Protector's Broadsword

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Protector's Broadsword
Protector's Broadsword.png
Damage Per Swing:32
Rate of Fire:1.3
Pixels-Sell.png 5000

Protector's Broadsword is a powerful Tier 7 unique late game broadsword, which is the repaired and upgraded Broken Broadsword. It can be obtained from a quest that the Baron gives the player at the Outpost, where he upgrades the sword using 10 Tech Cards. The Glitch Mission must be completed before this quest is available.

The long description of this weapon reads as follows: "A powerful experimental weapon designed by the Terrene Protectorate." It is currently one of two Tier 7 unique weapons obtainable in the game without the use of admin commands, the other being the Lazercaster.

The primary ability of the Protector's Broadsword, the standard broadsword melee combo, has a base DPS of 40 and a 1x-damage fire time of 0.8 seconds (i.e. 1.25 1x-damage swings per second), producing a 1x-damage base hit power of 32.

The alt ability unique to the Protector's Broadsword, Empowerment, is a toggled ability. While the ability is toggled on, energy is continuously drained at a rate of 30 energy per second, the broadsword is bathed in white energy, and melee combo base DPS increases to 52 (30% greater than before), producing a new 1x-damage base hit power of 41.6. When the ability is toggled off, combo DPS reverts back to 40, and the white energy surrounding the blade is released as a flying slash projectile which deals 32 base damage; toggling off Empowerment drains all remaining energy. If energy runs out while Empowerment is still active, the ability will deactivate and set combo DPS back to 40 without sending out a projectile. In all scenarios, you must wait 1 second after toggling off Empowerment before you can toggle it back on.


  • The Protector's Broadsword has baseDPS of 10, which is the lowest value typical of a broadsword-type weapon. As such, in its unempowered state, it is actually among the worst possible tier 7 broadswords available.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem protectoratebroadsword
File Name protectoratebroadsword.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\protectorate\protectoratebroadsword