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Outdoor is an object tag associated with Outdoor themed objects and furniture purchased at Frogg Furnishing. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Basic Lamp Post Icon.png Basic Lamp Post Light Source 7 A lamp, fit for outdoors. outdoorlight
Double Lamp Post Icon.png Double Lamp Post Light Source 11 A lamp post with two lamps. Nifty! outdoorlight
Moth Trap Icon.png Moth Trap Light Source 12 Attracts moths. Moths produce silk! outdoorlight
Outdoor Bench Icon.png Outdoor Bench Furniture 5 A bench, perfect for outdoors. outdoor
Outdoor Chair Icon.png Outdoor Chair Furniture 6 A chair, built to endure the elements. outdoor
Outdoor Fountain Icon.png Outdoor Fountain Decorative 18 A sleek fountain. The water looks refreshing. outdoor
Outdoor Stool Icon.png Outdoor Stool Furniture 2 A smart metal stool, suitable for the outdoors. outdoor
Triple Lamp Post Icon.png Triple Lamp Post Light Source 13 A lamp post, with thrice the lights. outdoorlight