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Glitch is an object tag associated with Glitch themed objects and furniture. These objects are used for spawning Glitch guards, merchants, chefs and villagers.


Name Type Race Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Merchant Glitch Tenant.png
Merchant Merchant Glitch Glitch (8), Storage (8), Commerce (8) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes
Chef Glitch Tenant.png
Chef Merchant Glitch Glitch (6), Cooking (8) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes
Villager Glitch Tenant.png
Villager Villager Glitch Glitch (6) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Tier 1 Glitch Tenant.png
Tier 1 Guard Guard Glitch Glitch (8), Combat (8) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Tier 2 Glitch Tenant.png
Tier 2 Guard Guard Glitch Glitch (8), Combat (8), Tungsten (12) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Tier 3 Glitch Tenant.png
Tier 3 Guard Guard Glitch Glitch (8), Combat (8), Titanium (12) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Tier 4 Glitch Tenant.png
Tier 4 Guard Guard Glitch Glitch (8), Combat (8), Durasteel (12) Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Alarm Bell Icon.png Alarm Bell Wire An alarm bell. One would hope this never needs to be rung. glitchwired
Armed Display Armour Icon.png Armed Display Armour Decorative 17 Shiny armour stands armed and resolute. glitchglitchcastlecombatpretty
Armour Shop Sign Icon.png Armour Shop Sign Decorative 6 Armour! Get yer armour here! glitchglitchvillagecommercecombat
Axe Display Icon.png Axe Display Decorative 14 These display axes look very sharp. glitchglitchcastlecombatpretty
Ball and Chain Icon.png Ball and Chain Decorative 2 I wonder how heavy it is. glitchglitchcastleevil
Basic Anvil Icon.png Basic Anvil Crafting Station A simple anvil, used for banging metal into shape. glitchglitchvillagecrafting
Battle Standard Icon.png Battle Standard Decorative A chequered flag bearing an emblem. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Black Stone Bishop Icon.png Black Stone Bishop Decorative A black bishop from an oversized chess set. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Black Stone King Icon.png Black Stone King Decorative A black king from an oversized chess set. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Black Stone Knight Icon.png Black Stone Knight Decorative A black knight from an oversized chess set. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Black Stone Pawn Icon.png Black Stone Pawn Decorative A black pawn from an oversized chess set. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Black Stone Queen Icon.png Black Stone Queen Decorative A black queen from an oversized chess set. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Black Stone Rook Icon.png Black Stone Rook Decorative A black rook from an oversized chess set. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Burlap Sack Icon.png Burlap Sack Decorative An ordinary burlap sack. glitchglitchvillage
Candle Icon.png Candle Light Source A small wax candle in a holder. glitchglitchvillagelight
Cash Register Icon.png Cash Register Storage A mechanical cash register. Ka-ching! glitchglitchvillagecommerce
Crossroads Sign Icon.png Crossroads Sign Decorative Unhelpful road signs. glitchglitchvillage
Dark Battle Standard Icon.png Dark Battle Standard Decorative 10 A dark chequered flag bearing an emblem. glitchprettyevil
Display Armour Icon.png Display Armour Decorative 10 Shiny armour stands resolute. glitchglitchcastlecombatpretty
Farm Tools Icon.png Farm Tools Decorative A spade, a rake and a broom for all sorts of back-breaking farm work. glitchglitchvillage
Fireplace Tools Icon.png Fireplace Tools Decorative Tools used for poking at burning coals or kindling. glitchglitchcastle
Forge Sign Icon.png Forge Sign Decorative A clear indicator of a forge. glitchglitchvillagecommercecrafting
Gear Icon.png Gear Decorative 1 A gear. Part of a well-oiled machine. Actually, it's a bit rusty. glitchglitchsewermechanical
Gem Switch Icon.png Gem Switch Wire A suspicious crystal with more to it than meets the eye. glitchglitchcastlewiredpretty
Glitch Captain's Chair Icon.png Glitch Captain's Chair Furniture The Captain sits here to fly the ship. glitch
Glitch Flag Icon.png Glitch Flag Teleport Marker The flag of the Glitch. Use ^green;[E]^white; to bookmark a teleportation location. glitch
Glitch Shield Display Icon.png Glitch Shield Display Decorative 6 Just a ceremonial shield. It wouldn't do much good in a fight. glitchglitchcastlecombatpretty
Glitch Ship Door Icon.png Glitch Ship Door Door A door suitable for a spaceship. glitchdoor
Glitch Ship Hatch Icon.png Glitch Ship Hatch Door A hatch suitable for a spaceship. glitchdoor
Glitch Ship Locker Icon.png Glitch Ship Locker Storage A locker. Store some stuff, why don't you? glitchstorage
Glitch Statuette Icon.png Glitch Statuette Decorative It's a figurine of a Glitch noble. glitchpretty
Glitch Storage Locker Icon.png Glitch Storage Locker Storage 12 A nice, spacious, wall-mounted storage solution. glitchstorage
Glitchian Man Icon.png Glitchian Man Decorative A rather detailed sketch of Glitch anatomy. glitchprettyvaluable
Glitchspeare Portrait Icon.png Glitchspeare Portrait Decorative A portrait of William Glitchspeare. glitchprettyvaluable
Grey Hidden Switch Icon.png Grey Hidden Switch Wire This floor tile looks different from the rest. glitchglitchcastlewired
Guillotine Icon.png Guillotine Furniture A brutal yet effective execution device. glitchglitchcastleevil
Handled Wicker Basket Icon.png Handled Wicker Basket Breakable 4 A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside! glitchglitchvillagestorage
Hidden Brick Door Icon.png Hidden Brick Door Door Something isn't quite right with these bricks. glitchglitchcastledoor
Hidden Brick Trapdoor Icon.png Hidden Brick Trapdoor Door Something isn't quite right with these bricks. glitchglitchcastledoor
Hourglass Icon.png Hourglass Decorative A digital hourglass. It's stuck in a constant state. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Inn Sign Icon.png Inn Sign Decorative A sign advertising a place to rest your head. glitchglitchvillagecommerce
Juice Keg Icon.png Juice Keg Decorative A keg full of juice. Mmm, juice! glitchglitchvillage
Kitchen Tools Icon.png Kitchen Tools Decorative 8 Tools for creating pure, unadulterated deliciousness. glitchglitchvillagecooking
Large Bell Icon.png Large Bell Decorative This bell must make quite a sound. glitchglitchcastlemusicalpretty
Large Dark Glitch Banner Icon.png Large Dark Glitch Banner Decorative A darkly coloured woven banner. glitchprettyevil
Large Glitch Banner Icon.png Large Glitch Banner Decorative A beautifully woven banner. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Large Medieval Door Icon.png Large Medieval Door Door A huge, intimidating door. glitchglitchcastledoor
Large Wicker Basket Icon.png Large Wicker Basket Breakable 4 A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside! glitchglitchvillagestorage
Library Sign Icon.png Library Sign Decorative 6 A library sign. This way to the library! glitchglitchvillagecommerceknowledge
Medieval Bed Icon.png Medieval Bed Furniture A firm bed with silky sheets. glitchglitchvillage
Medieval Bookcase Icon.png Medieval Bookcase Storage 15 A bookcase for storing folk tales and legends... glitchglitchvillageknowledgestorage
Medieval Bookcase Switch Icon.png Medieval Bookcase Switch Wire 15 One of these books looks out of place... I wonder... glitchglitchvillageknowledgestoragewired
Medieval Bowl Icon.png Medieval Bowl Decorative A bowl. It doesn't look very clean. glitchglitchvillage
Medieval Bucket Icon.png Medieval Bucket Decorative There's a hole in this bucket. glitchglitchvillage
Medieval Cabinet Icon.png Medieval Cabinet Storage 15 A charming and well-made wooden cabinet. glitchglitchvillagestorage
Medieval Cell Door Icon.png Medieval Cell Door Door A dungeon cell door, built to hold even the strongest prisoner. glitchglitchcastledoor
Medieval Chair Icon.png Medieval Chair Furniture A hard chair, it would get uncomfortable pretty quickly. glitchglitchvillage
Medieval Chandelier Icon.png Medieval Chandelier Light Source An iron chandelier. A good way to light a large room. glitchglitchcastlelight
Medieval Chest Icon.png Medieval Chest Storage 4 An old wooden chest, still going strong. glitchglitchvillagestorage
Medieval Codex Icon.png Medieval Codex Decorative This book is full of strange illustrations. glitchglitchcastle
Medieval Cooking Pot Icon.png Medieval Cooking Pot Crafting Station 9 This cooking pot expels the odour of a hundred hearty meals. glitchglitchvillagecookinglight
Medieval Counter Icon.png Medieval Counter Furniture Ye olde counter. glitchglitchvillagecommerce
Medieval Cup Icon.png Medieval Cup Decorative 1 A dirty-looking wooden cup. glitchglitchvillagecooking
Medieval Desk Icon.png Medieval Desk Furniture 13 A nicely made wooden desk. glitchglitchvillagecommercestorage
Medieval Door Icon.png Medieval Door Door A strong and secure door. glitchglitchcastledoor
Medieval Dresser Icon.png Medieval Dresser Storage 10 This dresser has a musty smell. It doesn't look very clean. glitchglitchvillagestorage
Medieval Fireplace Icon.png Medieval Fireplace Light Source A stone fireplace. A good way to warm a cold castle. glitchglitchcastlelight
Medieval Flagpole Icon.png Medieval Flagpole Decorative A flagpole fit for topping any building. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Medieval Furnace Icon.png Medieval Furnace Crafting Station A old fashioned furnace for tempering tools. glitchglitchvillagecraftinglight
Medieval Globe Icon.png Medieval Globe Decorative 4 A model of an unknown planet. glitchglitchcastleknowledgeexplorer
Medieval Hay Bed Icon.png Medieval Hay Bed Furniture An extremely basic bed of hay. glitchglitchvillage
Medieval Lamp Icon.png Medieval Lamp Light Source An oil lamp. It gives off some warmth. glitchglitchvillagelight
Medieval Map Icon.png Medieval Map Decorative 20 A map of an unknown world. glitchglitchcastleexplorerknowledge
Medieval Pedestal Icon.png Medieval Pedestal Decorative A pedestal for putting your treasures on display. glitchglitchcastleprettycommerce
Medieval Plate Icon.png Medieval Plate Decorative A plate. It's gathering dust here. glitchglitchvillage
Medieval Shelf Icon.png Medieval Shelf Decorative 22 An old wooden shelf. glitchglitchvillagestorage
Medieval Stocks Icon.png Medieval Stocks Decorative 12 A pair of stocks. A medieval method of punishment. glitchglitchvillageevil
Medieval Street Lamp Icon.png Medieval Street Lamp Light Source It's an old street lamp. It gives off a little warmth. glitchglitchvillagelight
Medieval Table Icon.png Medieval Table Furniture Ye olde dining room table. glitchglitchvillagecommerce
Medieval Toilet Icon.png Medieval Toilet Furniture A very basic toilet. glitchglitchvillage
Medieval Torch Icon.png Medieval Torch Light Source A solid iron torch with a gentle flickering flame. glitchglitchcastlelight
Medieval Wall Clock Icon.png Medieval Wall Clock Decorative A small clock with a pendulum. It ticks and tocks but the hands never move. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Medieval Wall Shelf Icon.png Medieval Wall Shelf Decorative 8 A wooden wall shelf for displaying trinkets. glitchglitchvillagestorage
Medieval Weapon Rack Icon.png Medieval Weapon Rack Decorative 20 A rack full of fairly dull iron swords. glitchglitchcastlecombat
Mounted Horn Banner Icon.png Mounted Horn Banner Decorative A ceremonial horn that holds a woven banner. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Ornate Royal Bed Icon.png Ornate Royal Bed Furniture A beautiful bed made of shiny gold. glitchglitchcastlevaluable
Outhouse Icon.png Outhouse Furniture An outhouse! Enjoy! glitchglitchvillage
Pressure Plate (2) Icon.png Pressure Plate (2) Wire A pressure plate, to be used wisely. glitchglitchcastlewired
Produce Shop Sign Icon.png Produce Shop Sign Decorative 6 A shop that sells freshly farmed produce. glitchglitchvillagecommercecooking
Royal Bookcase Icon.png Royal Bookcase Decorative 15 A monarchs bookcase... let's find out what royalty reads. glitchglitchcastlevaluablestorageknowledge
Royal Cabinet Icon.png Royal Cabinet Storage 15 Valuable things should be stored here. glitchglitchcastlevaluablestorage
Royal Candles Icon.png Royal Candles Light Source A royal glow. glitchglitchcastlevaluablelight
Royal Chalice Icon.png Royal Chalice Decorative A royal chalice, for filling a royal mouth with royal beverages. glitchglitchcastlevaluable
Royal Chest Icon.png Royal Chest Storage 4 This chest itself is a treasure, let alone the contents. glitchglitchcastlevaluablestorage
Royal Decree Icon.png Royal Decree Decorative This royal decree makes note of a keep, where treasures lay under watchful guard. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Royal Desk Icon.png Royal Desk Furniture 13 A fancy royal desk. glitchglitchcastlevaluablecommercestorage
Royal Dining Table Icon.png Royal Dining Table Furniture A fancy feasting table. glitchglitchcastlevaluable
Royal Throne Icon.png Royal Throne Furniture A throne fit for royal buttocks. glitchglitchcastlevaluable
Royal Toilet Icon.png Royal Toilet Furniture ... Another throne. glitchglitchcastlevaluable
Scribe's Desk Icon.png Scribe's Desk Furniture 28 A wooden desk used by scribes. glitchglitchvillagecommercestorage
Sewage Barrel Icon.png Sewage Barrel Decorative 6 A barrel of sewage. Almost certainly toxic. glitchglitchsewerstorage
Sewer Flood Door Icon.png Sewer Flood Door Door 5 A cheaply made flood door. glitchglitchsewerdoor
Sewer Gauge Icon.png Sewer Gauge Decorative 9 A sewer gauge. Nobody knows what the gauge illustrates. glitchglitchsewermechanical
Sewer Tank Icon.png Sewer Tank Decorative 26 A tank filled with an unknown substance. Probably very lethal. glitchglitchsewermechanical
Sewer Valve Icon.png Sewer Valve Wire 9 A sewer valve. It's had a funny turn. glitchglitchsewermechanicalwired
Sewer Wall Grate Icon.png Sewer Wall Grate Decorative 28 A wall grate. Great. glitchglitchsewer
Simple Wooden Stool Icon.png Simple Wooden Stool Furniture 2 A simple wooden stool. glitchglitchvillage
Small Dark Glitch Banner Icon.png Small Dark Glitch Banner Decorative 6 A small darkly coloured woven banner. glitchglitchcastleprettyevil
Small Glitch Banner Icon.png Small Glitch Banner Decorative A beautifully woven banner. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Small Wicker Basket Icon.png Small Wicker Basket Breakable 1 A tiny basket made of wicker. glitchglitchvillagestorage
Suspicious Display Armour Icon.png Suspicious Display Armour Wire 17 Shiny armour stands resolute. Hmm... The shield looks loose. glitchglitchcastlecombatprettywired
Switch Lever Icon.png Switch Lever Wire A mysterious lever. I wonder what this does? glitchglitchcastlewired
Sword Display Icon.png Sword Display Decorative 9 These display swords could be dangerous in the wrong hands. glitchglitchcastlecombatpretty
Tall Wicker Basket Icon.png Tall Wicker Basket Breakable 2 A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside! glitchglitchvillagestorage
Target Icon.png Target Decorative 9 Bullseye! glitchglitchvillagecombat
Target Dummy Icon.png Target Dummy Decorative 10 Poor dummy, I'll name him Freddie! glitchglitchvillagecombat
Themed Chess Table Icon.png Themed Chess Table Decorative This chess board has custom pieces. glitchglitchvillage
Toxic Waste Barrel Icon.png Toxic Waste Barrel Breakable 6 A toxic waste barrel. Don't spill any! glitchglitchsewerstorage
Trash Bag Icon.png Trash Bag Storage 4 A trash bag. What a load of rubbish. glitchglitchsewerstorage
Trash Can (Glitch) Icon.png Trash Can (Glitch) Storage 4 A trash can. What a load of rubbish. glitchglitchsewerstorage
Trough Icon.png Trough Decorative It's a trough for feeding livestock. glitchglitchvillage
Village Door Icon.png Village Door Door A cheaply made wooden door. glitchglitchvillagedoor
Wall Pipe Icon.png Wall Pipe Decorative 16 A sewer pipe. glitchglitchsewer
Wall Shackles Icon.png Wall Shackles Decorative These iron shackles may make escaping from prison inconvenient. glitchglitchcastleevil
Wall Shackles (switch) Icon.png Wall Shackles (switch) Wire One of these shackles looks suspicious... glitchglitchcastlewiredevil
Weapon Shop Sign Icon.png Weapon Shop Sign Decorative 6 A sword on a sign. It usually appears outside a weapons shop. glitchglitchvillagecommercecombat
Well Cover Icon.png Well Cover Decorative I sure could use some water... glitchglitchvillage
White Stone Bishop Icon.png White Stone Bishop Decorative A white bishop from an oversized chess set. glitchglitchcastlepretty
White Stone King Icon.png White Stone King Decorative A white king from an oversized chess set. glitchglitchcastlepretty
White Stone Knight Icon.png White Stone Knight Decorative A white knight from an oversized chess set. glitchglitchcastlepretty
White Stone Pawn Icon.png White Stone Pawn Decorative A white pawn from an oversized chess set. glitchglitchcastlepretty
White Stone Queen Icon.png White Stone Queen Decorative A white queen from an oversized chess set. glitchglitchcastlepretty
White Stone Rook Icon.png White Stone Rook Decorative A white rook from an oversized chess set. glitchglitchcastlepretty
Wide Wicker Basket Icon.png Wide Wicker Basket Breakable 2 A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside! glitchglitchvillagestorage
Wooden Scaffolding Icon.png Wooden Scaffolding Decorative Some shoddy wooden scaffolding. glitchglitchcastle
Wooden Spikes Icon.png Wooden Spikes Trap Wooden spikes. Just waiting to be decorated with the heads of your enemies! glitchglitchcastleevil
Wooden Warning Sign Icon.png Wooden Warning Sign Decorative 4 An ominous warning sign. glitchglitchsewer
Workshop Tools Icon.png Workshop Tools Decorative Common, workshop tools used for quick repairs. glitchglitchvillagecrafting