommerce
Large Wooden Crate Icon.png Large Wooden Crate Storage 12 A wooden crate. storagecommerce
Large Wooden Crate (open) Icon.png Large Wooden Crate (open) Storage 12 A mysterious wooden crate. naturalcavestoragecommerce
Letheia Corp Sign Icon.png Letheia Corp Sign Decorative A halogen sign for the Letheia corporation. hylotlcommerce
Library Sign Icon.png Library Sign Decorative 6 A library sign. This way to the library! glitchglitchvillagecommerceknowledge
Market Clothes Stall Icon.png Market Clothes Stall Decorative Beautiful fabrics and clothing adorn this cute little stall. avianavianvillagecommerce
Market Fruit Stall Icon.png Market Fruit Stall Decorative 28 I wonder what fruit they sell on this planet. avianavianvillagecommercecooking
Market Weapon Stall Icon.png Market Weapon Stall Decorative 30 An assortment of pointy things. avianavianvillagecommercecombat
Medieval Counter Icon.png Medieval Counter Furniture Ye olde counter. glitchglitchvillagecommerce
Medieval Desk Icon.png Medieval Desk Furniture 13 A nicely made wooden desk. glitchglitchvillagecommercestorage
Medieval Pedestal Icon.png Medieval Pedestal Decorative A pedestal for putting your treasures on display. glitchglitchcastleprettycommerce
Medieval Table Icon.png Medieval Table Furniture Ye olde dining room table. glitchglitchvillagecommerce
Metal Cargo Crate Icon.png Metal Cargo Crate Storage 12 A crate containing cargo. What cargo? Who knows. outpoststoragecommerce
Metal Crate Icon.png Metal Crate Storage 6 A metal crate. humanhumanbunkerstoragecommerce
Metal Office Desk Icon.png Metal Office Desk Decorative 10 An office desk with a built-in monitor. Looks like someone was doing some coding. humanhumanbunkerelectronicstoragecommerce
Metal Store Shelf Icon.png Metal Store Shelf Storage 29 A metal shelf packed with store goods. scorchedstoragecommerce
Metal Table Icon.png Metal Table Furniture 7 A simple metal table. humanhumanbunkercommerce
Neon Open Sign Icon.png Neon Open Sign Decorative A neon "open" sign. hylotlhylotloceancityprettycommerce
Neon Store Icon.png Neon Store Other 36 A store with an assortment of Neon Peacekeeper furniture. peacekeepercommerce
Office Desk Icon.png Office Desk Storage 12 A simple desk made from wood and metal. officestoragecommerce
Office Table Icon.png Office Table Furniture A wooden table with metal legs. officecommerce
Opulent Table Icon.png Opulent Table Furniture 6 An incredibly stylish opulent table. commerceopulent
Pastel Table Icon.png Pastel Table Furniture 8 A brightly coloured table with a flowery tablecloth. pastelcommerce
Penguin Bar Icon.png Penguin Bar Furniture A bar fit for a penguin. commerce
Penguin Bar Top Icon.png Penguin Bar Top Furniture A bar fit for a penguin. commerce
Penguin Bay Icon.png Penguin Bay Other This place is selling counterfeit ship licenses. outpostcommerce
Penguin Pete Icon.png Penguin Pete Other A shady looking captain. outpostcommerce
Pixel Compressor Icon.png Pixel Compressor Crafting Station Compress pixels for storage. commerce
Primitive Countertop Icon.png Primitive Countertop Furniture A cooking countertop used for chopping meat. floranfloranvillagecommerce
Primitive Desk Icon.png Primitive Desk Furniture 8 A desk, probably belonging to the greenfinger of a Floran tribe. floranfloranvillagestoragecommerce
Primitive Table Icon.png Primitive Table Furniture Floran come together at tables like these to eat flesh stew. floranfloranvillagecommerce
Prism Table Icon.png Prism Table Furniture 10 A smooth table cut from a refractive glass. prismcommerce
Produce Shop Sign Icon.png Produce Shop Sign Decorative 6 A shop that sells freshly farmed produce. glitchglitchvillagecommercecooking
Rainbow Table Icon.png Rainbow Table Furniture 6 A rainbow table makes every meal a joy. colourfulcommerce
Rainbow Wood Table Icon.png Rainbow Wood Table Furniture 10 A table made of rainbow wood. colourfulcommerce
Reed Desk Icon.png Reed Desk Furniture 8 A desk made of wood and reed. oasisnaturestoragecommerce
Refinery Icon.png Refinery Crafting Station The refinery is used to produce raw pixels from ores. commerce
Royal Desk Icon.png Royal Desk Furniture 13 A fancy royal desk. glitchglitchcastlevaluablecommercestorage
Rusty Crate Icon.png Rusty Crate Storage 12 A rusty crate. scorchedstoragecommerce
Rusty Metal Store Shelf Icon.png Rusty Metal Store Shelf Storage 29 A rusty metal shelf, some store goods still remain on the shelves. scorchedstoragecommerce
Rusty Table Icon.png Rusty Table Furniture 10 A rusty table. Adds flavour. rustcommerce
Sale Sign Icon.png Sale Sign Decorative A banner advertising a sale. Everybody loves sales! hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Saloon Bar Icon.png Saloon Bar Furniture 20 A polished bar top, complete with three stools. novakidnovakidvillagesalooncommerce
Sandstone Table Icon.png Sandstone Table Furniture 10 A sandstone table. Don't spill water on it. sandstonecommerce
Scribe's Desk Icon.png Scribe's Desk Furniture 28 A wooden desk used by scribes. glitchglitchvillagecommercestorage
Serene Table Icon.png Serene Table Furniture 6 A hardy serene table. commerceserene
Sharp Table Icon.png Sharp Table Furniture A table with swords for legs. Not ideal for playing footsie. commerce
Shelter Shelf Icon.png Shelter Shelf Storage 35 Everything you need to survive. Almost. scorchedstoragecommerce
Short Metal Cargo Crate Icon.png Short Metal Cargo Crate Storage 10 A small cargo crate. No doubt it has cargo in it. outpoststoragecommerce
Short Primitive Table Icon.png Short Primitive Table Furniture A table made from many small bones. floranfloranvillagecommerce
Shroom Table Icon.png Shroom Table Furniture 6 A giant mushroom. Perfect to use as a table. mushroompatchnaturecommerce
Small Barrel Icon.png Small Barrel Storage 4 A barrel. Anything could be inside! storagecommerce
Small Empty Market Stall Icon.png Small Empty Market Stall Decorative A small empty stall. It looks sad. avianavianvillagecommerce
Small Primitive Table Icon.png Small Primitive Table Furniture A table fashioned out a small tree topped with a slab of wood. floranfloranvillagecommerce
Small Rusty Crate Icon.png Small Rusty Crate Storage 6 A small rusty looking crate. scorchedstoragecommerce
Small Traditional Table Icon.png Small Traditional Table Furniture A delicately designed wooden table. hylotlhylotlvillagecommerce
Small Wooden Crate Icon.png Small Wooden Crate Storage 6 A wooden crate. storagecommerce
Soft Drink Sign Icon.png Soft Drink Sign Decorative A sign advertising natural soft drinks. hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Solid Metal Table Icon.png Solid Metal Table Furniture 8 A solid metal table. humanhumanbunkercommerce
Space Bar Icon.png Space Bar Furniture A metal bar with with a smoothly polished surface. commerce
Standard Issue Counter Icon.png Standard Issue Counter Furniture A standard issue kitchen counter. apexapexvillagecommerce
Standard Issue Desk Icon.png Standard Issue Desk Furniture 12 Each of these desks has a coffee mug and lamp fused to its surface. apexapexvillagecommercestorage
Standard Issue Table Icon.png Standard Issue Table Furniture A basic mass produced table. apexapexvillagecommerce
Station Crate Icon.png Station Crate Storage 12 A shipping crate, designed to ship space goods. stationstoragecommerce
Station Table Icon.png Station Table Furniture 8 A round heavy metal table. stationcommerce
Station Vending Machine Icon.png Station Vending Machine Other 20 A vending machine, there are some quality snacks in here. stationmechanicalcommerce
Store Cash Register Icon.png Store Cash Register Storage Ka-ching! hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Store Register Icon.png Store Register Storage 3 Ka-ching! scorchedcommerce
Store Sign Icon.png Store Sign Decorative A sign advertising a place to buy stuff. apexcommerce
Swamp Table Icon.png Swamp Table Furniture 8 A wobbly table made from leaves and roots. swampcommerce
Terramart Icon.png Terramart Other For all your farming and terraforming needs! outpostcommerce
Titanium Table Icon.png Titanium Table Furniture 10 A stylish titanium table. commercetier3
Toxic Table Icon.png Toxic Table Furniture 7 A thorny table. Careful where you put your feet. toxicnaturecommerce
Traditional Low Table Icon.png Traditional Low Table Furniture A table set at kneeling height. hylotlhylotlvillagecommerce
Traditional Table Icon.png Traditional Table Furniture A traditional style table. hylotlhylotlvillagecommerce
Tungsten Table Icon.png Tungsten Table Furniture 10 A basic tungsten table. commercetier2
Ursa Miner Icon.png Ursa Miner Other A family business. Sells refined ores for crafting. outpostcommerce
Vending Machine Icon.png Vending Machine Decorative 12 Ooh, what should I get? humanhumanbunkercommercemechanical
Wave Table Icon.png Wave Table Furniture 10 A very hardy wave table. commercewave
Weapon Shop Sign Icon.png Weapon Shop Sign Decorative 6 A sword on a sign. It usually appears outside a weapons shop. glitchglitchvillagecommercecombat
Wooden Crate (small) Icon.png Wooden Crate (small) Storage 6 A mysterious wooden crate. naturalcavestoragecommerce
Wooden Desk Icon.png Wooden Desk Furniture 8 An expensive-looking wooden desk. storagecommerce
Wooden Store Shelf Icon.png Wooden Store Shelf Storage 30 There are some items on this shelf. apexstoragecommerce
Wooden Table Icon.png Wooden Table Furniture 8 A basic wooden table. commerce
Wrecked Vending Machine Icon.png Wrecked Vending Machine Other This vending machine is empty, I guess the crew had a taste for soda. wreckmechanicalcommerce