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Nature is an object tag associated with natural themed objects and furniture. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Ashsprite Icon.png Ashsprite Bug These bugs appear to rise from clouds of ash. nature
Aurorabee Icon.png Aurorabee Bug The surface of this bug's shell shimmers like oil. nature
Automato Seed Icon.png Automato Seed Seed Automatoes! Be sure to spit out the screws. nature
Avesmingo Seed Icon.png Avesmingo Seed Seed Avesmingo, the plant of a 100 different flavours. nature
Bamboo Door Icon.png Bamboo Door Door This door is strong and sustainably sourced. floranfloranvillagedoornature
Banana Seed Icon.png Banana Seed Seed Genetically enhanced bananas. Smaller trees with bigger fruit. nature
Beakseed Seed Icon.png Beakseed Seed Seed Grows crunchy beakseed. The nostril is the best part. nature
Big Flower Statue Icon.png Big Flower Statue Decorative A statue of a flower, important to the Floran. prettynaturevaluable
Big Lily Pad Icon.png Big Lily Pad Decorative A large lily pad wall hanging. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Blue Flower Icon.png Blue Flower Seed A flower with bright blue petals. Useful for making dye. nature
Blueback Icon.png Blueback Bug This blue bug has sharp little teeth. nature
Boltbulb Seed Icon.png Boltbulb Seed Seed Grows boltbulb! Surprisingly soft. nature
Boneboo Seed Icon.png Boneboo Seed Seed Boneboo, a good source of calcium. nature
Brightstripe Icon.png Brightstripe Bug Vibrant and beautiful, it has a friendly little smile on its face. nature
Butterbee Icon.png Butterbee Bug A bright yellow bug, its wings smell like butter. nature
Butterfly Bush Icon.png Butterfly Bush Breakable Little flapping bugs appear to be moving inside this bush. nature
Cactus Pot Icon.png Cactus Pot Decorative 2 An exotic-looking cactus in a flower pot. naturepretty
Carrot Seed Icon.png Carrot Seed Seed Grows delicious carrots, brought all the way across the stars from Earth. nature
Chilli Seed Icon.png Chilli Seed Seed Hot, hot, hot fiesta!! Extra hot to anyone but the humans. nature
Cinderfly Icon.png Cinderfly Bug Thrives in desolate conditions. nature
Coffee Seed Icon.png Coffee Seed Seed Coffee beans can be brewed to make a tasty beverage. nature
Coralcreep Seed Icon.png Coralcreep Seed Seed The coralcreep fruit looks like a sea creature. nature
Corn Seed Icon.png Corn Seed Seed Sweet, yellow corn. nature
Cotton Seed Icon.png Cotton Seed Seed A plant which grows fluffy cotton buds. nature
Crystal Plant Seed Icon.png Crystal Plant Seed Seed A Crystal plant. Truns out money does grow on trees. nature
Currentcorn Seed Icon.png Currentcorn Seed Seed Currentcorn, full of acid. Not good for fleshy creatures. nature
Decorative Holly Icon.png Decorative Holly Decorative Nothing like a bit of holly to make you feel jolly! christmasnature
Dewhopper Icon.png Dewhopper Bug A lively bug, it can be seen drinking morning dew. nature
Diodia Seed Icon.png Diodia Seed Seed Diodia, a soft root vegetable with a coppery taste. nature
Dirturchin Seed Icon.png Dirturchin Seed Seed Dirturchins are squidgy and kind of tasteless. nature
Driftbell Icon.png Driftbell Bug This bug makes a faint ringing sound as it flies through the air. nature
Dustmoth Icon.png Dustmoth Bug The trail of a dustmoth looks like stardust. nature
Eggshoot Seed Icon.png Eggshoot Seed Seed Eggshoot, full of runny goodness. nature
Fawnfly Icon.png Fawnfly Bug Its tawny wings make it hard to spot on trees. nature
Feathercrown Seed Icon.png Feathercrown Seed Seed Feathers sprout from the top of the feathercrown and catch in the wind. nature
Fiery Flower Icon.png Fiery Flower Decorative A fiery-looking flower in a pot. naturepretty
Firefly Bush Icon.png Firefly Bush Breakable Little glowing bugs appear to be living in this bush. nature
Fireygiant Icon.png Fireygiant Bug A large, formidable bug. Can survive extreme heat. nature
Flameroach Icon.png Flameroach Bug Hot to the touch, its shell flickers like flame. nature
Floral Fountain Icon.png Floral Fountain Decorative 36 A beautiful stone fountain with a floral centerpiece. springnaturepretty
Flower Bed Icon.png Flower Bed Furniture A beautiful flower bed. Watch out for bees! apexapexmansionnaturepretty
Flower Bed (2) Icon.png Flower Bed (2) Furniture A beautiful flower bed. Watch out for bees! apexapexmansionnaturepretty
Frostfleck Icon.png Frostfleck Bug This bug is easily mistaken for a snowflake. nature
Frostfly Icon.png Frostfly Bug Where there's frost, there are frostflies. nature
Gasgiant Icon.png Gasgiant Bug These bugs float on updrafts of poisonous gases. nature
Geode Plant Pot Icon.png Geode Plant Pot Decorative 8 A crystal geode plant in a flower pot. geodenature
Giant Agaran Mushroom Icon.png Giant Agaran Mushroom Decorative 15 A giant mushroom of Agaran origin. agaranmushroompatchnature
Giant Flower Icon.png Giant Flower Breakable A giant red flower. Pretty AND intimidating! giantflowernaturepretty
Giant Flower (2) Icon.png Giant Flower (2) Breakable A giant red flower. Pretty AND intimidating! giantflowernaturepretty
Giant Flower (3) Icon.png Giant Flower (3) Breakable A giant red flower. Pretty AND intimidating! giantflowernaturepretty
Giant Flower (4) Icon.png Giant Flower (4) Breakable A giant red flower. Pretty AND intimidating! giantflowernaturepretty
Giant Flower Bed Icon.png Giant Flower Bed Furniture A flower bed. Hope you don't have hayfever. giantflowernature
Giant Flower Chair Icon.png Giant Flower Chair Furniture A flower chair. If you enjoy sitting here, that means you like butter. giantflowernature
Giant Flower Chest Icon.png Giant Flower Chest Storage 4 A chest made of flowers. giantflowernaturestorage
Giant Flower Door Icon.png Giant Flower Door Door A door with a cheerful wreath on it. giantflowernaturedoor
Giant Flower Lamp Icon.png Giant Flower Lamp Light Source A flower that seems to emit the sun's rays. giantflowerlightnature
Giant Flower Table Icon.png Giant Flower Table Furniture A giant flower. Perfect to use as a table. giantflowernature
Glow Bed Icon.png Glow Bed Furniture 12 A bed, with glowing plants grown through it. bioluminescencenature
Glow Bush Lamp Icon.png Glow Bush Lamp Light Source 6 A bush that emits a pleasant glow. bioluminescencelightnature
Glow Flower Lamp Icon.png Glow Flower Lamp Light Source 6 A flower that seems to emit a pleasant glow. bioluminescencelightnature
Glowbug Icon.png Glowbug Bug The warmer this bug gets, the more it glows. nature
Goldbuck Icon.png Goldbuck Bug A bug with glistening gold wings, very fancy! nature
Grape Seed Icon.png Grape Seed Seed Grapes, natures snackfood. nature
Greentip Icon.png Greentip Bug This bug looks like it's wearing tiny green shoes. nature
Hanging Basket Icon.png Hanging Basket Furniture A delightful hanging basket. Don't swing from it! apexapexmansionnaturepretty
Hanging Basket (2) Icon.png Hanging Basket (2) Furniture A delightful hanging basket. Don't swing from it! apexapexmansionnaturepretty
Hanging Flower Lamp Icon.png Hanging Flower Lamp Light Source 9 A blue flower lamp. springnaturelight
Hanging Toxic Lamp Icon.png Hanging Toxic Lamp Light Source 8 A flower that functions as a lamp. Like a sunflower, but not. toxicnaturelight
Hay Pile Icon.png Hay Pile Decorative A pile of hay. Probably not a great hiding place. nature
Hay Roll Icon.png Hay Roll Decorative A rolled up bale of hay. nature
Hay Stack Icon.png Hay Stack Decorative A neat bale of hay, ready for stacking. nature
Heathugger Icon.png Heathugger Bug Attracted to heat, this little guy needs warmth. nature
Hivehog Icon.png Hivehog Bug This bug never stops eating. nature
Icetip Icon.png Icetip Bug This bug's wings are frozen over. nature
Kiwi Seed Icon.png Kiwi Seed Seed This particular variety of space kiwi grows close to the ground. nature
Large Vine Lights Icon.png Large Vine Lights Light Source A light made of vines. Or a vine made of lights? floranfloranhuntinggroundslightnature
Lavahopper Icon.png Lavahopper Bug This tiny creature skips across hot lakes of lava. nature
Leaf Bundle Icon.png Leaf Bundle Decorative A bundle of unusually large leaves. floranfloranhuntinggroundsnature
Little Lily Pad Icon.png Little Lily Pad Decorative A small lily pad decoration. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Moving Sunflower Icon.png Moving Sunflower Decorative 14 A sunflower who's just looking for the sun. springnaturepretty
Muddancer Icon.png Muddancer Bug These bugs can be seen dancing at dusk. nature
Mudstag Icon.png Mudstag Bug This bug is incredibly sticky. It has two long horns on its head. nature
Mushroom Seed Icon.png Mushroom Seed Seed A mushroom. The farmer who plants these is a fun guy. nature
Mushroom Statue Icon.png Mushroom Statue Decorative 15 A statue of a mushroom. agaranmushroompatchnaturepretty
Mushroom Wardrobe Icon.png Mushroom Wardrobe Storage 16 A mushroom wardrobe. mushroompatchnaturestorage
Neonmelon Seed Icon.png Neonmelon Seed Seed The vibrant flesh of a neonmelon tastes like bubblegum. nature
Oculemon Seed Icon.png Oculemon Seed Seed The iris is the best part of this strange fruit. nature
Orphanfly Icon.png Orphanfly Bug The smallest and most pathetic bug I've ever seen. nature
Pagoda Aquarium Icon.png Pagoda Aquarium Decorative A grand looking aquarium, with a small scale Hylotl pagoda model on top. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Pearlpea Seed Icon.png Pearlpea Seed Seed Pearlpea, you'll need to bite down hard. nature
Phoenixfly Icon.png Phoenixfly Bug This bug rubs its legs together to produce tiny sparks. nature
Pineapple Seed Icon.png Pineapple Seed Seed Pineapple, make sure you cut it open first. nature
Plastic Fake Plant Icon.png Plastic Fake Plant Decorative A replica plant, it is obviously made of plastic. hylotlhylotloceancitynaturepretty
Plastic Plant Icon.png Plastic Plant Decorative A fake plastic plant. Not a tree. outpostnaturepretty
Polarmoth Icon.png Polarmoth Bug This little bug's legs are covered in see-through hairs. nature
Potato Seed Icon.png Potato Seed Seed Potatoes! Boil em', mash em', stick em in a stew. nature
Pussplum Seed Icon.png Pussplum Seed Seed The juicy pussplum gets its name from its creamy centre. nature
Red Flower Icon.png Red Flower Seed A flower with bright red petals. Useful for making dye. nature
Redwing Icon.png Redwing Bug Not to be confused with the infamous Dreadwing. nature
Reed Bed Icon.png Reed Bed Furniture 20 A bed made of wood and reed. oasisnature
Reed Chair Icon.png Reed Chair Furniture 9 A chair made of wood and reed. oasisnature
Reed Chest Icon.png Reed Chest Storage 4 Reeds fashioned into a chest. oasisnaturestorage
Reed Desk Icon.png Reed Desk Furniture 8 A desk made of wood and reed. oasisnaturestoragecommerce
Reed Door Icon.png Reed Door Door 5 A door made of wood and reed. oasisnaturedoor
Reed Lamp Icon.png Reed Lamp Light Source 7 It looks like reed, but it's actually a lamp. oasisnaturelight
Reed Seed Icon.png Reed Seed Breakable 10 Tall, leafy reeds. oasisnature
Reed Shelf Icon.png Reed Shelf Storage 20 A reed shelf. oasisknowledgestoragenature
Reed Wall Clock Icon.png Reed Wall Clock Decorative 6 A reed clock with a hollow ticking sound. oasisnature
Reefpod Seed Icon.png Reefpod Seed Seed Reefpod, tastes like a crunchy smoothie with added sea water. nature
Rice Seed Icon.png Rice Seed Seed Boil it, fry it, throw it at a bride. Rice! For all your culinary needs. nature
Sandclown Icon.png Sandclown Bug Who would live in the desert? This clown. nature
Scuttleploom Icon.png Scuttleploom Bug This bug's legs move so fast they're difficult to count. nature
Seahornet Icon.png Seahornet Bug This bug has a snout like a seahorse. nature
Seaweed Pot Icon.png Seaweed Pot Decorative 7 A seaweed in a flower pot. seanature
Shadowmoth Icon.png Shadowmoth Bug Hard to spot, these bugs are as black as night. nature
Shardwing Icon.png Shardwing Bug The wings of this bug are iridescent like ice. nature
Shellcreep Icon.png Shellcreep Bug It looks as if it could slip out of its shell at a moments notice. nature
Shroom Bed Icon.png Shroom Bed Furniture 10 A mushroom bed. Guaranteed to give you weird dreams. agaranmushroompatchnature
Shroom Chair Icon.png Shroom Chair Furniture 6 A mushroom chair. Or maybe a toadstool. mushroompatchnature
Shroom Chest Icon.png Shroom Chest Storage 4 A mushroom fashioned into a chest. mushroompatchnaturestorage
Shroom Door Icon.png Shroom Door Door 5 A door made of mushrooms. It even has a cute mushroom handle. mushroompatchnaturedoor
Shroom Lamp Icon.png Shroom Lamp Light Source 4 A glow-in-the-dark mushroom. Handy AND cute. mushroompatchnaturelight
Shroom Table Icon.png Shroom Table Furniture 6 A giant mushroom. Perfect to use as a table. mushroompatchnaturecommerce
Small Vine Lights Icon.png Small Vine Lights Light Source A light made of vines. Or a vine made of lights? floranfloranhuntinggroundslightnature
Snowskater Icon.png Snowskater Bug The tips of its legs are covered in snow. nature
Splendid Flower Icon.png Splendid Flower Decorative A rather adorable pink potted plant. naturepretty
Spring Chest Icon.png Spring Chest Storage 4 A chest with a spring flower latch. springnaturestorage
Stinkjack Icon.png Stinkjack Bug You'll smell one of these little guys before you see one. nature
Strange Flower Box Icon.png Strange Flower Box Furniture 15 Strange oversized flowers, you can hide inside! springnaturepretty
Sugarcane Seed Icon.png Sugarcane Seed Seed Sugarcane is a fibrous crop with rich, sweet sap. nature
Sunskipper Icon.png Sunskipper Bug This pretty bug loves sunshine. nature
Thornbee Icon.png Thornbee Bug This prickly little fellow has razor sharp wings. nature
Thorny Plant Icon.png Thorny Plant Seed A prickly plant with prickly fruits. nature
Tidefly Icon.png Tidefly Bug Comes out only during certain phases of the moon. nature
Tiny Lily Pads Icon.png Tiny Lily Pads Decorative A small set of lily pad wall hangings. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Tomato Seed Icon.png Tomato Seed Seed Tomatoes are a rich, juicy fruit. Or vegetable. One of the two. nature
Toxic Chair Icon.png Toxic Chair Furniture 8 A chair made of vines. Those spikes look poisonous. toxicnature
Toxic Lamp Icon.png Toxic Lamp Light Source 9 A flower that functions as a lamp. Like a sunflower, but not. toxicnaturelight
Toxic Table Icon.png Toxic Table Furniture 7 A thorny table. Careful where you put your feet. toxicnaturecommerce
Toxictop Seed Icon.png Toxictop Seed Seed Toxic looking fruit, but is it all that bad? nature
Traditional Water Feature Icon.png Traditional Water Feature Decorative This water feature is perfect for the home, garden, or interstellar dojo. hylotlhylotlvillageprettynature
Vibrant Plant Icon.png Vibrant Plant Decorative A particularly colourful potted plant. naturepretty
Vine Chest Icon.png Vine Chest Storage 4 A chest made of vines, it's not really safe. junglestoragenature
Vine Pod Light Icon.png Vine Pod Light Light Source A large, luminous pod hanigng from a vine. floranfloranhuntinggroundslightnature
Vineclimber Icon.png Vineclimber Bug Its legs look like intertwining vines. nature
Wartweed Seed Icon.png Wartweed Seed Seed Not a fussy plant, wartweed grow easily under any condition. nature
Wavebird Icon.png Wavebird Bug A bug that can usually be found chasing the crest of a wave. nature
Wheat Seed Icon.png Wheat Seed Seed Wheat, a staple crop with many uses. nature
White Flower Icon.png White Flower Decorative A pretty white flower in a pot. naturepretty
Wooden Aquarium Icon.png Wooden Aquarium Decorative 12 Look! Fishies! apexapexvillageprettynature
Xenofly Icon.png Xenofly Bug This guy has a creepy little face. nature
Yellow Flower Icon.png Yellow Flower Seed A flower with bright yellow petals. Useful for making dye. nature