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Hive is an object tag associated with objects unique to hive mini biomes. These objects are used for spawning Maggot Man tenants.


Name Type (lvl) Race Biome Required Object Types (Boxes) Cosmetic Armor Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Maggot Man Tenant.png
Maggot Man Tutorial Human Hive Hive (18) Larva Set Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Hive Bed Icon.png Hive Bed Furniture 13 A silk bed, resting on a strange hive-like base. hive
Hive Chair Icon.png Hive Chair Furniture 10 A strange chair made from curious hexagonal pods. hive
Hive Chest Icon.png Hive Chest Storage 4 A really gross looking chest. hivestorage
Hive Door Icon.png Hive Door Door 5 A sticky door made from organic hexagonal pods. hivedoor
Hive Lamp Icon.png Hive Lamp Light Source 8 An odd lamp made from a hive-like structure. hivelightodd
Hive Light Icon.png Hive Light Breakable 4 A pulsating, fleshy light. hivelight
Hive Table Icon.png Hive Table Furniture 10 A sticky table that looks more like a hive than furniture. hive
Small Hive Light Icon.png Small Hive Light Breakable 1 A sinister light from hive. hivelight