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Mechanical is an object tag associated with mechanical themed objects and furniture such as boilers, pipes and valves. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Boiler Valve Icon.png Boiler Valve Wire A brass valve, rusted from years of use. wiredmechanical
Brass Lamp Post Icon.png Brass Lamp Post Light Source A creaky lamp post, made from brass pipes. mechanicallight
Bunker Vent Icon.png Bunker Vent Decorative 9 Sterile, recycled air whirs through the fanblades at a steady pace. humanhumanbunkermechanical
Cascading Lava Tank Icon.png Cascading Lava Tank Decorative 77 This tank cycles the molten liquid inside to keep it from becoming stagnant. foundrymechanical
Escape Radar Dish Icon.png Escape Radar Dish Decorative A radar dish. Not to be confused with a salad dish. outpostelectronicmechanical
Floor Gear Icon.png Floor Gear Decorative A rusted gear half-buried in the ground. mechanical
Floor Pipe Icon.png Floor Pipe Decorative A pipe that comes out from the floor. mechanical
Floor Pipe (2) Icon.png Floor Pipe (2) Decorative A pipe that comes out from the floor. mechanical
Floor Pipe (3) Icon.png Floor Pipe (3) Decorative A pipe that comes out from the floor. mechanical
Foundry Bellows Icon.png Foundry Bellows Decorative 25 An industrial sized set of bellows from a foundry. foundrymechanical
Gear Icon.png Gear Decorative 1 A gear. Part of a well-oiled machine. Actually, it's a bit rusty. glitchglitchsewermechanical
Large Ladle Icon.png Large Ladle Decorative 27 A container full of bubbling of molten liquid. foundrymechanical
Large Lava Tank Icon.png Large Lava Tank Decorative 66 A sealed tank full of molten liquid. foundrymechanical
Large Mechanical Crane Icon.png Large Mechanical Crane Decorative A crane. Used for lifting, or swinging from. outpostmechanical
Large Metal Tank Icon.png Large Metal Tank Decorative A tank of unknown use. outpostmechanical
Large Radar Dish Icon.png Large Radar Dish Decorative A radar dish. Not to be confused with a salad dish. outpostelectronicmechanical
Large Steam Boiler Icon.png Large Steam Boiler Decorative A huge painted boiler, for turning freezing water into steam. mechanical
Medium Steam Boiler Icon.png Medium Steam Boiler Decorative A long dented boiler, for turning freezing water into steam. mechanical
Mining Chest Icon.png Mining Chest Storage 9 Perfect for storing tools and equipment in! humanlunarbasemechanicalstoragemining
Mining Conveyer Belt Icon.png Mining Conveyer Belt Decorative 10 A machine used to move large amounts of mined material. humanlunarbasemechanicalmining
Mining Drill Icon.png Mining Drill Decorative 203 A large, industrial mining drill. humanlunarbasemechanical
Mining Drill Console Icon.png Mining Drill Console Decorative 27 A drill-mounted console. humanlunarbasewiredmechanical
Mining Impact Crusher Icon.png Mining Impact Crusher Decorative 30 A machine used for breaking down rocks. humanlunarbasemechanicalmining
Old Radiator Icon.png Old Radiator Decorative The space heater emits a low, unpleasant hum. humanhumanprisonmechanical
Power Generator Icon.png Power Generator Decorative A handy power generator. outpostmechanical
Propeller Icon.png Propeller Trap 26 A beautifully crafted propeller. avianavianairshipmechanical
Rusty Holding Tank Icon.png Rusty Holding Tank Decorative A rusty holding tank. scorchedmechanical
Sewer Gauge Icon.png Sewer Gauge Decorative 9 A sewer gauge. Nobody knows what the gauge illustrates. glitchglitchsewermechanical
Sewer Tank Icon.png Sewer Tank Decorative 26 A tank filled with an unknown substance. Probably very lethal. glitchglitchsewermechanical
Sewer Valve Icon.png Sewer Valve Wire 9 A sewer valve. It's had a funny turn. glitchglitchsewermechanicalwired
Small Ladle Icon.png Small Ladle Decorative 20 A tall container full of bubbling of molten liquid. foundrymechanical
Small Lava Tank Icon.png Small Lava Tank Decorative 41 A small tank full of molten liquid. foundrymechanical
Small Steam Boiler Icon.png Small Steam Boiler Decorative A small rusty boiler, for turning freezing water into steam. mechanical
Small Turbine Icon.png Small Turbine Decorative It's a turbine. Y'know, for science. humanhumanprisonmechanical
Small Wrecked Panel Icon.png Small Wrecked Panel Decorative 1 An old input panel, probably used to be used for security. wreckmechanical
Space Heater Icon.png Space Heater Decorative 12 A space heater! humanhumanbunkermechanical
Station Ceiling Vent Icon.png Station Ceiling Vent Decorative 6 A vent typically used for keeping the air clean aboard space stations. stationmechanical
Station Pylon Icon.png Station Pylon Decorative 41 A large rotating generator, or radar, or perhaps an engine... stationmechanical
Station Vending Machine Icon.png Station Vending Machine Other 20 A vending machine, there are some quality snacks in here. stationmechanicalcommerce
Steam Clock Face Icon.png Steam Clock Face Decorative A nice steam powered large clock face. prettymechanical
Steamspring Lamp Icon.png Steamspring Lamp Light Source 6 A strange lamp made from wood and brass. steamspringlightmechanical
Vending Machine Icon.png Vending Machine Decorative 12 Ooh, what should I get? humanhumanbunkercommercemechanical
Wrecked Boiler Icon.png Wrecked Boiler Decorative An old boiler. A dripping echoes from inside. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Computer Icon.png Wrecked Computer Decorative Scratching sounds from the inside... I think something has made a nest in there. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Console Icon.png Wrecked Console Decorative No chance of this thing starting up. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Fan Icon.png Wrecked Fan Decorative 9 The stale air produces little more than a creak from this old fan. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Generator Icon.png Wrecked Generator Decorative Once upon a time, a couple of these things could power a whole ship. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Panel Icon.png Wrecked Panel Decorative An old input panel. One of the keys has fallen off. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Terminal Icon.png Wrecked Terminal Decorative It looks like an old remote terminal. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Turbine Icon.png Wrecked Turbine Decorative A wrecked turbine, completely non-operational. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Turbines Icon.png Wrecked Turbines Decorative A couple of wrecked turbines caked in dust. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Vat Icon.png Wrecked Vat Decorative A smashed vat, the inside is covered in dried slime... Did something break out? wreckmechanical
Wrecked Vending Machine Icon.png Wrecked Vending Machine Other This vending machine is empty, I guess the crew had a taste for soda. wreckmechanicalcommerce