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Sea is an object tag associated with sea themed furniture sold at the Frögg Furnishing merchant in the outpost. These objects are used for spawning diver tenants.


Name Type Race Required Object Types (Boxes) Cosmetic Armor Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Sea Tenant.png
Diver Villager Hylotl Sea (24) Deep Diver Helmet, Jump Suit Set Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Coral Mirror Icon.png Coral Mirror Decorative 11 A wall mirror set in a coral frame. sea
Sea Lamp Icon.png Sea Lamp Light Source 8 A cute seashell which provides light. sealight
Seashell Armchair Icon.png Seashell Armchair Furniture 15 A seashell-shaped armchair. sea
Seashell Bed Icon.png Seashell Bed Furniture 19 A seashell-shaped bed. sea
Seaweed Pot Icon.png Seaweed Pot Decorative 7 A seaweed in a flower pot. seanature