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Novakidvillage is an object tag associated with Novakid Village objects and furniture. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Frontier Bed Icon.png Frontier Bed Furniture 12 A sturdy wooden bed with mooshi hide sheets. novakidnovakidvillagemisc
Frontier Chair Icon.png Frontier Chair Furniture 11 A wooden chair with mooshi hide cushioning. novakidnovakidvillage
Frontier Coffin Icon.png Frontier Coffin Decorative 13 A rough wooden coffin. Luckily, no-one's inside! novakidnovakidvillage
Frontier Furnace Icon.png Frontier Furnace Crafting Station 20 An old copper and brass furnace. novakidnovakidvillagecraftinglight
Frontier Gramophone Icon.png Frontier Gramophone Decorative 8 A charming record player, playing an old tune. novakidnovakidvillagemusical
Frontier Grandfather Clock Icon.png Frontier Grandfather Clock Decorative 15 An old-fashioned standing clock, with a polished brass pendulum. novakidnovakidvillagepretty
Frontier Hat Rack Icon.png Frontier Hat Rack Decorative 6 A decorative set of brass horns. novakidnovakidvillage
Frontier Iron Symbol Icon.png Frontier Iron Symbol Decorative 6 A decorative iron symbol. novakidnovakidvillage
Frontier Lamp Icon.png Frontier Lamp Light Source 7 A hanging gas lamp with a red glass cover. novakidnovakidvillagelight
Frontier Lamp Post Icon.png Frontier Lamp Post Light Source 10 A wrought iron lamp post with a gas lit flame. novakidnovakidvillagelight
Frontier Mooshi Painting Icon.png Frontier Mooshi Painting Decorative 15 A painting of a proud mooshi against a setting sun. novakidnovakidvillagepretty
Frontier Plains Painting Icon.png Frontier Plains Painting Decorative 18 A detailed painting of a beautiful landscape. novakidnovakidvillagepretty
Frontier Vault Icon.png Frontier Vault Storage 24 A huge ornate vault safe. novakidnovakidvillagestorage
Frontier Water Pump Icon.png Frontier Water Pump Decorative 6 A brass water pump that used to pump water, back when it was functioning. novakidnovakidvillage
Frontier Windmill Icon.png Frontier Windmill Decorative 50 A brass, wood and copper windmill, that spins in the direction of the wind. novakidnovakidvillage
Picture Stand Icon.png Picture Stand Decorative 30 A novelty cowboy picture stand. novakidnovakidvillage
Safe Icon.png Safe Storage 6 An small, sturdy iron safe. storagenovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Bar Icon.png Saloon Bar Furniture 20 A polished bar top, complete with three stools. novakidnovakidvillagesalooncommerce
Saloon Cabinet Icon.png Saloon Cabinet Storage 35 A drinks cabinet, stocked with glassware and odd-shaped bottles. saloonstoragenovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Chair Icon.png Saloon Chair Furniture 5 An uncomfortable-looking saloon chair. saloonnovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Door Icon.png Saloon Door Door 5 A swinging saloon door to keep those pesky tumbleweeds outside. saloondoornovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Light Icon.png Saloon Light Light Source 2 An electric wall sconce. saloonlightnovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Piano Icon.png Saloon Piano Decorative 22 It's a piano fit for a saloon! saloonmusicalnovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Sign Icon.png Saloon Sign Decorative 28 A painted wooden sign for saloons. novakidnovakidvillagesaloon
Saloon Spittoon Icon.png Saloon Spittoon Decorative 4 Eughh. saloonnovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Table Icon.png Saloon Table Furniture 13 A richly-stained table fit for an old Western. saloonnovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Tumbler Icon.png Saloon Tumbler Decorative 1 A dirty-looking glass tumbler. novakidnovakidvillagecooking
Wagon Wheel Icon.png Wagon Wheel Decorative 21 A decorative wooden wagon wheel. novakidnovakidvillage
Wanted Poster Icon.png Wanted Poster Decorative 6 A faded poster, offering a bounty from long ago. novakidnovakidvillage