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Executive is an object tag associated with the executive themed furniture set pieces rewarded from completing procedural tenant quests. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Executive Bed Icon.png Executive Bed Furniture 18 An executive bed. For the sleep of your life. executive
Executive Chair Icon.png Executive Chair Furniture 6 An executive chair. You'll never want to stand again. miscexecutive
Executive Console Icon.png Executive Console Wire 9 An executive console. So exquisite, you can't help but treat it with respect. wiredexecutive
Executive Door Icon.png Executive Door Door 10 An impenetrable executive door. doorexecutive
Executive Light Icon.png Executive Light Light Source 4 A dazzling executive light. lightexecutive
Executive Table Icon.png Executive Table Furniture 8 A beautiful executive table. commerceexecutive