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Knowledge is an object tag associated with library themed objects and furniture such as bookcases, maps and globes. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Card Index Icon.png Card Index Storage 15 A traditional index filled with cards. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Classic Bookcase Icon.png Classic Bookcase Decorative 20 A bookcase built to be filled with classic literature. apexapexmansionknowledgevaluablestorage
Cool Bookcase Icon.png Cool Bookcase Storage 20 It should be stocked full of science journals and lab reports. apexapexresearchlabknowledgestorage
Damaged Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Bookcase Decorative 1 A ornate bookcase with missing books hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Damaged Grand Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Grand Bookcase Decorative 1 A large bookcase that has been damaged. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Damaged Huge Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Huge Bookcase Decorative 1 A gigantic bookcase that is damaged. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Damaged Large Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Large Bookcase Decorative 1 A big antique bookcase that has been damaged. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Damaged Small Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Small Bookcase Decorative 1 A small bookcase that has been damaged. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Deprived Bookcase Icon.png Deprived Bookcase Decorative 70 A fairly big bookcase, only partially filled with books. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Grand Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Grand Ornate Bookcase Decorative 168 A large antique bookcase. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Huge Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Huge Ornate Bookcase Decorative 217 A gigantic bookcase filled with books. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Large Carved Bookcase Icon.png Large Carved Bookcase Storage 20 Hand-made and beautiful, this bookcase is intricately carved. avianavianvillageknowledgestorage
Large Obsidian Bookcase Icon.png Large Obsidian Bookcase Decorative 20 A ornate obsidian bookcase. avianaviantombknowledgestorage
Large Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Large Ornate Bookcase Decorative 119 A big antique bookcase. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Library Sign Icon.png Library Sign Decorative 6 A library sign. This way to the library! glitchglitchvillagecommerceknowledge
Medieval Bookcase Icon.png Medieval Bookcase Storage 15 A bookcase for storing folk tales and legends... glitchglitchvillageknowledgestorage
Medieval Bookcase Switch Icon.png Medieval Bookcase Switch Wire 15 One of these books looks out of place... I wonder... glitchglitchvillageknowledgestoragewired
Medieval Globe Icon.png Medieval Globe Decorative 4 A model of an unknown planet. glitchglitchcastleknowledgeexplorer
Medieval Map Icon.png Medieval Map Decorative 20 A map of an unknown world. glitchglitchcastleexplorerknowledge
Metal Bookcase Icon.png Metal Bookcase Decorative 20 There's a book in here titled, 'How to Travel Backwards in Time for Dummies'. humanhumanbunkerknowledgestorage
Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Ornate Bookcase Decorative 70 A fairly big bookcase full of books. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Primitive Bookcase Icon.png Primitive Bookcase Decorative 20 A bookcase made from the remains of Floran prey. floranfloranvillageknowledgestorage
Reed Shelf Icon.png Reed Shelf Storage 20 A reed shelf. oasisknowledgestoragenature
Royal Bookcase Icon.png Royal Bookcase Decorative 15 A monarchs bookcase... let's find out what royalty reads. glitchglitchcastlevaluablestorageknowledge
Small Avian Bookcase Icon.png Small Avian Bookcase Storage 19 This book case was built to store Avian history. avianavianvillageknowledgestorage
Small Deprived Bookcase Icon.png Small Deprived Bookcase Decorative 21 An ornately carved bookcase. It's only partially filled. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Small Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Small Ornate Bookcase Decorative 21 An ornately carved bookcase. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Steampunk Globe Icon.png Steampunk Globe Decorative 9 An old wooden carved globe. steampunkknowledge
Traditional Bookcase Icon.png Traditional Bookcase Storage 20 A master work of craftsmanship. Beautiful. hylotlhylotlvillageknowledgestorage
Treasure Map Icon.png Treasure Map Decorative 35 X marks the spot. avianavianairshipexplorerknowledge
Wall Bookshelf Icon.png Wall Bookshelf Storage 8 A sturdy suspended bookshelf. knowledgestorage
Wooden Bookcase Icon.png Wooden Bookcase Storage 20 A tall wooden bookcase full of books. knowledgestorage