Let's Get Technical

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Scientist Quest Portrait.png Let's Get Technical
Side Quest
Questgiver: Elliott

Turn In: Elliott
Pixels-Sell.png 100
A Dashing Individual

Let's Get Technical is a quest available immediately from Apex Scientist Elliott when first visiting the outpost. Elliott is in the Tech Lab directly in the center of the outpost's main building.

He requests 10 copper bars from the player. After turning this quest in a tech challenge course will unlock which will enable a new type of basic tech.

Quest Text

Outpost Scientist.png


Quest Text

"I've been developing technology that will enable the user to swiftly dash from one point to another, but I'm lacking a few crucial components for my prototype. Could you help me by bringing me 10 Copper Bars?"

Completion Text

"You brought me the parts! Wonderful! With these the Dash Tech should be ready for action, but there's only one way to be sure..."




File Details

Quest Complete Command /completequest
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