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Unique Monster
"Because of the size of its head in proportion to its body, it can't run long distances."
Collection # 11
Base Health 48 HP
Base Damage 9 HP
Capturable Yes
Found In Savannah Biome
Desert Biome
Forest Biome
Magma Biome
Decayed Biome
Volcanic Biome
Desert Subsurface
Stone Caves
Underground 0a
Underground 0b
Underground 1b
Underground 1d
Fire Vaults
Poison Vaults
Unique Drops Hardened Carapace (20%)
Figurine (0.1%)

Peblits are a unique monster found in savannah, desert, forest, magma, decayed and volcanic biomes. They are also found in the Desert Subsurface underground layer as well as in Stone Caves and underground layers 0a, 0b, 1b and 1d. They are also found in Ancient Vaults with fire and poison themes.

They can crouch and take on the appearance of a rock, doing so shortly after being damaged if they are touching the ground. While crouched they are immune to incoming damage, so attacks must be timed for when they are active and their eye is opened.

This monster has a resistance (-50% damage taken) to non-elemental damage.