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Floranprison is an object tag associated with objects and furniture which were unique to Floran Prison dungeons. These dungeons have since been removed, but most of the objects have been dispersed among Floran Canyon and Floran Hunting Grounds dungeons. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Broken Wooden Cage Icon.png Broken Wooden Cage Decorative A broken cage. What could have escaped? floranfloranprison
Covered Plant Bedroll Icon.png Covered Plant Bedroll Furniture A Floran prisoner bedroll covered with a blanket. floranfloranprison
Drysap Dispenser Icon.png Drysap Dispenser Light Source A Drysap Dispenser. The one thing standing between the Floran and a dusty demise. floranfloranprison
Empty Shelf Icon.png Empty Shelf Decorative 20 An empty shelving rack. floranfloranprisonstorage
Glowing Orb Icon.png Glowing Orb Storage A glowing orb. It looks like there's room to store things inside. floranfloranprisonevil
Interrogation Rack Icon.png Interrogation Rack Decorative 13 A prison torture rack. It's not a stretch to say this would hurt. floranfloranprisonevil
Large Cabinet Icon.png Large Cabinet Storage 8 A desk with large cabinet drawers. floranfloranprisonstorage
Large Overgrown Geyser Icon.png Large Overgrown Geyser Decorative A large geyser, covered in plant growth. floranfloranprison
Large Volcanic Geyser Icon.png Large Volcanic Geyser Light Source A small volcanic geyser. It's lighting the area faintly. floranfloranprisonevil
Large Wooden Cage Icon.png Large Wooden Cage Decorative A large cage for designed to hold Floran prisoners. floranfloranprison
Large Wooden Scaffolding Icon.png Large Wooden Scaffolding Decorative Large logs assembled as a construction platform. floranfloranprison
Large Wooden Staging Icon.png Large Wooden Staging Decorative Large logs arranged as a construction staging platform. floranfloranprison
Organic Biolight Icon.png Organic Biolight Light Source This organic light flickers softly. floranfloranprisonlight
Organic Desk Lamp Icon.png Organic Desk Lamp Light Source A desk lamp made from a glowing plant pod. floranfloranprisonlight
Overgrown Chair Icon.png Overgrown Chair Furniture A wooden chair overgrown with vines. floranfloranprison
Overgrown Table Icon.png Overgrown Table Furniture A wooden table which is overgrown with vines. floranfloranprison
Plant Bedroll Icon.png Plant Bedroll Furniture A Floran prison bedroll. It spreads out on the ground. floranfloranprison
Plant Torch Icon.png Plant Torch Light Source This torch is wrapped in a plant covering. floranfloranprisonlight
Plant Wall Bunk Icon.png Plant Wall Bunk Furniture A wall mountable Floran prison bunk. floranfloranprison
Retractable Wooden Gate Icon.png Retractable Wooden Gate Door A retractable gate, made from a light wood. floranfloranprisondoor
Short Volcanic Geyser Icon.png Short Volcanic Geyser Light Source A short volcanic geyser. It casts a faint glow. floranfloranprisonevil
Sitting Log Icon.png Sitting Log Decorative A log, smoothed for sitting on. floranfloranprison
Small Cabinet Icon.png Small Cabinet Storage 4 A small cabinet with a table top. floranfloranprisonstorage
Small Overgrown Chest Icon.png Small Overgrown Chest Storage 4 A chest made from plant material. It appears to be still growing. floranfloranprisonstorage
Small Overgrown Geyser Icon.png Small Overgrown Geyser Decorative A small geyser wrapped in growing vines. floranfloranprison
Small Urn Icon.png Small Urn Breakable A fragile small urn made from clay. floranfloranprisonpretty
Small Volcanic Geyser Icon.png Small Volcanic Geyser Light Source A small volcanic geyser. It looks hot. floranfloranprisonevil
Small Wooden Cage Icon.png Small Wooden Cage Decorative A study small Floran prison cage made from wood. floranfloranprison
Small Wooden Console Icon.png Small Wooden Console Wire Lots of tempting buttons that should probably be left alone. floranfloranprisonwired
Suspended Wooden Cage Icon.png Suspended Wooden Cage Decorative A hanging cage designed to hold Floran prisoners. floranfloranprison
Tall Volcanic Geyser Icon.png Tall Volcanic Geyser Light Source A tall volcanic geyser. It's seeping lava. floranfloranprisonevil
Thin Urn Icon.png Thin Urn Breakable A fragile thin urn made from clay. floranfloranprisonpretty
Torture Device Icon.png Torture Device Decorative An arcane torture device. Best not to ask how it's used. floranfloranprisonevil
Vine Door Icon.png Vine Door Door A door made from interlocking vines. floranfloranprisondoor
Wheeled Bed Icon.png Wheeled Bed Furniture A basic bedroll on a wheeled wooden frame. floranfloranprison
Wide Urn Icon.png Wide Urn Breakable A fragile wide urn made from clay. floranfloranprisonpretty
Wide Volcanic Geyser Icon.png Wide Volcanic Geyser Light Source A wide volcanic geyser. It's venting hot gasses. floranfloranprisonevil