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Unique Weapons are specially designed weapons that are not procedurally generated, but have a fixed design - they will always have the same appearance, damage, fire speed, weapon tier and capabilities whenever they are found. The tag "Unique Weapon" is also given in-game to weapons that do not fit a typical weapon type (such as Assault Rifle or Broadsword) but there are many of these more typical weapons that are also Unique but do not carry the tag due to engine limitations.

Many Unique Weapons exist to meet the requirements of a Solarium-tier Pre-Order backer pledge, where the backer was entitled to design a weapon to be included in the final release. Not all Unique Weapons were conceived this way - some are special drops from Bosses and weapons crafted by a player have fixed stats. Also, some weapon types, such as whips and fist weapons are never procedurally generated and so are always Unique Weapons.

Novakid player characters, unlike other races, will craft firearms instead of melee weapons - this is the only way to obtain some of the weapons on this list.

Due to design changes during development, some Unique Weapons have been removed from the game assets. These weapons have been omitted from this index. Also omitted are weapons that are only intended to be available to NPCs.

Starter Weapon

You are given a single weapon at the start of the game, which can be upgraded later shortly before the final boss by completing a quest at the Ark in the Outpost.

Broken Broadsword Icon.png Starter Weapon

Planetary Drops

These can appear as Treasure in Chests and Reward Bags obtained anywhere on a Planet, so long as the chest or bag is the appropriate Tier. Many backer-designed weapons have stats equivalent or slightly better than procedurally generated Tier 6 equipment and so appear in Tier 6 chests and bags.

Reward Bag Icon.png Chest/Reward Bag Drops

Space Encounter Drops

These weapons have a chance to appear as Treasure in space encounters.

Landing Beacon Icon.png Space Encounter Drops

Quest-Specific Drops

Some drops are tied to specific maps and/or quests.

These items are rare, unique drops from defeating certain Bosses in the main quest.

Erchius Horror Figurine Icon.png Boss Drops

Some side quests directly reward Unique Weapons.

Sidemenu Quests.png Side Quest Drops

Peacekeeper Store

You can also purchase some unique weapons with Peace Credits at the Peacekeeper Store.

Peacekeeper Store Icon.png Peacekeeper Store

Neo Laser Black Market Arms

When chasing wanted criminals found on your Bounty Board, occasionally they or one of their Gang members will drop one of these weapons on death. These weapons are currently otherwise unobtainable, and cannot be upgraded. The criminal gangs you apprehend all seem to use similar weaponry not found in more reputable establishments and are all laser-based weapons, hence these weapons are referred to as Neo Laser Weapons or Black Market Arms interchangeably.

Sometimes, these criminals will instead drop a Gang Broadsword, which are procedurally generated weapons made with their own exclusive pool of weapon parts; a hybrid "Unique-Procedural" weapon type.

Neo Uzi Icon.png Neo Laser Black Market Arms

Crafted Weapons

These weapons are either crafted by players or are obtained by trading ingredients to Treasured Trophies or Biggy's Reputable Weaponry, both of which are found at the Outpost. All crafting recipes available at Biggy's are upgrades to existing weapons and can be found very rarely as blueprints on high-tier worlds. Once learned, like any other blueprint, the character permanently gains the ability to craft that weapon upgrade. However, they must first find the base weapon as treasure somewhere on a planet; the base weapons are not craftable.

Novakid characters cannot craft tier 1-4 melee weapons; instead they can craft their unique tiered firearms.

Treasured Trophies Icon.png Treasured Trophies
Novakid Icon.png Novakid Exclusive Craftable
Tools-Crafting.png Any Character Craftable

Disabled Weapons

Some unique weapons exist in the game assets, but are not included in recipes or treasure pools, rendering them disabled and unobtainable through normal game play. They can be spawned into the game via admin commands. (Note: NPC-only weapons are out of scope of this section.)

Disabled Weapons