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Hylotlvillage is an object tag associated with Hylotl Village themed objects and furniture. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Ancient Library Codex Icon.png Ancient Library Codex Decorative An ancient tome that catalogues of all the Hylotl books in the galaxy. hylotlhylotlvillage
Big Lily Pad Icon.png Big Lily Pad Decorative A large lily pad wall hanging. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Card Index Icon.png Card Index Storage 15 A traditional index filled with cards. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Classic Desk (Hylotl) Icon.png Classic Desk (Hylotl) Storage 12 A classic style desk. hylotlhylotlvillagestoragecommerce
Comfy Traditional Bed Icon.png Comfy Traditional Bed Furniture Legend has it that if you spend the night in this bed, you'll lose consciousness. hylotlhylotlvillage
Damaged Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Bookcase Decorative 1 A ornate bookcase with missing books hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Damaged Grand Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Grand Bookcase Decorative 1 A large bookcase that has been damaged. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Damaged Huge Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Huge Bookcase Decorative 1 A gigantic bookcase that is damaged. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Damaged Large Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Large Bookcase Decorative 1 A big antique bookcase that has been damaged. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Damaged Small Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Small Bookcase Decorative 1 A small bookcase that has been damaged. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Decorated Music Box Icon.png Decorated Music Box Decorative An intricate handmade music box. The melody it plays is soothing. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Deprived Bookcase Icon.png Deprived Bookcase Decorative 70 A fairly big bookcase, only partially filled with books. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Floor Ornament Icon.png Floor Ornament Decorative It's some sort of floor ornament. Frog spawn swirls inside. hylotlhylotlvillageodd
Grand Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Grand Ornate Bookcase Decorative 168 A large antique bookcase. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Huge Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Huge Ornate Bookcase Decorative 217 A gigantic bookcase filled with books. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Hylotl "Croak" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Croak" Calligraphy Decorative Framed calligraphy for 'croak'. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Hylotl "Leap" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Leap" Calligraphy Decorative Framed calligraphy for 'leap'. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Hylotl "Lily" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Lily" Calligraphy Decorative Framed calligraphy for 'lily pad'. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Hylotl "Pond" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Pond" Calligraphy Decorative Framed calligraphy for 'pond'. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Hylotl "Ribbit" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Ribbit" Calligraphy Decorative Framed calligraphy for 'ribbit'. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Hylotl Library Model Icon.png Hylotl Library Model Decorative An intricate handmade paper model of a Hylotl library. There's little paper bookcases inside! hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Large Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Large Ornate Bookcase Decorative 119 A big antique bookcase. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Lily Pad Clock Icon.png Lily Pad Clock Decorative A clock in the shape of a lily pad. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Little Lily Pad Icon.png Little Lily Pad Decorative A small lily pad decoration. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Ornate Bookcase Decorative A fairly big bookcase full of books. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Ornate Lantern Icon.png Ornate Lantern Light Source This ornate lamp flickers softly. hylotlhylotlvillagelight
Pagoda Aquarium Icon.png Pagoda Aquarium Decorative A grand looking aquarium, with a small scale Hylotl pagoda model on top. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Quill and Ink Icon.png Quill and Ink Decorative A quill and ink. hylotlhylotlvillage
Small Deprived Bookcase Icon.png Small Deprived Bookcase Decorative An ornately carved bookcase. It's only partially filled. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Small Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Small Ornate Bookcase Decorative An ornately carved bookcase. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Small Traditional Table Icon.png Small Traditional Table Furniture A delicately designed wooden table. hylotlhylotlvillagecommerce
Study Lamp Icon.png Study Lamp Light Source A study lamp for a library or desk. Very fancy. hylotlhylotlvillagelight
Tiny Lily Pads Icon.png Tiny Lily Pads Decorative A small set of lily pad wall hangings. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Traditional Bookcase Icon.png Traditional Bookcase Storage A master work of craftsmanship. Beautiful. hylotlhylotlvillageknowledgestorage
Traditional Bowl Icon.png Traditional Bowl Decorative A simple striped bowl. hylotlhylotlvillage
Traditional Bridge Painting Icon.png Traditional Bridge Painting Decorative It's a painting of a bridge over still water. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Traditional Fancy Chair Icon.png Traditional Fancy Chair Furniture A high-class wooden chair, is it intended for important figures. hylotlhylotlvillage
Traditional Gong Icon.png Traditional Gong Decorative Hey, this gong has a big chip in it... oh. Oh, I see. It's a lily pad. hylotlhylotlvillageprettymusical
Traditional Low Table Icon.png Traditional Low Table Furniture A table set at kneeling height. hylotlhylotlvillagecommerce
Traditional Mount Painting Icon.png Traditional Mount Painting Decorative It's a copy of an old, famous painting. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Traditional Paper Lantern Icon.png Traditional Paper Lantern Light Source A paper ceiling lamp. hylotlhylotlvillagelight
Traditional Radio Icon.png Traditional Radio Decorative An old radio, it still plays music. hylotlhylotlvillagemusical
Traditional Shoji Door Icon.png Traditional Shoji Door Door A shoji screen door. hylotlhylotlvillagedoor
Traditional Shoji Screen Icon.png Traditional Shoji Screen Decorative A screen for modest individuals to hide behind while getting changed. hylotlhylotlvillage
Traditional Square Cabinet Icon.png Traditional Square Cabinet Storage A wooden cabinet. Its doors are full of etched decoration. hylotlhylotlvillagestorage
Traditional Table Icon.png Traditional Table Furniture A traditional style table. hylotlhylotlvillagecommerce
Traditional Wardrobe Icon.png Traditional Wardrobe Storage The lily pad rotates to lock its doors. hylotlhylotlvillagestorage
Traditional Water Feature Icon.png Traditional Water Feature Decorative This water feature is perfect for the home, garden, or interstellar dojo. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Traditional Wave Painting Icon.png Traditional Wave Painting Decorative It's a painting of a great big wave. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Traditional Wooden Post Icon.png Traditional Wooden Post Light Source A decorative wooden post with a lantern in it. hylotlhylotlvillagelight
Vintage Library Poster Icon.png Vintage Library Poster Decorative An old poster of some ancient Hylotl library. hylotlhylotloceancityhylotlvillagepretty