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Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Avian Flame Trap Icon.png Avian Flame Trap Trap A flame trap designed to deter invaders. avianaviantempleevil
Avian Prayer Altar Icon.png Avian Prayer Altar Decorative The altar is covered in carvings of a winged god. avianaviantemple
Avian Server Icon.png Avian Server Decorative This Avian server must contain a vast amount of data. avianaviantempleelectronic
Avian Throne Icon.png Avian Throne Furniture A masterfully crafted throne, fit for Kluex himself. avianaviantemple
Big Bird Jar Icon.png Big Bird Jar Breakable A lavish bird-shaped jar. Maybe I can smash it... avianaviantemplepretty
Bird Jar Icon.png Bird Jar Breakable A bird-shaped jar full of ash. I wanna break it. avianaviantemplepretty
Brain Activity Screen Icon.png Brain Activity Screen Decorative Are those... brain waves? Yes. Yes they are. avianaviantempleelectronic
Brick Hidden Door Icon.png Brick Hidden Door Door Something isn't quite right with these bricks. avianaviantempledoor
Brick Hidden Trapdoor Icon.png Brick Hidden Trapdoor Door Something isn't quite right with these bricks. avianaviantempledoor
Bunny Jar Icon.png Bunny Jar Breakable A bunny-shaped jar full of ash. Maybe I can smash it. avianaviantemplepretty
Carved Bird Console Icon.png Carved Bird Console Wire An access panel with a bird crudely etched into the base. avianaviantemplewiredelectronic
Carved Crystal Trap Icon.png Carved Crystal Trap Trap A crystal trap designed to deter invaders. avianaviantempleevil
Carved Egg Console Icon.png Carved Egg Console Wire An access panel with an egg etched into its base. avianaviantemplewiredelectronic
Carved Flame Console Icon.png Carved Flame Console Wire An access panel with a flame carved into its base. avianaviantemplewiredelectronic
Carved Security Panel Icon.png Carved Security Panel Decorative A small security panel. avianaviantempleelectronic
Colourful Feather Bundle Icon.png Colourful Feather Bundle Decorative Gorgeous, colourful feathers arranged like flowers. avianaviantemplepretty
Crude Pot Icon.png Crude Pot Breakable This looks like something I made in pottery class. Crude. I should smash it. avianaviantemplepretty
Crystal Light Icon.png Crystal Light Light Source The crystal embedded into this fixture glows with a pale light. avianaviantemplelight
Data Screen Icon.png Data Screen Decorative Old system readings that seem to be out of date. avianaviantempleelectronic
Decorative Bird Icon.png Decorative Bird Decorative Huge feathers are sprouting from this small bird statue. avianaviantemplepretty
Decorative Sun Icon.png Decorative Sun Decorative Ironically, looking at this decorative sun sends a chill down my spine. avianaviantemplepretty
Familiar Jar Icon.png Familiar Jar Breakable A familiar-shaped jar. It looks angry and smashable. avianaviantemplepretty
Fancy Avian Gong Icon.png Fancy Avian Gong Decorative A big fancy gong. It's covered in carvings. avianaviantemplemusicalpretty
Fancy Temple Jar Icon.png Fancy Temple Jar Breakable This jar has seen better days. It looks smashable... avianaviantemplepretty
Glyph Screen Icon.png Glyph Screen Decorative Glyphs pulse ominously... what do they mean? avianaviantempleelectronic
Golden Bird Jar Icon.png Golden Bird Jar Decorative This beady-eyed bird jar is made of solid gold. avianaviantempleprettyvaluable
Golden Crystal Door Icon.png Golden Crystal Door Door A heavy golden door with crystals set into its surface. avianaviantempledoor
Golden Ducky Icon.png Golden Ducky Decorative A golden duck! avianaviantempleprettyvaluable
Golden Lamp Icon.png Golden Lamp Decorative A sickly-sweet scent clings to the inside. avianaviantempleprettyvaluable
Golden Urn Icon.png Golden Urn Breakable The ashes of Avian Stargazers are often stored in urns like this one. avianaviantemplepretty
Guardian's Nest Icon.png Guardian's Nest Furniture A solid stone bed topped with a nest of hay. avianaviantemple
Kluex Gift Mural Icon.png Kluex Gift Mural Decorative An ancient mural depicting the gifts given by Kluex to his followers. avianaviantemple
Kluex Serpentine Statue Icon.png Kluex Serpentine Statue Decorative A statue depicting the might of the deity Kluex. avianaviantemple
Kluex Treasure Map Icon.png Kluex Treasure Map Decorative An old torn map which claims to lead to godly treasures. avianaviantemple
Kluex Winged Statue Icon.png Kluex Winged Statue Decorative A statue honouring the history of the Avian god Kluex. avianaviantemple
Kluex World Mural Icon.png Kluex World Mural Decorative An ancient mural of the god Kluex. avianaviantemple
Large Carved Console Icon.png Large Carved Console Wire A large control panel powered by Avian crystals. avianaviantemplewiredelectronic
Large Gong Icon.png Large Gong Decorative A large metal gong. It's so tempting to give it a smack! avianaviantemplemusical
Old Pot Icon.png Old Pot Breakable A crumbling old pot with patterned markings. It looks smashable. avianaviantemplepretty
Sacrificial Altar Icon.png Sacrificial Altar Decorative An altar sticky with old blood and feathers. avianaviantempleevil
Sawblade Trap Icon.png Sawblade Trap Trap Wow, this looks sharp! avianaviantempleevil
Small Pot Icon.png Small Pot Breakable A small, brittle-looking pot. It looks smashable... avianaviantemplepretty
Spaceship Screen Icon.png Spaceship Screen Decorative It's a spaceship orbiting a planet. avianaviantempleelectronic
Star Map Screen Icon.png Star Map Screen Decorative A star map! It's a little primitive. avianaviantempleelectronic
Stone Altar Icon.png Stone Altar Decorative A pale stone altar, undecorated. avianaviantemple
Tall Pot Icon.png Tall Pot Breakable A tall, dusty pot that smells of bird poop. Maybe it's smashable. avianaviantemplepretty
Temple Boulder Trap Icon.png Temple Boulder Trap Trap A trap that drops heavy boulders on unsuspecting intruders. avianaviantempleevil
Temple Pressure Platform Icon.png Temple Pressure Platform Door I can't stand on this stone platform for long! avianaviantempledoor
Temple Table Icon.png Temple Table Furniture A stone table in typical Avian style. avianaviantemple
Torch Stand Icon.png Torch Stand Light Source Deep shadows stretch away from this flickering torch. avianaviantemplelight
Ugly Temple Jar Icon.png Ugly Temple Jar Breakable What an ugly jar. avianaviantemplepretty
Vibrant Feather Bundle Icon.png Vibrant Feather Bundle Decorative Gorgeous, vibrant feathers arranged like flowers avianaviantemplepretty
Warning Light Icon.png Warning Light Light Source A red flashing light... That's usually not good. avianaviantemplelightwired
Winged Urn Icon.png Winged Urn Decorative A winged urn, perhaps believed to carry the dead into the afterlife. avianaviantemplepretty
Yellow Hidden Switch Icon.png Yellow Hidden Switch Wire This tile looks different from the rest. avianaviantemplewired