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Unique Monster
"A mass-produced autonomous defense turret. It tries very hard not to miss."
Base Health 125 HP
Base Damage 20 HP
Capturable No
Found In Space Encounters
Unique Drops Mech Salvage Part (35%)
Stick of RAM (10%)
Silicon Board (10%)
Copper Wire (10%)

Twigun are robotic space monsters found in space encounters.

They are immobile enemies mounted to foreground surfaces, and behave similarly to Omnicannons, but are more dangerous. They activate with player proximity or being attacked, but unlike Omnicannons can aim at the player within a full 360-degree arc, so long as they have line-of-sight. (Removing the blocks under a Twigun will only enable it to shoot at the player directly below it.) Twigun attack with a machinegun-like burst of twin-blaster fire, which can chip a lot of health off a mech (or the player) very quickly. Their attack range is far larger than their activation range, forcing the player to run far away or slip behind an obstacle to deactivate them.

Many hostile ships have Twiguns in their mech bays as a defense mechanism, usually hidden in the shadows as a nasty surprise.

They are not capturable using Capture Pods.