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Wreck is an object tag associated with wrecked themed objects and furniture. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Small Wrecked Panel Icon.png Small Wrecked Panel Decorative 1 An old input panel, probably used to be used for security. wreckmechanical
Small Wrecked Table Icon.png Small Wrecked Table Furniture A small damaged table. wreck
Wrecked Bed Icon.png Wrecked Bed Furniture Filth and rust have eaten away at this bed. Thankfully I'm not at all tired. wreck
Wrecked Boiler Icon.png Wrecked Boiler Decorative An old boiler. A dripping echoes from inside. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Chair Icon.png Wrecked Chair Furniture A filthy chair. Insects skitter in and out of holes in the fabric. wreck
Wrecked Computer Icon.png Wrecked Computer Decorative Scratching sounds from the inside... I think something has made a nest in there. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Console Icon.png Wrecked Console Decorative No chance of this thing starting up. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Crate Icon.png Wrecked Crate Storage 6 A antique crate, I wonder what's inside.. wreckstorage
Wrecked Door Icon.png Wrecked Door Door This door is almost rusted shut. wreckdoor
Wrecked Fan Icon.png Wrecked Fan Decorative 9 The stale air produces little more than a creak from this old fan. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Generator Icon.png Wrecked Generator Decorative Once upon a time, a couple of these things could power a whole ship. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Hanging Wires Icon.png Wrecked Hanging Wires Decorative Old wiring, torn apart. wreck
Wrecked Locker Icon.png Wrecked Locker Storage 8 An old locker. Hey! There's a photo taped to the inside... wreckstorage
Wrecked Monitor Icon.png Wrecked Monitor Decorative A smashed monitor, not much use now. wreck
Wrecked Panel Icon.png Wrecked Panel Decorative An old input panel. One of the keys has fallen off. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Screen Icon.png Wrecked Screen Decorative The screen sends out an ominous flickering light. wreckelectronic
Wrecked Support Icon.png Wrecked Support Decorative 5 A rusty metal support. wreck
Wrecked Table Icon.png Wrecked Table Furniture A battered old table. Still operational as far as tables go! wreck
Wrecked Terminal Icon.png Wrecked Terminal Decorative It looks like an old remote terminal. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Turbine Icon.png Wrecked Turbine Decorative A wrecked turbine, completely non-operational. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Turbines Icon.png Wrecked Turbines Decorative A couple of wrecked turbines caked in dust. wreckmechanical
Wrecked Vat Icon.png Wrecked Vat Decorative A smashed vat, the inside is covered in dried slime... Did something break out? wreckmechanical
Wrecked Vending Machine Icon.png Wrecked Vending Machine Other This vending machine is empty, I guess the crew had a taste for soda. wreckmechanicalcommerce
Wrecked Vent Icon.png Wrecked Vent Decorative 4 Stale air whistles through this old vent. wreck