The Hero's Forge

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The Baron Quest Portrait.png The Hero's Forge
Side Quest

Fetch the Glitch Artifact

Questgiver: The Baron

Turn In: The Baron
Pixels-Sell.png 100
Fetch the Glitch Artifact

The Hero's Forge is a side quest which becomes available once Fetch the Glitch Artifact has been completed on the current character.

The Baron will offer it to players provided they've held onto their Broken Broadsword which was originally given to them in The Protectorate intro mission (that is, the Broken Broadsword must be present in the player's personal inventory before the Baron will offer this quest). If they have the sword and 10 Tech Cards, The Baron will upgrade the Broken Broadsword into the powerful Protector's Broadsword.

The only method of obtaining the Broken Broadsword is the initial mission (alternately, if the intro mission is skipped, the character will start with the weapon already in their inventory). However, if players have discarded it they can receive it as a trade from another character to qualify for the quest.

Quest Text

The Baron Sprite.png

The Baron

Quest Text

"Impetuous. Give me your sword! ...Hm, perhaps I should be more specific. Give me your Broken Broadsword so that I may fix it! I was a hero in my youth, I know how to mend a Protectorate blade. However, I will need ten Tech Cards to get the job done."

Completion Text

"Proud. Here it is! Better than new! You're welcome!"



File Details

Quest Complete Command /completequest protectoratesword
File Name protectoratesword.questtemplate
File Path assets\quests\outpost