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Apex is an object tag associated with Apex themed objects and furniture. These objects are used for spawning Apex guards, merchants, chefs and villagers.


Name Type Race Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Merchant Apex Tenant.png
Merchant Merchant Apex Apex (8), Storage (8), Commerce (8) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes
Chef Apex Tenant.png
Chef Merchant Apex Apex (6), Cooking (8) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes
Villager Apex Tenant.png
Villager Villager Apex Apex (6) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Tier 1 Apex Tenant.png
Tier 1 Guard Guard Apex Apex (8), Combat (8) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Tier 2 Apex Tenant.png
Tier 2 Guard Guard Apex Apex (8), Combat (8), Tungsten (12) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Tier 3 Apex Tenant.png
Tier 3 Guard Guard Apex Apex (8), Combat (8), Titanium (12) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Tier 4 Apex Tenant.png
Tier 4 Guard Guard Apex Apex (8), Combat (8), Durasteel (12) Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Announcement Intercom Icon.png Announcement Intercom Decorative Intercoms are often used to broadcast messages...or receive them. apexapexvillage
Ape Flu Poster Icon.png Ape Flu Poster Light Source Ape Flu? Sounds serious... apexapexresearchlablight
Apex Captain's Chair Icon.png Apex Captain's Chair Furniture The Captain sits here to fly the ship. apex
Apex Flag Icon.png Apex Flag Teleport Marker An Apex flag. The symbol of the Miniknog. Use ^green;[E]^white; to bookmark a teleportation location. apex
Apex Lantern Icon.png Apex Lantern Light Source These electric lanterns generate a pleasantly warm light apexlight
Apex Level 01 Sign Icon.png Apex Level 01 Sign Light Source Go Ape! apexapexresearchlablight
Apex Male Bust Icon.png Apex Male Bust Decorative A bust of an important Apex. apexapexmansionprettyvaluable
Apex Poet Portrait Icon.png Apex Poet Portrait Decorative 12 A painting of a great Apex poet. He...looks familiar. apexprettyvaluable
Apex Portrait Icon.png Apex Portrait Decorative 4 A portrait of an Apex peace-keeper. apexapexvillagepretty
Apex Scientist Statue Icon.png Apex Scientist Statue Decorative This seems to be a scientist that 'gave his body to science'. apexapexvillageprettyvaluable
Apex Ship Door Icon.png Apex Ship Door Door A door suitable for a spaceship. apexdoor
Apex Ship Hatch Icon.png Apex Ship Hatch Door A hatch suitable for a spaceship. apexdoor
Apex Ship Locker Icon.png Apex Ship Locker Storage A locker. Store some stuff, why don't you? apexstorage
Apex Storage Locker Icon.png Apex Storage Locker Storage 12 A nice, spacious, wall-mounted storage solution. apexstorage
Arrow Sign Icon.png Arrow Sign Decorative I should probably go that way. apexapexresearchlab
Banana Propaganda Poster Icon.png Banana Propaganda Poster Light Source All Hail the Great Banana! apexapexresearchlablight
Bathroom Sink (Apex) Icon.png Bathroom Sink (Apex) Decorative Don't forget to wash your hands! apexapexvillage
Beautiful Ape Painting Icon.png Beautiful Ape Painting Decorative A painting of a blonde woman standing in a clam. apexprettyvaluable
Big Ape Bust Icon.png Big Ape Bust Decorative It's a bust of Big Ape, Glorious Leader of the Apex. apexapexmansionprettyvaluable
Big Ape Cross-Stitch Icon.png Big Ape Cross-Stitch Decorative May we forever obey him. apexapexvillagepretty
Big Ape Doll Icon.png Big Ape Doll Decorative A somewhat suspicious doll of Big Ape. apexapexvillagepretty
Big Ape HDTV Icon.png Big Ape HDTV Decorative I think Big Ape is watching... apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Big Ape Monument Icon.png Big Ape Monument Decorative An appropriately glorious monument dedicated to a glorious leader. apexapexmansionprettyvaluable
Big Ape Poster Icon.png Big Ape Poster Light Source Big Ape is All Seeing! apexapexresearchlablight
Big Ape Record Icon.png Big Ape Record Decorative It's a framed replica of Big Ape's hit album, 'Jungle Love'. apexapexvillageprettymusical
Big Ape TV Icon.png Big Ape TV Decorative There's nothing on. Every channel just displays a picture of Big Ape. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Big Ape Target Map Icon.png Big Ape Target Map Decorative A disorganised map for locating Big Ape. Whoever drew it was very angry. apex
Black Sliding Door Icon.png Black Sliding Door Door A lightweight sliding door, advertised as being slimmer, faster, and more expensive. apexapexvillagedoor
Bloodbank Icon.png Bloodbank Decorative Vials full of various blood types. I hope they didn't take out ALL their blood. apexapexresearchlabscience
Blue Flask Icon.png Blue Flask Decorative A flask full of blue liquid. apexapexresearchlabscience
Brain in a Jar Icon.png Brain in a Jar Decorative 4 A brain in a jar, daydreaming. apexapexresearchlabscienceodd
Classic Ape Painting Icon.png Classic Ape Painting Decorative A very famous portrait of a mysterious lady. apexprettyvaluable
Classic Barred Door Icon.png Classic Barred Door Door This door is beautifully crafted. apexapexmansiondoor
Classic Bed Icon.png Classic Bed Furniture A beautiful bed of rich wood and silks. apexapexmansionvaluable
Classic Bookcase Icon.png Classic Bookcase Decorative 20 A bookcase built to be filled with classic literature. apexapexmansionknowledgevaluablestorage
Classic Bowl Icon.png Classic Bowl Decorative 1 A fine china bowl. apexapexmansioncooking
Classic Candlestick Icon.png Classic Candlestick Light Source A golden candlestick with three prongs. The wax never seems to melt. apexapexmansionlightprettyvaluable
Classic Ceiling Light Icon.png Classic Ceiling Light Light Source A ceiling spotlight. Ideal lighting for fancy artwork. apexapexmansionprettylight
Classic Chair Icon.png Classic Chair Furniture A dining chair fit for the sort of person who enjoys caviar. apexapexmansion
Classic Chandelier Icon.png Classic Chandelier Light Source This chandelier is made of wrought-iron. It looks expensive. apexapexmansionprettyvaluablelight
Classic Chest Icon.png Classic Chest Storage 4 A classy chest filled with classy treasure! apexapexmansionprettyvaluablestorage
Classic China Cabinet Icon.png Classic China Cabinet Decorative 15 The reason you don't play ball in the house. apexapexmansionvaluableprettystorage
Classic Cupboard Icon.png Classic Cupboard Storage 20 A large classy storage cabinet. apexapexmansionprettyvaluablestorage
Classic Curtain Icon.png Classic Curtain Decorative The classiest curtain. apexapexmansionpretty
Classic Desk Icon.png Classic Desk Furniture 10 The sort of desk that's used exclusively for making important decisions. apexapexmansionprettyvaluablecommercestorage
Classic Dining Table Icon.png Classic Dining Table Furniture For when you want to make a table-based statement. apexapexmansioncommerce
Classic Door Icon.png Classic Door Door A classic banana-infused wood door with a gilded handle. apexapexmansionvaluabledoor
Classic Drape Icon.png Classic Drape Decorative The classiest drape. apexapexmansionpretty
Classic Light Icon.png Classic Light Light Source A pretty iron wall sconce. apexapexmansionprettylight
Classic Mug Icon.png Classic Mug Decorative 1 A fine china mug. apexapexmansioncooking
Classic Plate Icon.png Classic Plate Decorative 1 A fine china plate. apexapexmansioncooking
Classic Table Icon.png Classic Table Furniture Good for hosting small dinner parties. apexapexmansioncommerce
Classic Thin Drape Icon.png Classic Thin Drape Decorative Thin hanging drapes. Quite classy. apexapexmansionpretty
Classic Vase Icon.png Classic Vase Breakable A decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable. apexapexmansionvaluablepretty
Console Keyboard Icon.png Console Keyboard Wire I wonder what all these buttons are for... apexapexresearchlabelectronicwired
Cool Bookcase Icon.png Cool Bookcase Storage 20 It should be stocked full of science journals and lab reports. apexapexresearchlabknowledgestorage
Cool Chair Icon.png Cool Chair Furniture It's an exceptionally cool chair. apexapexresearchlab
Cool Chemical Shelf Icon.png Cool Chemical Shelf Decorative 36 It seems irresponsible to leave a bunch of unlabelled chemicals unattended. apexapexresearchlabstoragescience
Cool Computer Icon.png Cool Computer Decorative This cool computer is making a lot of 'beep boop boop beep' noises. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Cool Cupboard Icon.png Cool Cupboard Storage 20 This cupboard is sleek, but it doesn't look sturdy. apexapexresearchlabstorage
Cool Desk Icon.png Cool Desk Furniture 10 This desk is sleek, looks solid. apexapexresearchlabstoragecommerce
Cool Empty Shelf Icon.png Cool Empty Shelf Decorative 36 There's nothing of interest on this shelf. apexapexresearchlabstorage
Cool Server Icon.png Cool Server Decorative It looks like a server. I wonder what kind of games could be hosted on that. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Cool Table Icon.png Cool Table Furniture That sure is a cool table. apexapexresearchlabcommerce
Crystal Glass Icon.png Crystal Glass Decorative 1 A soft scent of fruit juice lingers. apexapexmansioncooking
Disobey Sign Icon.png Disobey Sign Decorative 12 A defaced poster of Big Ape. apexapexvillageodd
Do Not Enter Sign Icon.png Do Not Enter Sign Decorative Don't do it! apexapexvillageevil
Electricity Warning Sign Icon.png Electricity Warning Sign Decorative Watch out! Lightning bolts! apexapexresearchlab
Empty Life Support Pod Icon.png Empty Life Support Pod Light Source The pod is empty. apexapexresearchlabscienceevillight
Empty Wooden Aquarium Icon.png Empty Wooden Aquarium Decorative An empty aquarium. How lonely. apexapexvillagepretty
FTL Fuel Hatch Icon.png FTL Fuel Hatch [[]] Accepts Liquid Erchius as fuel for the ship's FTL dive. apex
Fancy Vase Icon.png Fancy Vase Breakable A decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable. apexapexmansionvaluablepretty
Fantasy Board Game Icon.png Fantasy Board Game Decorative 9 A board game, with a cardboard castle and game pieces. apexapexmansionodd
Flickering Ceiling TV Icon.png Flickering Ceiling TV Decorative A creepy monitor. A face flickers onto the screen, almost faster than the eye can see. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Flower Bed Icon.png Flower Bed Furniture A beautiful flower bed. Watch out for bees! apexapexmansionnaturepretty
Flower Bed (2) Icon.png Flower Bed (2) Furniture A beautiful flower bed. Watch out for bees! apexapexmansionnaturepretty
Glorious Leader Painting Icon.png Glorious Leader Painting Decorative A very flattering painting of Big Ape, Glorious Beloved Leader of the Apex. apexapexvillagepretty
Gothic Ape Painting Icon.png Gothic Ape Painting Decorative A portrait of an Apex couple. apexprettyvaluable
Grand Big Ape Painting Icon.png Grand Big Ape Painting Decorative A grand painting of two pointing Apex figures. apexprettyvaluable
Grandfather Clock Icon.png Grandfather Clock Decorative I didn't know clocks were capable of reproduction. apexapexmansionvaluablepretty
Great Banana Lock Statue Icon.png Great Banana Lock Statue Wire 13 All Hail the Great Banana! The sacred fruit! apexapexmansionprettyvaluablewiredodd
Great Banana Statue Icon.png Great Banana Statue Decorative All Hail the Great Banana! apexapexmansionprettyvaluable
Green Flask Icon.png Green Flask Decorative A flask full of green goo. apexapexresearchlabscience
Green Lamp Pod Icon.png Green Lamp Pod Light Source This strange lamp emits a low green light. apexapexresearchlablight
Hanging Basket Icon.png Hanging Basket Furniture A delightful hanging basket. Don't swing from it! apexapexmansionnaturepretty
Hanging Basket (2) Icon.png Hanging Basket (2) Furniture A delightful hanging basket. Don't swing from it! apexapexmansionnaturepretty
Headless Big Ape Statue Icon.png Headless Big Ape Statue Decorative Big ape statue with no head. apexapexmansionprettyvaluable
Hi-tech Security Camera Icon.png Hi-tech Security Camera Wire The finest security camera around. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Hi-tech Turret Icon.png Hi-tech Turret Wire 10 The finest automated security turret around. apexapexresearchlabcombatelectronic
Howler Monkey Painting Icon.png Howler Monkey Painting Decorative A haunting painting of a screaming Apex. apexprettyvaluable
Interrogation Table Icon.png Interrogation Table Furniture A table reserved for traitors. apexapexresearchlabevil
Laboratory Hatch Icon.png Laboratory Hatch Door A sleek vertical doorway, perfect for secret labs. doorapexapexmission1
Laboratory Light Icon.png Laboratory Light Light Source A sleek red wall light. apexlightapexmission1
Laboratory Locker Icon.png Laboratory Locker Storage 4 A Miniknog locker. apexapexresearchlabstorage
Large Fancy Vase Icon.png Large Fancy Vase Breakable A large decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable. apexapexmansionvaluablepretty
Large Striped Vase Icon.png Large Striped Vase Breakable A large decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable. apexapexmansionvaluablepretty
Life Support Pod Icon.png Life Support Pod Light Source There seems to be an Apex in there, connected to a bunch of wires and tubes. apexapexresearchlabscienceevillight
Light Sliding Door Icon.png Light Sliding Door Door A lightweight sliding door, advertised as being slimmer, faster, and more expensive. apexapexvillagedoor
Medical Bay Sign Icon.png Medical Bay Sign Decorative The sign indicates something medicine-related in the vicinity. apexapexresearchlab
Microscope Icon.png Microscope Decorative Everything looks significantly more terrifying under a microscope. apexapexresearchlabscience
Military Tent Icon.png Military Tent Furniture 44 A military tent. apexexplorer
Minidrone Intel Rack Icon.png Minidrone Intel Rack Decorative A computer displaying information downloaded from the drone on top. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Miniknog Intel Display Icon.png Miniknog Intel Display Decorative A display cycling through information about Miniknog strongholds. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Miniknog Newspaper Icon.png Miniknog Newspaper Decorative A large propaganda newspaper, to be put up where everyone can see. apex
Ministry of Knowledge Sign Icon.png Ministry of Knowledge Sign Decorative An old sign from an Apex laboratory. apex
Modern Painting Icon.png Modern Painting Decorative 16 What does it MEAN? apexapexvillagepretty
Mulled Fruit Drink Icon.png Mulled Fruit Drink Decorative Acceptable whether you're wearing sweatpants and a beanie or pantaloons. apexapexmansion
Obey Sign Icon.png Obey Sign Decorative I'd better do what they say... ha! apexapexvillagepretty
Office Chair Icon.png Office Chair Furniture A standard issue office chair. apexapexresearchlaboffice
Paper Lantern Icon.png Paper Lantern Light Source A paper ceiling lamp. apexapexvillagelight
Pet Painting Icon.png Pet Painting Decorative A quiet painting of an Apex with a pet. apexprettyvaluable
Plasma Disc Icon.png Plasma Disc Light Source An electrically charged plasma field. It reacts to sound. apexapexresearchlabscienceelectroniclight
Reassignment Sign Icon.png Reassignment Sign Decorative Think happy thoughts! apexapexresearchlabevil
Red Danger Sign Icon.png Red Danger Sign Decorative A sign that reads "Danger!". It couldn't really send a clearer message. apexapexresearchlab
Red Flask Icon.png Red Flask Decorative A flask full of red liquid. apexapexresearchlabscience
Research Terminal Icon.png Research Terminal Wire 15 That big red lever should probably be left alone. apexapexresearchlabelectronicwired
S.A.I.L. (Station) Icon.png S.A.I.L. (Station) Decorative Ship-based Artificial Intelligence Lattice, or S.A.I.L for short. apex
Sand Bags Icon.png Sand Bags Decorative A pile of sand bags. apexapexcamp
Security Door Icon.png Security Door Door This door is made of some sort of bulletproof material. apexapexresearchlabdoor
Small Fancy Vase Icon.png Small Fancy Vase Breakable A decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable. apexapexmansionvaluablepretty
Small Pillar Icon.png Small Pillar Decorative For displaying the fanciest of items, or holding up the smallest of buildings. apexapexmansionpretty
Small Striped Vase Icon.png Small Striped Vase Breakable A decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable. apexapexmansionvaluablepretty
Standard Issue Armchair Icon.png Standard Issue Armchair Furniture This upholstery is bananas. apexapexvillage
Standard Issue Bed Icon.png Standard Issue Bed Furniture A cheaply-manufactured bed. apexapexvillage
Standard Issue Cabinet Icon.png Standard Issue Cabinet Storage 8 A pair of standard issue kitchen cabinets. apexapexvillagestorage
Standard Issue Chair Icon.png Standard Issue Chair Furniture A standard issue wooden dining chair. apexapexvillage
Standard Issue Couch Icon.png Standard Issue Couch Furniture Another victim of this tacky polka dot print. apexapexvillage
Standard Issue Counter Icon.png Standard Issue Counter Furniture A standard issue kitchen counter. apexapexvillagecommerce
Standard Issue Curtain Icon.png Standard Issue Curtain Decorative A thin set of short curtains. apexapexvillage
Standard Issue Desk Icon.png Standard Issue Desk Furniture 12 Each of these desks has a coffee mug and lamp fused to its surface. apexapexvillagecommercestorage
Standard Issue Fridge Icon.png Standard Issue Fridge Refrigerated Storage 12 A fridge, good for keeping food cold. apexapexvillagestoragecooking
Standard Issue Lamp Icon.png Standard Issue Lamp Light Source A short wooden lamp with a polka dot lamp shade. apexapexvillagelight
Standard Issue Oven Icon.png Standard Issue Oven Crafting Station 9 Cooks food to a reasonable standard. apexapexvillagecooking
Standard Issue Painting Icon.png Standard Issue Painting Decorative 4 Don't underestimate an Apex's love for bananas. apexapexvillagepretty
Standard Issue Piano Icon.png Standard Issue Piano Decorative There's some sheet music here. apexapexvillagemusical
Standard Issue Radio Icon.png Standard Issue Radio Decorative The radio is switched on but silent. apexapexvillage
Standard Issue Seat Icon.png Standard Issue Seat Furniture A comfy chair, looks like it's meant to be nailed to the floor. apexapexvillage
Standard Issue Shelves Icon.png Standard Issue Shelves Decorative 20 The shelves are empty. apexapexvillagestorage
Standard Issue Table Icon.png Standard Issue Table Furniture A basic mass produced table. apexapexvillagecommerce
Standard Issue Tall Lamp Icon.png Standard Issue Tall Lamp Light Source A tall wooden lamp with a polka dot lamp shade. apexapexvillagelight
Standard Issue Wall Panel Icon.png Standard Issue Wall Panel Decorative It's just a wall panel. apexapexmansion
Standard Issue Wardrobe Icon.png Standard Issue Wardrobe Storage 20 A very basic mass produced wardrobe. apexapexvillagestorage
Store Sign Icon.png Store Sign Decorative A sign advertising a place to buy stuff. apexcommerce
Subtle Ape Painting Icon.png Subtle Ape Painting Decorative A portrait of an Apex with an earring. apexprettyvaluable
Tesla Spike Icon.png Tesla Spike Trap BZZZZZZZZT, ouch. apexapexresearchlabevil
Vertical Modern Painting Icon.png Vertical Modern Painting Decorative What does it MEAN? apexapexvillagepretty
Water Fountain Icon.png Water Fountain Decorative An ornate fountain - much of the water appears to be wasted. apexapexmansionprettyvaluable
Wireless Generator Icon.png Wireless Generator Decorative A wireless energy supply. apexapexresearchlabscience
Wooden Aquarium Icon.png Wooden Aquarium Decorative 12 Look! Fishies! apexapexvillageprettynature
Wooden Store Shelf Icon.png Wooden Store Shelf Storage 30 There are some items on this shelf. apexstoragecommerce