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Copper Bar.png

Ore for copper bars is found at shallow depths on most planets around all stars.


Copper Bar is a crafting material refined from Copper Ore using a furnace. It is used in a wide variety of crafting recipes.

Each bar can be refined into 10 pixels using a Refinery.

Obtaining Copper Bars is the objective of the early game tech quest Let's Get Technical.

Ingredient for

Bone Chest Icon.png Bone Chest 1
Hunting Bow Icon.png Hunting Bow 1
Burn Resistance Spray Icon.png Burn Resistance Spray 1
Copper Gear Block Icon.png Copper Gear Block (50) 1
Copper Crate Icon.png Copper Crate 1
Copper Ceiling Light Icon.png Copper Ceiling Light 1
Copper Fence Icon.png Copper Fence (50) 1
Copper Ladder Icon.png Copper Ladder (50) 1
Copper Oil Lantern Icon.png Copper Oil Lantern 1
Copper Platform Icon.png Copper Platform (50) 1
Copper Roofing Icon.png Copper Roofing (50) 1
Copper Wall Shelf Icon.png Copper Wall Shelf 1
Copper Support Icon.png Copper Support 1
Copper Window Icon.png Copper Window (20) 1
Durasteel Assault Rifle Icon.png Durasteel Assault Rifle 4
Durasteel Broadsword Icon.png Durasteel Broadsword 4
Durasteel Revolver Icon.png Durasteel Revolver 2
Durasteel Shortsword Icon.png Durasteel Shortsword 2
Apex Flag Icon.png Apex Flag 1
Avian Flag Icon.png Avian Flag 1
Floran Flag Icon.png Floran Flag 1
Glitch Flag Icon.png Glitch Flag 1
Human Flag Icon.png Human Flag 1
Hylotl Flag Icon.png Hylotl Flag 1
Novakid Flag Icon.png Novakid Flag 1
Foundry Bed Icon.png Foundry Bed 1
Heavy Door Icon.png Heavy Door 1
Foundry Light Icon.png Foundry Light 1
Hazard Block Icon.png Hazard Block (50) 1
Heavy Pipe Icon.png Heavy Pipe (20) 1
Hoe Icon.png Hoe 4
Magma Lamp Icon.png Magma Lamp 1
Mannequin Icon.png Mannequin 10
Miner's Door Icon.png Miner's Door 1
Mining Hatch Icon.png Mining Hatch 1
Radiation EPP Upgrade Icon.png Radiation EPP Upgrade 4
Reed Wall Clock Icon.png Reed Wall Clock 1
Rusty Bed Icon.png Rusty Bed 1
Rusty Chair Icon.png Rusty Chair 1
Rusty Chest Icon.png Rusty Chest 1
Rusty Door Icon.png Rusty Door 1
Rusty Table Icon.png Rusty Table 1
Rusty Rail Icon.png Rusty Rail (10) 1
Rusty Rail Platform Icon.png Rusty Rail Platform 5
Metal Store Shelf Icon.png Metal Store Shelf 1
Scrap Panel Icon.png Scrap Panel (20) 1
AA Battery Icon.png AA Battery (2) 1
Iron Table Icon.png Iron Table 1
Titanium Dagger Icon.png Titanium Dagger 1
Titanium Machine Pistol Icon.png Titanium Machine Pistol 2
Titanium Sniper Rifle Icon.png Titanium Sniper Rifle 4
Titanium Spear Icon.png Titanium Spear 4
Tungsten Magnum Icon.png Tungsten Magnum 1
Tungsten Shotgun Icon.png Tungsten Shotgun 2
Copper Wire Icon.png Copper Wire (5) 1
Kitchen Counter Icon.png Kitchen Counter 4
Large Wooden Crate (open) Icon.png Large Wooden Crate (open) 1
Wooden Watering Can Icon.png Wooden Watering Can 1



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem copperbar
File Name copperbar.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting