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SavannahSS Planet.png
Threat: Risky (Tier 3) Weather
Star types: Temperate, Radioactive, Frozen, Fiery Clear.pngRain1.pngWindstorm.png
EPP Required: None
Mini Biomes: Colourful, Bones, Tar
Secondary Biomes: Garden, Barren, Desert, Forest
SavannahSS Page.png

Savannah is a primary biome type. It's characterized by grasslands, trees, and wide open spaces. Ship navigation calls this a "dry grassland" planet, not to be confused with the decayed biome.

Savannah biomes can be created and expanded using a Prairie Terraformer, and a planet will convert to a Savannah planet once half of the planet's surface has been terraformed into Savannah biome.

Savannah planets can be found orbiting temperate (orange), radioactive (yellow) and frozen (blue) star types. They also have a rare chance of being found around fiery (red) stars as satellites of gas giants. There are no environmental hazards in Savannah biomes which require use of an environmental protection pack. Natively-generated Savannah planets have a Risky threat level and a planetary Tier of 3.

Navigation Console

  • The landing location is located in an area of dry grassland. Trees and shrubs grow sparsely in the heat. A dusty place of wide, flat vistas.
  • This area of dry grassland is sparsely populated by trees. It is not excessively inhospitable - readings indicate that there is a hare bouncing around.
  • The landing site is situated in an area of dry grassland that is hot and prone to dust storms. It is neither especially pleasant, nor especially dangerous.


Primary material Sub materials Geological materials

Music Tracks

Savannah biomes use the Day Tracks during the day and the Night Tracks during the night.

  • Epsilon Indi
  • Hymn to the Stars
  • Procyon
  • Stellar Formation
  • Vast Immortal Suns
  • Atlas
  • Blue Straggler
  • Cygnus X1
  • Europa
  • Haiku
  • M54
  • On the Beach at Night
  • Jupiter
  • Arctic Constellation 1
  • Arctic Constellation 2
  • Mercury
  • Mira
  • Procyon
  • Tranquility Base
  • Psyche
  • Accretion Disc
  • Cygnus X1
  • Eridanus Supervoid
  • Horsehead Nebula
  • Large Magellanic Cloud
  • M54
  • Nomads
  • On the Beach at Night


Savannah planets stick to the standards for planetary layer composition.

  • Space: Asteroids
  • Atmosphere: Atmosphere
  • Surface: Savannah (Primary Biome); Garden, Barren, Desert, Forest (Secondary Biomes)
  • Subsurface: Underground 0a, Underground 0b, Underground 1a, or Underground 1b
  • Shallow Underground: Tarpit, Mushrooms, Wilderness, Mini Village, Underground 0a, Underground 0b, Underground 1a, or Underground 1b
  • Mid Underground: Luminous Caves, Stone Caves, Bone Caves, Ice Caves, Underground 0c, Underground 1c, Underground 1d, Underground 3a, Underground 3b, Underground 3c, or Underground 3d
  • Deep Underground: Cell Caves, Flesh Caves, Slime Caves, Underground 0d, Underground 5a, Underground 5b, Underground 5c, or Underground 5d
  • Core: Blaststone Core Layer, Magmarock Core Layer, or Obsidian Core Layer


Weather in savannah biomes is usually clear, but it rains every so often.

The probability for weather types on savannah planets is as follows:

Clear.png Clear 0.75 (~78.9%)
Rain1.png Rain 0.15 (~15.8%)
Windstorm.png Windstorm 0.05 (~5.3%)

Wild Crops


In addition to procedurally generated creatures, there are a variety of unique monsters, bugs and critters found in savannah biomes. Some of these are also found in other biomes, while others are unique only to savannah biomes. While these unique creatures have a chance to appear on savannah planets, they will not all appear on each one. In addition to unique creatures, each biome has multiple types of both procedural ground and flying creatures.

Unique monsters each have combat attacks, and they must first be weakened before capture. Once weakened players can attempt to capture using a capture pod. If successful they can then be released to battle alongside and follow the player.

Critters are smaller non-combat unique creatures which are not capturable using capture pods. They can be captured without weakening them first by using a relocator gun. After releasing a critter from the relocator it will stay in the area it was released into.

Bugs are very small unique creatures which can be captured using a bug net, and are then stored inside placeable jars. Bugs which are captured using a relocator will fly after release instead of being kept inside a jar.

Unique Monsters
Snake Critter.gif
Savy Bird.gif
Savy Bird
Breaker Female.gif
Breaker Female

Unique Drops

Unique treasure can be found inside Pod Chests.

Costume Armor
Hunter Set
Hunter Set.png


Fenerox huts may appear here, along with other microdungeons. Smaller savannah planets usually contain only one dungeon or village, while larger savannah planets can contain as many as three.




Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Candle Icon.png Candle Light Source 45 A small wax candle in a holder.
Dusty Bed Icon.png Dusty Bed Furniture 100 An old, worn and dusty bed.
Dusty Chair Icon.png Dusty Chair Furniture 60 An old, worn and dusty chair.
Dusty Wooden Table Icon.png Dusty Wooden Table Furniture 70 A dusty wooden table.
Green Basic Tent Icon.png Green Basic Tent Furniture 65 A basic tent. Watch out for spacebears!
Hay Pile Icon.png Hay Pile Decorative 70 A pile of hay. Probably not a great hiding place.
Iron Lantern Icon.png Iron Lantern Light Source 20 A handy oil lantern. Careful not to spill it.
Large Wicker Basket Icon.png Large Wicker Basket Breakable 30 A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside!
Large Wooden Crate Icon.png Large Wooden Crate Storage 110 A wooden crate.
Packed Dirt Icon.png Packed Dirt Block 0 Some dirt packed into small bricks.
Primitive Countertop Icon.png Primitive Countertop Furniture 85 A cooking countertop used for chopping meat.
Primitive Door Icon.png Primitive Door Door 95 This door is hardly suitable for keeping the weather out.
Retractable Wooden Gate Icon.png Retractable Wooden Gate Door 105 A retractable gate, made from a light wood.
Skull on a Pike Icon.png Skull on a Pike Decorative 50 A skull on a pike. A Floran favourite.
Small Wicker Basket Icon.png Small Wicker Basket Breakable 20 A tiny basket made of wicker.
Small Wooden Console Icon.png Small Wooden Console Wire 95 Lots of tempting buttons that should probably be left alone.
Small Wooden Crate Icon.png Small Wooden Crate Storage 75 A wooden crate.
Tall Wicker Basket Icon.png Tall Wicker Basket Breakable 25 A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside!
Thatch Icon.png Thatch Block 0 Traditional thatched roofing.
Torch Icon.png Torch Light Source 5 This torch flickers softly.
Torch Stand Icon.png Torch Stand Light Source 60 Deep shadows stretch away from this flickering torch.
Traditional Bowl Icon.png Traditional Bowl Decorative 20 A simple striped bowl.
Unrefined Wood Icon.png Unrefined Wood Block 0 Rough and unrefined, this wood looks freshly chopped.
Wicker Icon.png Wicker Block 0 A roughly woven wicker material.
Wicker Support Block Icon.png Wicker Support Block Block 0 A tightly woven wicker material.
Wide Wicker Basket Icon.png Wide Wicker Basket Breakable 25 A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside!
Wood Platform Icon.png Wood Platform Platform 0 A nondescript wood platform.
Wooden Chest Icon.png Wooden Chest Storage 70 A basic wooden chest.
Wooden Log Icon.png Wooden Log Block 0 A wooden log. Good for building simple structures.