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Hylotl is an object tag associated with Hylotl themed objects and furniture. These objects are used for spawning Hylotl guards, merchants, chefs and villagers.


Name Type Race Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Merchant Hylotl Tenant.png
Merchant Merchant Hylotl Hylotl (8), Storage (8), Commerce (8) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes
Chef Hylotl Tenant.png
Chef Merchant Hylotl Hylotl (6), Cooking (8) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes
Villager Hylotl Tenant.png
Villager Villager Hylotl Hylotl (6) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Tier 1 Hylotl Tenant.png
Tier 1 Guard Guard Hylotl Hylotl (8), Combat (8) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Tier 2 Hylotl Tenant.png
Tier 2 Guard Guard Hylotl Hylotl (8), Combat (8), Tungsten (12) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Tier 3 Hylotl Tenant.png
Tier 3 Guard Guard Hylotl Hylotl (8), Combat (8), Titanium (12) Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Tier 4 Hylotl Tenant.png
Tier 4 Guard Guard Hylotl Hylotl (8), Combat (8), Durasteel (12) Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Action Movie Poster Icon.png Action Movie Poster Decorative A framed poster from the movie "Cybernetic Apocalypse". hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Air Hockey Table Icon.png Air Hockey Table Decorative A classic air hockey table. First to ten wins! hylotlhylotloceancity
Ancient Library Codex Icon.png Ancient Library Codex Decorative An ancient tome that catalogues of all the Hylotl books in the galaxy. hylotlhylotlvillage
Arcade Prize Counter Icon.png Arcade Prize Counter Decorative 16 A glass case full of plushies and toys. hylotlhylotloceancitycommercestorage
Arcade Sign Icon.png Arcade Sign Decorative An arcade sign. There's probably an arcade nearby. hylotlhylotloceancityelectroniclight
Bad Goo Plushie Icon.png Bad Goo Plushie Decorative Bad Goo Plushie. A cuddly goo doll. hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Bar Stool Icon.png Bar Stool Furniture A wobbly bar stool. hylotlhylotloceancity
Bear Plushie Icon.png Bear Plushie Decorative A cuddly bear plushy. Awwwww. hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Beautiful Attempt! Machine Icon.png Beautiful Attempt! Machine Decorative An arcade machine with an interactive narrative game. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Big Lily Pad Icon.png Big Lily Pad Decorative A large lily pad wall hanging. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Bio-Lamp Icon.png Bio-Lamp Decorative A small lamp that gives off a low red light. hylotlhylotloceancitylight
Blue Alert Icon.png Blue Alert Light Source A bright blue alarm hylotlhylotloceancitylight
Blue Arcade Machine Icon.png Blue Arcade Machine Decorative The machine runs a game called 'Psychedelic Rodeo Melee'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Blue Base Button Icon.png Blue Base Button Wire Who knows what it might activate... just press it! hylotlhylotloceancitywired
Blue Chair Icon.png Blue Chair Furniture A teal blue chair. hylotlhylotloceancity
Blue Club Lights Icon.png Blue Club Lights Decorative 8 Colourful ceiling lights found in clubs. hylotlhylotloceancitylight
Blue Neon Shop Sign Icon.png Blue Neon Shop Sign Decorative Small ocean creatures swim within this sign. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Blue Neon Sign Icon.png Blue Neon Sign Decorative A sign that looks like it says "BUBBLE"... hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Blue Neon Symbol Icon.png Blue Neon Symbol Decorative A metal lily pad with a bright blue emblem. hylotlhylotloceancityprettylight
Blue Shell Sign Icon.png Blue Shell Sign Decorative A blue neon sign decorated with a seashell. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Blue Vending Machine Icon.png Blue Vending Machine Decorative A vending machine filled with popular beverages. hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Blue Wall Shelf Icon.png Blue Wall Shelf Decorative 4 A blue shelf used for displaying items. hylotlhylotloceancitycommercestorage
Broken Display Light Icon.png Broken Display Light Light Source This light is meant to illuminate a display of some kind. hylotlhylotloceancity
Broken Waterproof Light Icon.png Broken Waterproof Light Decorative A tiny wall light. It's broken. hylotlhylotloceancity
Card Index Icon.png Card Index Storage 15 A traditional index filled with cards. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Checkout Sign Icon.png Checkout Sign Decorative A sign marking where a checkout line begins. hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Classic Banner Bottom Icon.png Classic Banner Bottom Decorative The classiest curtain. hylotlpretty
Classic Banner Mid Icon.png Classic Banner Mid Decorative The classiest curtain. hylotlpretty
Classic Banner Mid Symbol Icon.png Classic Banner Mid Symbol Decorative The classiest curtain. hylotlpretty
Classic Banner Top Icon.png Classic Banner Top Decorative The classiest curtain. hylotlpretty
Classic Desk (Hylotl) Icon.png Classic Desk (Hylotl) Storage 12 A classic style desk. hylotlhylotlvillagestoragecommerce
Club Decks Icon.png Club Decks Decorative 15 The huge speakers pump out loud dance music. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronicmusical
Club Lamp Icon.png Club Lamp Decorative 3 The lamp emits a low, ambient blue light. hylotlhylotloceancitylight
Club Speaker Icon.png Club Speaker Decorative 12 A large club speaker. hylotlhylotloceancitymusical
Comedy Movie Poster Icon.png Comedy Movie Poster Decorative A poster for a unpopular Hylotl movie "Claw of Dread". hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Comfy Traditional Bed Icon.png Comfy Traditional Bed Furniture Legend has it that if you spend the night in this bed, you'll lose consciousness. hylotlhylotlvillage
Damaged Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Bookcase Decorative 1 A ornate bookcase with missing books hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Damaged Grand Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Grand Bookcase Decorative 1 A large bookcase that has been damaged. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Damaged Huge Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Huge Bookcase Decorative 1 A gigantic bookcase that is damaged. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Damaged Large Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Large Bookcase Decorative 1 A big antique bookcase that has been damaged. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Damaged Small Bookcase Icon.png Damaged Small Bookcase Decorative 1 A small bookcase that has been damaged. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Dance-Dance Machine Icon.png Dance-Dance Machine Decorative Let's play some Dance-Dance! hylotlhylotloceancityelectronicmusical
Decorated Music Box Icon.png Decorated Music Box Decorative An intricate handmade music box. The melody it plays is soothing. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Deprived Bookcase Icon.png Deprived Bookcase Decorative 70 A fairly big bookcase, only partially filled with books. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Display Light Icon.png Display Light Light Source A directional light used to illuminate items on display. hylotlhylotloceancitylight
Empty Cordial Bottle Icon.png Empty Cordial Bottle Breakable An empty bottle of avesmingo cordial. hylotlhylotloceancity
Empty Fancy Water Bottle Icon.png Empty Fancy Water Bottle Breakable An empty bottle of fancy water. hylotlhylotloceancity
Empty Nectar Bottle Icon.png Empty Nectar Bottle Breakable An empty bottle of Oculemon nectar. hylotlhylotloceancity
Empty Petal Nectar Bottle Icon.png Empty Petal Nectar Bottle Breakable An empty bottle of petal nectar. hylotlhylotloceancity
Empty Root Pop Bottle Icon.png Empty Root Pop Bottle Breakable An empty bottle of dandelion root pop. hylotlhylotloceancity
Floor Ornament Icon.png Floor Ornament Decorative 6 It's some sort of floor ornament. Frog spawn swirls inside. hylotlhylotlvillageodd
Football Icon.png Football Decorative A classic football...or soccer ball, if you prefer. hylotlhylotloceancity
Friendly Hylotl Sign Icon.png Friendly Hylotl Sign Decorative A cheery welcome sign meant for Hylotl-owned shops. hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Globe Statue Icon.png Globe Statue Decorative 74 A large bronze statue of the Hylotl's home planet. hylotlhylotloceancityprettyvaluableexplorer
Grand Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Grand Ornate Bookcase Decorative 168 A large antique bookcase. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Green Arcade Machine Icon.png Green Arcade Machine Decorative This machine runs a game called 'Stylish Thief Wasteland'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Green Club Lights Icon.png Green Club Lights Decorative 8 Colourful lights found in clubs. hylotlhylotloceancitylight
Green Lily Pad Sign Icon.png Green Lily Pad Sign Decorative A green neon sign advertising furniture from a lily pad inspired design movement. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Green Neon Pod Sign Icon.png Green Neon Pod Sign Decorative A sign displaying reefpods, a tasty delicacy. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Green Neon Sign Icon.png Green Neon Sign Decorative A sign that looks like it says "RIBBIT"... hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Green Neon Symbol Icon.png Green Neon Symbol Decorative A metal lily pad with a bright green emblem. hylotlhylotloceancityprettylight
Green Red Light Icon.png Green Red Light Light Source A light that can switch between green and red. hylotlhylotloceancitylight
Hi-Tech Console Icon.png Hi-Tech Console Decorative A touch-screen console with all sorts of fun buttons. hylotlhylotloceancitywired
Huge Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Huge Ornate Bookcase Decorative 217 A gigantic bookcase filled with books. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Hylotl "Croak" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Croak" Calligraphy Decorative Framed calligraphy for 'croak'. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Hylotl "Leap" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Leap" Calligraphy Decorative Framed calligraphy for 'leap'. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Hylotl "Lily" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Lily" Calligraphy Decorative Framed calligraphy for 'lily pad'. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Hylotl "Pond" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Pond" Calligraphy Decorative Framed calligraphy for 'pond'. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Hylotl "Ribbit" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Ribbit" Calligraphy Decorative Framed calligraphy for 'ribbit'. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Hylotl Captain's Chair Icon.png Hylotl Captain's Chair Furniture The Captain sits here to fly the ship. hylotl
Hylotl City Poster Icon.png Hylotl City Poster Decorative A framed poster of a city. hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Hylotl Counter Icon.png Hylotl Counter Decorative A counter that oddly resembles a Hylotl. hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Hylotl Emblem Icon.png Hylotl Emblem Decorative It's a common emblem for the Hylotl. Three crystals representing their three eyes... hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Hylotl Fashion Hologram Icon.png Hylotl Fashion Hologram Decorative A hologram displaying the latest trends in Hylotl fashion. hylotlhylotloceancityelectroniccommerce
Hylotl Flag Icon.png Hylotl Flag Teleport Marker The Hylotl flag. Use ^green;[E]^white; to bookmark a teleportation location. hylotl
Hylotl Library Model Icon.png Hylotl Library Model Decorative An intricate handmade paper model of a Hylotl library. There's little paper bookcases inside! hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Hylotl Ship Door Icon.png Hylotl Ship Door Door A door suitable for a spaceship. hylotldoor
Hylotl Ship Hatch Icon.png Hylotl Ship Hatch Door A hatch suitable for a spaceship. hylotldoor
Hylotl Ship Locker Icon.png Hylotl Ship Locker Storage 12 A locker. Store some stuff, why don't you? hylotlstorage
Hylotl Storage Locker Icon.png Hylotl Storage Locker Storage 12 A nice, spacious, wall-mounted storage solution. hylotlstorage
Hylotl Store Shelf Icon.png Hylotl Store Shelf Decorative 20 The shelf is packed with all kinds of Hylotl goods. hylotlhylotloceancitycommercestorage
Hylotl Table Icon.png Hylotl Table Decorative A table with a studded gem motif resembling the three eyes of the Hylotl. hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Hylotl Warrior Painting Icon.png Hylotl Warrior Painting Decorative An old calligraphy painting depicting an early Hylotl warrior. hylotlprettyvaluable
Large Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Large Ornate Bookcase Decorative 119 A big antique bookcase. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Letheia Corp Sign Icon.png Letheia Corp Sign Decorative A halogen sign for the Letheia corporation. hylotlcommerce
Lily Pad Clock Icon.png Lily Pad Clock Decorative A clock in the shape of a lily pad. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Liquid Sensor (2) Icon.png Liquid Sensor (2) Wire Don't use your finger! This trusty sensor indicates the presence of liquids. hylotlhylotloceancitywired
Little Lily Pad Icon.png Little Lily Pad Decorative A small lily pad decoration. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Metal Lily Pad Icon.png Metal Lily Pad Decorative It looks like a decorative lily pad. hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Mindwurm Plushie Icon.png Mindwurm Plushie Decorative A questionably cute plushie of a Mindwurm. hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Moleman Poster Icon.png Moleman Poster Decorative A framed poster for cult hit, "The Moleman Prophecy". hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Nameplate Icon.png Nameplate Decorative Tenth Study in Female Hylotlgy hylotlvaluablepretty
Neon Hylotl Sign Icon.png Neon Hylotl Sign Decorative A neon sign depicting a Hylotl head. hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Neon Open Sign Icon.png Neon Open Sign Decorative A neon "open" sign. hylotlhylotloceancityprettycommerce
Numi Plushie Icon.png Numi Plushie Decorative A plushie of Numi, the mascot from a Hylotl children's cartoon of the same name. hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Numi Sign Icon.png Numi Sign Light Source A sign advertising Numi, a famous mascot from a Hylotl children's cartoon. hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Orange Apex Sign Icon.png Orange Apex Sign Decorative An orange neon sign displaying what seems to be Big Ape. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Orange Arcade Machine Icon.png Orange Arcade Machine Decorative This machine runs a game called 'Sleazy Burger Heroes'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Orange Neon Collector Sign Icon.png Orange Neon Collector Sign Decorative A sign seeking Hylotl to collect spawn from the surface. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Orange Neon Sign Icon.png Orange Neon Sign Decorative It looks like the word 'croak', but apparently it means something completely different. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Ornate Bookcase Decorative 70 A fairly big bookcase full of books. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Ornate Lantern Icon.png Ornate Lantern Light Source This ornate lamp flickers softly. hylotlhylotlvillagelight
Pagoda Aquarium Icon.png Pagoda Aquarium Decorative A grand looking aquarium, with a small scale Hylotl pagoda model on top. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Plastic Fake Plant Icon.png Plastic Fake Plant Decorative A replica plant, it is obviously made of plastic. hylotlhylotloceancitynaturepretty
Poptop Plushie Icon.png Poptop Plushie Decorative A soft Poptop plush toy. hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Porthole Icon.png Porthole Decorative It's a round window. hylotlhylotloceancity
Pressurised Airlock Door Icon.png Pressurised Airlock Door Door A sturdy airlock door. hylotlhylotloceancitydoor
Pressurised Airlock Hatch Icon.png Pressurised Airlock Hatch Door A sturdy airlock hatch. hylotlhylotloceancitydoor
Pressurised Door Icon.png Pressurised Door Door A door that's good under pressure. hylotlhylotloceancitydoor
Pressurised Support Icon.png Pressurised Support Decorative 9 A structural support beam able to withstand deep-sea pressure. hylotlhylotloceancity
Pump Sign Icon.png Pump Sign Wire A sign that indicates the status of a pump. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Purple Arcade Machine Icon.png Purple Arcade Machine Decorative This machine runs 'Screaming Fashion Agent'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Quill and Ink Icon.png Quill and Ink Decorative A quill and ink. hylotlhylotlvillage
Red Arcade Machine Icon.png Red Arcade Machine Decorative This machine runs a game called 'Cool Wizard Island'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Red Club Lights Icon.png Red Club Lights Decorative 8 Colourful lights found in clubs. hylotlhylotloceancitylight
Romantic Movie Poster Icon.png Romantic Movie Poster Decorative A framed poster from the controversial romance film "10 Things I Hate About Florans". hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Sale Sign Icon.png Sale Sign Decorative A banner advertising a sale. Everybody loves sales! hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Self-Portrait of Hylotl-Shu Icon.png Self-Portrait of Hylotl-Shu Decorative A very famous self-portrait of a very famous Hylotl artist. hylotlprettyvaluable
Shipping Container Icon.png Shipping Container Storage 90 A very large shipping container. hylotlhylotloceancitystorage
Small Deprived Bookcase Icon.png Small Deprived Bookcase Decorative 21 An ornately carved bookcase. It's only partially filled. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Small Flickering Flood Light Icon.png Small Flickering Flood Light Light Source A small flickering light that can work in water. hylotlhylotloceancity
Small Flood Light Icon.png Small Flood Light Decorative A small light that can work in water. hylotlhylotloceancitylight
Small Ornate Bookcase Icon.png Small Ornate Bookcase Decorative 21 An ornately carved bookcase. hylotlhylotlvillagestorageknowledge
Small Spotlight Icon.png Small Spotlight Decorative A light meant to draw attention to an area. hylotlhylotloceancitylight
Small Traditional Table Icon.png Small Traditional Table Furniture A delicately designed wooden table. hylotlhylotlvillagecommerce
Small Waterproof Light Icon.png Small Waterproof Light Light Source A tiny wall light. hylotlhylotloceancitylight
Soft Drink Sign Icon.png Soft Drink Sign Decorative A sign advertising natural soft drinks. hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Standard Lever Icon.png Standard Lever Decorative It's a very tempting lever. hylotlhylotloceancitywired
Starbound Arcade Machine Icon.png Starbound Arcade Machine Decorative An arcade machine running a game called 'Starbound'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Store Cash Register Icon.png Store Cash Register Storage Ka-ching! hylotlhylotloceancitycommerce
Studies in Female Hylotlgy Icon.png Studies in Female Hylotlgy Decorative A very famous portrait of a mysterious lady. hylotlprettyvaluable
Study Lamp Icon.png Study Lamp Light Source A study lamp for a library or desk. Very fancy. hylotlhylotlvillagelight
Tattered Classic Banner Icon.png Tattered Classic Banner Decorative This used to be the classiest curtain. Now it's a bit tattered. hylotlpretty
Tiny Lily Pads Icon.png Tiny Lily Pads Decorative A small set of lily pad wall hangings. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Traditional Bookcase Icon.png Traditional Bookcase Storage 20 A master work of craftsmanship. Beautiful. hylotlhylotlvillageknowledgestorage
Traditional Bowl Icon.png Traditional Bowl Decorative A simple striped bowl. hylotlhylotlvillage
Traditional Bridge Painting Icon.png Traditional Bridge Painting Decorative It's a painting of a bridge over still water. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Traditional Fancy Chair Icon.png Traditional Fancy Chair Furniture A high-class wooden chair, is it intended for important figures. hylotlhylotlvillage
Traditional Gong Icon.png Traditional Gong Decorative Hey, this gong has a big chip in it... oh. Oh, I see. It's a lily pad. hylotlhylotlvillageprettymusical
Traditional Low Table Icon.png Traditional Low Table Furniture A table set at kneeling height. hylotlhylotlvillagecommerce
Traditional Mount Painting Icon.png Traditional Mount Painting Decorative It's a copy of an old, famous painting. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Traditional Paper Lantern Icon.png Traditional Paper Lantern Light Source A paper ceiling lamp. hylotlhylotlvillagelight
Traditional Radio Icon.png Traditional Radio Decorative An old radio, it still plays music. hylotlhylotlvillagemusical
Traditional Shoji Door Icon.png Traditional Shoji Door Door A shoji screen door. hylotlhylotlvillagedoor
Traditional Shoji Screen Icon.png Traditional Shoji Screen Decorative A screen for modest individuals to hide behind while getting changed. hylotlhylotlvillage
Traditional Square Cabinet Icon.png Traditional Square Cabinet Storage 12 A wooden cabinet. Its doors are full of etched decoration. hylotlhylotlvillagestorage
Traditional Sword Rack Icon.png Traditional Sword Rack Decorative 15 A rack of traditional swords. hylotlcombat
Traditional Table Icon.png Traditional Table Furniture A traditional style table. hylotlhylotlvillagecommerce
Traditional Wardrobe Icon.png Traditional Wardrobe Storage 20 The lily pad rotates to lock its doors. hylotlhylotlvillagestorage
Traditional Water Feature Icon.png Traditional Water Feature Decorative This water feature is perfect for the home, garden, or interstellar dojo. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Traditional Wave Painting Icon.png Traditional Wave Painting Decorative It's a painting of a great big wave. hylotlhylotlvillagepretty
Traditional Wooden Post Icon.png Traditional Wooden Post Light Source A decorative wooden post with a lantern in it. hylotlhylotlvillagelight
Turtle Plushie Icon.png Turtle Plushie Decorative A cute little turtle plush. hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Unicorn Plushie Icon.png Unicorn Plushie Decorative A squishy, adorable unicorn. What's not to love? hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Urban Mailbox Icon.png Urban Mailbox Storage 6 A blue mailbox. hylotlhylotloceancitystorage
Urban Trash Can Icon.png Urban Trash Can Storage 4 A garbage bin. hylotlhylotloceancitystorage
Vintage Library Poster Icon.png Vintage Library Poster Decorative An old poster of some ancient Hylotl library. hylotlhylotloceancityhylotlvillagepretty
Virorb Plushie Icon.png Virorb Plushie Decorative An adorable Normal Virorb plushie. hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Warning Poster Icon.png Warning Poster Decorative It's a warning to anyone who cares to read it. hylotlhylotloceancity
Warrior Movie Poster Icon.png Warrior Movie Poster Decorative A framed poster from the movie "Fiery Blade Crusader". hylotlhylotloceancitypretty
Waterproof Light Icon.png Waterproof Light Decorative A light protected by a glass cage. hylotlhylotloceancitylight
Yellow Arcade Machine Icon.png Yellow Arcade Machine Decorative This machine runs a game called 'Zombie Banana Mansion'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Yellow Club Lights Icon.png Yellow Club Lights Decorative 8 Colourful lights found in clubs. hylotlhylotloceancitylight