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Avianvillage is an object tag associated with Avian Village themed objects and furniture. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Avian Bed Icon.png Avian Bed Furniture A beautifully carved Avian bed. avianavianvillage
Avian Closet Icon.png Avian Closet Storage 20 The crystal on top of this closet appears to be broken. avianavianvillagestorage
Avian Colourful Banner Icon.png Avian Colourful Banner Decorative An Avian banner woven with expensive silk. avianavianvillagepretty
Avian Lunar Banner Icon.png Avian Lunar Banner Decorative A thick woven banner depicting a crescent moon. avianavianvillagepretty
Avian Patterned Banner Icon.png Avian Patterned Banner Decorative An Avian banner made of gorgeous silk. avianavianvillagepretty
Avian Small Banner Icon.png Avian Small Banner Decorative A standard cloth Avian banner. avianavianvillagepretty
Carved Counter Icon.png Carved Counter Storage 6 A smooth cooking surface. avianavianvillagestorage
Carved Door Icon.png Carved Door Door A beautifully carved door. avianavianvillagedoor
Carved Table Icon.png Carved Table Furniture An interestingly carved table. avianavianvillagecommerce
Carved Wall Cabinet Icon.png Carved Wall Cabinet Storage 6 Looks like a place you might store an eggcup... Do Avians eat eggs? avianavianvillagestorage
Colourful Tapestry Icon.png Colourful Tapestry Decorative An intricately woven wall tapestry. avianavianvillagepretty
Large Carved Bookcase Icon.png Large Carved Bookcase Storage 20 Hand-made and beautiful, this bookcase is intricately carved. avianavianvillageknowledgestorage
Large Empty Market Stall Icon.png Large Empty Market Stall Decorative A large empty stall. I bet business is slow. avianavianvillagecommerce
Large Old Chest Icon.png Large Old Chest Storage 6 A large old chest, fashioned from wood and iron. avianavianvillagestorage
Market Clothes Stall Icon.png Market Clothes Stall Decorative Beautiful fabrics and clothing adorn this cute little stall. avianavianvillagecommerce
Market Fruit Stall Icon.png Market Fruit Stall Decorative 28 I wonder what fruit they sell on this planet. avianavianvillagecommercecooking
Market Weapon Stall Icon.png Market Weapon Stall Decorative 30 An assortment of pointy things. avianavianvillagecommercecombat
Old Chest Icon.png Old Chest Storage 4 A dank old chest, fashioned from wood and iron. avianavianvillagestorage
Owl Wall Clock Icon.png Owl Wall Clock Decorative Tick, tock, tick, tock. avianavianvillagepretty
Rustic Bench Icon.png Rustic Bench Furniture A beautiful rustic bench. avianavianvillage
Small Avian Bookcase Icon.png Small Avian Bookcase Storage 19 This book case was built to store Avian history. avianavianvillageknowledgestorage
Small Carved Cabinet Icon.png Small Carved Cabinet Storage 6 Carved patterns surround this small cabinet. avianavianvillagestorage
Small Colourful Tapestry Icon.png Small Colourful Tapestry Decorative A small tribal wall tapestry. It looks soft! avianavianvillagepretty
Small Empty Market Stall Icon.png Small Empty Market Stall Decorative A small empty stall. It looks sad. avianavianvillagecommerce
Standing Oil Lamp Icon.png Standing Oil Lamp Light Source An oil lantern on a stand. avianavianvillagelight
Village Bench Icon.png Village Bench Furniture A comfortable Avian bench. avianavianvillage
Weathervane Icon.png Weathervane Decorative 5 Is that an Avian... or a chicken? avianavianvillageprettyodd
Wooden Armchair Icon.png Wooden Armchair Furniture A comfy wooden armchair. avianavianvillage
Wooden Couch Icon.png Wooden Couch Furniture A comfy wooden couch, the stripes help it go faster. avianavianvillage