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Science is an object tag associated with objects and furniture. These objects are used for spawning Scientist tenants and Hazmat Scientists.


Name Type Race Required Object Types (Boxes) Cosmetic Armor Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Scientist Tenant.png
Scientist Villager Human, Apex, Hylotl Science (24) Scientist Set Villager 15 to 30 minutes
Hazmat Tenant.png
Hazmat Scientist Villager Human, Apex Odd (14), Science (14) Hazmat Set Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Astronomy Telescope Icon.png Astronomy Telescope Decorative 18 A scientific telescope, perfect for observing the stars. sciencespace
Biohazard Sign Icon.png Biohazard Sign Decorative A metal sign with a biohazard symbol. science
Bloodbank Icon.png Bloodbank Decorative Vials full of various blood types. I hope they didn't take out ALL their blood. apexapexresearchlabscience
Blue Flask Icon.png Blue Flask Decorative A flask full of blue liquid. apexapexresearchlabscience
Brain in a Jar Icon.png Brain in a Jar Decorative 4 A brain in a jar, daydreaming. apexapexresearchlabscienceodd
Cool Chemical Shelf Icon.png Cool Chemical Shelf Decorative 36 It seems irresponsible to leave a bunch of unlabelled chemicals unattended. apexapexresearchlabstoragescience
Empty Life Support Pod Icon.png Empty Life Support Pod Light Source The pod is empty. apexapexresearchlabscienceevillight
Green Flask Icon.png Green Flask Decorative A flask full of green goo. apexapexresearchlabscience
Hazard Microscope Icon.png Hazard Microscope Decorative A large microscope, designed for observing potentially hazardous bacteria. science
Life Support Pod Icon.png Life Support Pod Light Source There seems to be an Apex in there, connected to a bunch of wires and tubes. apexapexresearchlabscienceevillight
Microscope Icon.png Microscope Decorative Everything looks significantly more terrifying under a microscope. apexapexresearchlabscience
Plasma Disc Icon.png Plasma Disc Light Source An electrically charged plasma field. It reacts to sound. apexapexresearchlabscienceelectroniclight
Red Flask Icon.png Red Flask Decorative A flask full of red liquid. apexapexresearchlabscience
Seismograph Icon.png Seismograph Decorative 9 A device for monitoring seismic activity. science
Steampunk Desk Icon.png Steampunk Desk Furniture 28 A metal desk, covered in curious devices. steampunkstoragescience
Symbiote in a Jar Icon.png Symbiote in a Jar Decorative 4 A critter in a jar, daydreaming. scienceodd
Wireless Generator Icon.png Wireless Generator Decorative A wireless energy supply. apexapexresearchlabscience