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Bugs are found on planets of all types. They can be collected either by using a Bug Net, which will place them inside a placeable jar in players inventory, or a Relocator which can release them to fly around again. Bugs captured using a net cannot be released from their jar again.

Most planet types have a unique set of bugs which can appear, with a few exceptions. To collect them all players will have to visit nearly every major biome.

A listing of all bugs can be found in game inside the codex entry It's Not a Bug, It's a Creature.


There are two Steam achievements tied to collecting bugs with a Bug Net. Bugs captured with a Relocator won't count toward achievement progress.

The first, Bug Tracker, is awarded after players catch their first bug. The second, Bug Free, is awarded after capturing 42 different bugs.

Name Description Requirements
Bug Tracker.jpg Bug Tracker Capture your first bug with a bug net.
Esther would be proud.
Collect a bug using a bug net.
Bug Free.jpg Bug Free Catch 42 unique bugs.
Give them all funny names.
Collect 42 bugs using a bug net.

Bugs Collection

After a bug is captured using a Bug Net it's registered into the Collections Library window. Bugs caught using a Relocator won't count toward collection progress.

After capturing a new bug a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen, announcing they've completed a collection entry. That bug jar will then appear inside the Collections Library window, with a description which appears when moused over.

Since the requirements for the Bugs collection and the achievement 'Bug Free' are the same it's an easy way to track progress towards the achievement.

Below is the full listing of capturable bugs, along with their collection number.

# Name Description Location
01 A bright yellow bug, its wings smell like butter. Garden
02 Its tawny wings make it hard to spot on trees. Garden
03 This bug is incredibly sticky. It has two long horns on its head. Garden
04 A bug with glistening gold wings, very fancy! Desert
05 Who would live in the desert? This clown. Desert
06 This pretty bug loves sunshine. Desert
07 This blue bug has sharp little teeth. Forest, Midnight
08 This bug looks like it's wearing tiny green shoes. Forest
09 Not to be confused with the infamous Dreadwing. Forest
10 This bug has a snout like a seahorse. Ocean
11 Comes out only during certain phases of the moon. Ocean
12 A bug that can usually be found chasing the crest of a wave. Ocean
13 A lively bug, it can be seen drinking morning dew. Savannah
14 The trail of a dustmoth looks like stardust. Savannah
15 These bugs can be seen dancing at dusk. Savannah
16 This bug is easily mistaken for a snowflake Snow
17 Where there's frost, there are frostflies. Snow
18 This bug's wings are frozen over. Snow
19 This bug never stops eating. Mutated
20 It looks as if it could slip out of its shell at a moments notice. Mutated
21 This guy has a creepy little face. Mutated, Midnight
22 Vibrant and beautiful, it has a friendly little smile on its face Jungle
23 This prickly little fellow has razor sharp wings. Jungle, Giant Flower
24 Its legs look like intertwining vines. Jungle
25 These bugs float on updrafts of poisonous gases. Toxic
26 This bug's legs move so fast they're difficult to count. Toxic
27 You'll smell one of these little guys before you see one. Toxic
28 The smallest and most pathetic bug I've ever seen. Arctic
29 This little bug's legs are covered in see-through hairs. Arctic
30 The tips of its legs are covered in snow. Arctic
31 The surface of this bug's shell shimmers like oil. Tundra
32 This bug makes a faint ringing sound as it flies through the air. Tundra
33 The wings of this bug are iridescent like ice. Tundra
34 A large, formidable bug. Can survive extreme heat. Magma
35 Hot to the touch, its shell flickers like flame. Magma
36 This tiny creature skips across hot lakes of lava. Magma
37 These bugs appear to rise from clouds of ash. Decayed
38 Thrives in desolate conditions. Decayed
39 Hard to spot, these bugs are as black as night. Decayed, Midnight
40 The warmer this bug gets, the more it glows. Volcanic
41 Attracted to heat, this little guy needs warmth. Volcanic
42 This bug rubs its legs together to produce tiny sparks Volcanic