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Saloon is an object tag associated with saloon themed furniture found in Novakid Villages. These objects are used for spawning barman tenants.

Many of these objects were formerly sold at Frogg Furnishings as themed furniture, but were retagged as Novakid furniture when Novakid settlements were introduced.


Name Type Race Required Object Types (Boxes) Cosmetic Armor Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Saloon Tenant.png
Barman Villager Novakid Saloon (24) Sombrero, Craftsmen Shirt, Craftsmen Trousers Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Saloon Bar Icon.png Saloon Bar Furniture 20 A polished bar top, complete with three stools. novakidnovakidvillagesalooncommerce
Saloon Cabinet Icon.png Saloon Cabinet Storage 35 A drinks cabinet, stocked with glassware and odd-shaped bottles. saloonstoragenovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Chair Icon.png Saloon Chair Furniture 5 An uncomfortable-looking saloon chair. saloonnovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Door Icon.png Saloon Door Door 5 A swinging saloon door to keep those pesky tumbleweeds outside. saloondoornovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Light Icon.png Saloon Light Light Source 2 An electric wall sconce. saloonlightnovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Piano Icon.png Saloon Piano Decorative 22 It's a piano fit for a saloon! saloonmusicalnovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Sign Icon.png Saloon Sign Decorative 28 A painted wooden sign for saloons. novakidnovakidvillagesaloon
Saloon Spittoon Icon.png Saloon Spittoon Decorative 4 Eughh. saloonnovakidnovakidvillage
Saloon Table Icon.png Saloon Table Furniture 13 A richly-stained table fit for an old Western. saloonnovakidnovakidvillage