Copper Wire

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Copper Wire.png

A spool of copper wire.


Copper Wire is a basic crafting material that can be made using copper bars at an atomic furnace. It is an ingredient in all recipes at the wiring station and many other important crafting recipes.

It has a chance to be dropped by Bobots, Lumoths, Triplods, Trifangles, and most Space Encounter Monsters. (excluding Masteroids, Astrofae, and Paraspites)

Ingredient for

Pixel Printer Icon.png Pixel Printer 6
Accelerator Addon Icon.png Accelerator Addon 4
Pressurised Airlock Door Icon.png Pressurised Airlock Door 5
Pressurised Airlock Hatch Icon.png Pressurised Airlock Hatch 5
Alarm Icon.png Alarm 1
AND Switch Icon.png AND Switch 3
Apex Ship Door Icon.png Apex Ship Door 5
Apex Ship Hatch Icon.png Apex Ship Hatch 5
Avian Ship Door Icon.png Avian Ship Door 5
Avian Ship Hatch Icon.png Avian Ship Hatch 5
Battery Icon.png Battery 4
Big Red Button Icon.png Big Red Button 1
Bulb Icon.png Bulb 1
Pet Station Icon.png Pet Station 6
Cave Detector Icon.png Cave Detector 6
Stalactite Lamp Icon.png Stalactite Lamp 1
Cell Lamp Icon.png Cell Lamp 3
Composite Rail Platform Icon.png Composite Rail Platform 8
Countdown Timer Icon.png Countdown Timer 2
Crystal Lamp Icon.png Crystal Lamp 1
Delay Gate Icon.png Delay Gate 3
Latch Icon.png Latch 3
Drain Icon.png Drain 1
Floran Ship Door Icon.png Floran Ship Door 5
Floran Ship Hatch Icon.png Floran Ship Hatch 5
Hanging Flower Lamp Icon.png Hanging Flower Lamp 2
Foundry Bed Icon.png Foundry Bed 3
Giant Flower Lamp Icon.png Giant Flower Lamp 1
Glitch Ship Door Icon.png Glitch Ship Door 5
Glitch Ship Hatch Icon.png Glitch Ship Hatch 5
Grappling Hook Icon.png Grappling Hook 2
Halogen Pack Icon.png Halogen Pack 5
Hive Lamp Icon.png Hive Lamp 2
Human Ship Door Icon.png Human Ship Door 5
Human Ship Hatch Icon.png Human Ship Hatch 5
Hylotl Ship Door Icon.png Hylotl Ship Door 5
Hylotl Ship Hatch Icon.png Hylotl Ship Hatch 5
Industrial Computer Icon.png Industrial Computer 3
Industrial Display Icon.png Industrial Display 1
Laboratory Light Icon.png Laboratory Light 3
Laboratory Hatch Icon.png Laboratory Hatch 5
Light Sensor Icon.png Light Sensor 2
Liquid Sensor Icon.png Liquid Sensor 1
Manipulator Addon Icon.png Manipulator Addon 4
NOT Switch Icon.png NOT Switch 3
Novakid Ship Door Icon.png Novakid Ship Door 5
Novakid Ship Hatch Icon.png Novakid Ship Hatch 5
OR Switch Icon.png OR Switch 3
Ore Detector Icon.png Ore Detector 6
Persistent Switch Icon.png Persistent Switch 1
Pet Healing Station Icon.png Pet Healing Station 5
Prism Magenta Lamp Icon.png Prism Magenta Lamp 2
Prism Emerald Lamp Icon.png Prism Emerald Lamp 2
Prism Cyan Lamp Icon.png Prism Cyan Lamp 2
Pressure Plate Icon.png Pressure Plate 1
Rail Crafting Table Icon.png Rail Crafting Table 10
Rail Sensor Icon.png Rail Sensor 3
Rail Stop Icon.png Rail Stop 6
Rail Switch Icon.png Rail Switch 3
Rail Tram Stop Icon.png Rail Tram Stop 10
Reed Lamp Icon.png Reed Lamp 2
Relocator Icon.png Relocator 6
Rusty Rail Platform Icon.png Rusty Rail Platform 8
Proximity Scanner Icon.png Proximity Scanner 1
Stylish Fridge Icon.png Stylish Fridge 10
Store Register Icon.png Store Register 1
Stylish TV Icon.png Stylish TV 1
Secret Door Icon.png Secret Door 5
Secret Trapdoor Icon.png Secret Trapdoor 5
Separator Addon Icon.png Separator Addon 4
AA Battery Icon.png AA Battery (2) 1
Small Floor Button Icon.png Small Floor Button 1
Small Wall Button Icon.png Small Wall Button 1
Small Wall Switch Icon.png Small Wall Switch 1
Defense Turret Icon.png Defense Turret 2
Rail Tram Icon.png Rail Tram 20
Steamspring Lamp Icon.png Steamspring Lamp 1
Tar Console Icon.png Tar Console 10
Iron Lever Icon.png Iron Lever 5
Tungsten Lever Icon.png Tungsten Lever 5
Titanium Console Icon.png Titanium Console 5
Durasteel Console Icon.png Durasteel Console 5
Timer (0.5 Sec) Icon.png Timer (0.5 Sec) 2
Tiny Wall Button Icon.png Tiny Wall Button 1
Tiny Wall Switch Icon.png Tiny Wall Switch 1
Wiring Station Icon.png Wiring Station 10
Xenon Pack Icon.png Xenon Pack 5
XOR Switch Icon.png XOR Switch 3



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem wire
File Name wire.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting