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Floranvillage is an object tag associated with Floran Village themed objects and furniture. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Bamboo Door Icon.png Bamboo Door Door This door is strong and sustainably sourced. floranfloranvillagedoornature
Bone Carving Icon.png Bone Carving Decorative There are barbaric Floran tales etched into the bone. floranfloranvillagepretty
Bone Rack Icon.png Bone Rack Decorative A rack of 3 unidentified bones. floranfloranvillagepretty
Crude Bench Icon.png Crude Bench Furniture A crudely made bench. It's had a lot of use during Floran hunts. floranfloranvillage
Huge Primitive Cabinet Icon.png Huge Primitive Cabinet Storage 44 The cabinet made of leather stretched between four large tusks. floranfloranvillagestorage
Large Bone Chimes Icon.png Large Bone Chimes Decorative A string of bones to hang from the ceiling, like a morbid wind chime. floranfloranvillagepretty
Large Bongo Icon.png Large Bongo Decorative A bongo drum fashioned out of leather and wood. floranfloranvillagemusical
Large Brown Pelt Icon.png Large Brown Pelt Decorative A large pelt with thick, lustrous fur. floranfloranvillagepretty
Large Primitive Cabinet Icon.png Large Primitive Cabinet Storage 16 A cabinet adorned with huge, sharp fangs. floranfloranvillagestorage
Large Primitive Table Icon.png Large Primitive Table Furniture This entire table appears to have been carved from a single, enormous bone. floranfloranvillagecommerce
Large Snowy Pelt Icon.png Large Snowy Pelt Decorative The pelt of a large, snow dwelling animal. floranfloranvillagepretty
Leather Dressing Screen Icon.png Leather Dressing Screen Decorative A leather screen, used in Floran food preparation. floranfloranvillage
Leather Support Icon.png Leather Support Decorative 8 A piece of thin leather is stretched from the ceiling. floranfloranvillagepretty
Long Black Pelt Icon.png Long Black Pelt Decorative A ragged fur pelt, hung from two large tusks. floranfloranvillagepretty
Medium Bongo Icon.png Medium Bongo Decorative A bongo drum fashioned out of leather and wood. floranfloranvillagemusical
Primitive Abstract Art Icon.png Primitive Abstract Art Decorative A Floran's idea of abstract art. floranfloranvillagepretty
Primitive Armchair Icon.png Primitive Armchair Furniture It's just an armchair made of bones. No big deal. floranfloranvillage
Primitive Bed Icon.png Primitive Bed Furniture The bone frame is sort of disturbing, but that fur blanket looks mighty comfy. floranfloranvillage
Primitive Bench Icon.png Primitive Bench Furniture A bench made of wood and bones. Seems... inviting? floranfloranvillage
Primitive Bookcase Icon.png Primitive Bookcase Decorative 20 A bookcase made from the remains of Floran prey. floranfloranvillageknowledgestorage
Primitive Chair Icon.png Primitive Chair Furniture A simple wooden chair with bone accents. floranfloranvillage
Primitive Chandelier Icon.png Primitive Chandelier Light Source Torches have been stuck to a sapling in lieu of a fancy chandelier. floranfloranvillagelight
Primitive Chart Art Icon.png Primitive Chart Art Decorative It appears to be a tally chart. floranfloranvillagepretty
Primitive Couch Icon.png Primitive Couch Furniture A couch made of leather hide and large bones. floranfloranvillage
Primitive Countertop Icon.png Primitive Countertop Furniture A cooking countertop used for chopping meat. floranfloranvillagecommerce
Primitive Crate Icon.png Primitive Crate Storage 6 A storage crate made of unrefined wood and bone. floranfloranvillagestorage
Primitive Curtain Icon.png Primitive Curtain Decorative A curtain, or a slab of half-dried, half-eaten meat. One of the two. floranfloranvillage
Primitive Desk Icon.png Primitive Desk Furniture 8 A desk, probably belonging to the greenfinger of a Floran tribe. floranfloranvillagestoragecommerce
Primitive Door Icon.png Primitive Door Door This door is hardly suitable for keeping the weather out. floranfloranvillagedoor
Primitive Fire Art Icon.png Primitive Fire Art Decorative This painting seems to illustrate how to build a fire. floranfloranvillagepretty
Primitive Glyph Art Icon.png Primitive Glyph Art Decorative It looks like someone has painted glyphs onto a piece of leather. floranfloranvillagepretty
Primitive Hunter Art Icon.png Primitive Hunter Art Decorative A crude painting of a Floran hunter wielding a spear. floranfloranvillagepretty
Primitive Leaf Painting Icon.png Primitive Leaf Painting Decorative It appears to be a painting of a falling leaf. floranfloranvillagepretty
Primitive Shelf Icon.png Primitive Shelf Decorative 20 A wood and bone shelf used for storing supplies and keepsakes. floranfloranvillagestorage
Primitive Stool Icon.png Primitive Stool Furniture A tiny stool carved from bone. floranfloranvillage
Primitive Stove Icon.png Primitive Stove Crafting Station 6 A very basic cooking pot suspended over a campfire. floranfloranvillagecookinglight
Primitive Table Icon.png Primitive Table Furniture Floran come together at tables like these to eat flesh stew. floranfloranvillagecommerce
Primitive Tanning Rack Icon.png Primitive Tanning Rack Decorative An animal pelt stretched and dried between two large bones. floranfloranvillage
Primitive Toilet Icon.png Primitive Toilet Furniture This toilet doesn't look very leak-proof. floranfloranvillage
Short Primitive Table Icon.png Short Primitive Table Furniture A table made from many small bones. floranfloranvillagecommerce
Small Black Pelt Icon.png Small Black Pelt Decorative This pelt serves as a Floran hunter's trophy. floranfloranvillagepretty
Small Bone Chimes Icon.png Small Bone Chimes Decorative A string of bones to hang from the ceiling, like a morbid wind chime. floranfloranvillagepretty
Small Bongo Icon.png Small Bongo Decorative A bongo drum fashioned out of leather and wood. floranfloranvillagemusical
Small Primitive Cabinet Icon.png Small Primitive Cabinet Storage 12 A cabinet adorned with huge, sharp fangs. floranfloranvillagestorage
Small Primitive Table Icon.png Small Primitive Table Furniture A table fashioned out a small tree topped with a slab of wood. floranfloranvillagecommerce
Small Snowy Pelt Icon.png Small Snowy Pelt Decorative The pelt of a small, snow dwelling animal. floranfloranvillagepretty
Tiny Bongo Icon.png Tiny Bongo Decorative A bongo drum fashioned out of leather and wood. floranfloranvillagemusical
Vine Pod Lamp Icon.png Vine Pod Lamp Light Source A strange green light pod is hanging loosely from a curved wooden post. floranfloranvillagelight
Vine Wall Light Icon.png Vine Wall Light Light Source 2 The pod emits a natural green light. floranfloranvillagelight
Wooden Dressing Screen Icon.png Wooden Dressing Screen Decorative A wooden screen, perfect for dressing behind. floranfloranvillage